Beat overwhelm and freak-out with this tool…

I have to share something with you this week that was a powerful tool in helping me snap out of overwhelm and freak-out on my fertility journey.

Let me be the first to admit that had someone shared this with me, when I was knee deep in the roller coaster, I can guarantee I would have responded with the most epically, sarcastic, eye-roll in recorded history.

As a lovably Type A, linear thinking, fact and evidence driven, professional woman, with perfectionist tendencies, I had prided myself in being able to “reason” my way through most things.

Sometimes it worked!

However, when overwhelm and freak-out show up with their A-game, good old logic and reason sometimes fall painfully short.

When that happens, it requires us to take a different approach.

So what does a smart woman do when spending another moment thinking, just isn’t going to do the trick?

In the words of my mentor, you’ve got to: “Get out of your head, and into your body.” (Yes, I have a mentor. Smart women, who are serious about up-leveling and creating their very best lives do!)

And the best way I know to do that?


You read that right.

The reason for this is two fold:

  1. When you move your body to music that makes you feel great, you raise your vibration and set yourself up for releasing all of those feel-good chemicals in your body that provide the delicious boost we feel after even light exercise.
  2. Dance requires at least a minimal level of coordination and balance! That means you immediately ground yourself in the present moment, or you risk falling on your ass!

Overwhelm and freak-out thrive in your thoughts about the past and future. Dance can keep you out of both.

Giving yourself a few minutes to shake your booty to a sick beat of your choosing can be like pressing a giant reset button in those moments when you need it most.

Get out of your head and into your body. (Say this 3 times out loud!)

I am sharing this with you because it WORKS…and it is fun.

This is journey-tested gold.

Cut a rug, do the robot, dust off your “Elaine” moves…you will be glad you did.

Want my help? I’m here.

Lots of love,

Rosanne 350 x 90

Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

1) Make your “Out Of Overwhelm & Freak-Out” playlist.

2) Dance your ass off.

3) Repeat as needed.

I get that you may feel silly at first or that this might sound like a giant dose of feminine woo-hooery, but you’ve got a choice–you can keep doing what you’ve always done and get the same results, or you can try something new!

Interrupt the pattern of letting overwhelm or freak-out win.

Stretch yourself. Remember, it’s about progress, NOT perfection.