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Find Light in Darkness: Service as Your Fertility Ally

? In dark times this can save you

Are there times when it feels almost impossible to see beyond your pain?

Fear, negativity, and doubt on this journey can leave you in a state of brittle hypervigilance–just waiting for the next turd to be flung your way.

Being trapped in that state can amplify everything that’s “wrong” in your life to the point of overwhelm. Everything looks like shit from that vantage point…right?

Been there.

A couple weeks ago, while volunteering at my local sexual assault crisis center, teaching women about the criminal justice system, I was reminded of one of the most powerful resources we have for yanking ourselves out of the shit pit.


This is NOT about comparing your pain to that of others.

This is NOT about serving with parasitic opportunism.

This is definitely NOT about some twisted form of martyrdom or avoidance.

It IS about getting out of your head, turning your pain into compassion, and busting out of the myopathy of this journey.

Service empowers you to see beyond your current circumstances.

Service gives you the chance to rebuild your faith, discover possibilities, witness triumph, and practice abundance.

Service can save your ass.

See Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

My ladies have generous hearts.

They know by serving others they raise their vibration, align with their best selves, and kick the door open to well deserved blessings of their own.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.\\




Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Beat negative tunnel vision with SERVICE.

How can you serve? Even if you are in a helping profession, find a new way to serve. Give yourself a chance at a new frame of reference. Let your pain empower your compassion. Elevate your consciousness.

Make the decision to engage in ONE powerful act of service this week. It doesn’t have to take over your life. Just take a step. Notice what happens…

Word to the wise: In serving, let yourself receive! We can’t give from an empty cup. This is an abundant universe–YOU are meant to share in it. There is NOTHING WRONG with receiving. It’s natural law. Don’t block your blessings.

Ready to think like a woman who achieves success on this journey? I’m here. My ladies make amazing shit happen! xoxoxo