2 decisions that will change your 2017


I’ve got to tell you that 2017 has certainly started off with some rather interesting occurrences in my life. Exciting to say the least! (More on that in a few weeks…)

One of the lessons I am most grateful for (courtesy of my fertility journey) is this: whenever I attract something amazing into my life, I find a way to keep that abundance flowing and share it with someone else…as soon as I can.

When I was thinking about how I can pass the abundance onto you, the inspiration for sharing some wisdom was immediate. So here it is…

There were 2 primary decisions that changed my fertility journey forever:

  1. I decided that I was going to put myself firmly in control of the 1 thing I had absolute control over on this journey: Me.
  2. I decided to create a plan for exactly how I chose to live my journey.

I am sharing this with you because I honestly give a shit and if I can save you one moment of unnecessary grief I will.

I can tell you that if I had started my journey out with those 2 decisions in place, it would have been a hell of a lot different.

  • I wouldn’t have felt like a victim of circumstance
  • I wouldn’t have beat myself up with shame and jealousy
  • I wouldn’t have put my life on hold based on “what ifs”
  • I wouldn’t have let other people’s judgments or opinions dictate how I felt or the choices I made
  • I wouldn’t have let any doctor or practitioner bully or guilt me into treatments I wasn’t 100% on board with or disrespect me (yes, that happened)
  • I would have made wiser financial decisions that weren’t “penny-wise and pound foolish” (being cheap was really dumb and expensive)
  • I would have gotten a coach from Day 1 (seriously)
  • I would not have let my marriage, friendships, and family relationships suffer

Rosanne, can you relate?

When I made those two decisions, I called in my miracle.

It didn’t happen overnight. I still got treatment, ate clean, took supplements, and took care of my body, but I. Was. Different.

And everything started falling in line because of it.

I see the same thing happen for my clients, which is why so often, after years of trying to conceive and being given pessimistic statistics, they become Moms.

They stop ignoring the missing piece of their mosaic–mindset.

PCOS? Pregnant.

Endometriosis? Pregnant.

Poor Egg Quality? Pregnant.

Over 40? Pregnant.

Decision #1 is something you’ve got to come to on your own.

Decision #2 is where I come in and something at which I am a master–years of coaching and strategic planning of complex litigation will kinda do that.

If you have made Decision #1 and want my help with Decision #2, I am here for you.

Here’s to keeping your promise that 2017 will be your best year yet!

Lots of love,

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