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Clutter can block your baby. Here's a solution. - Rosanne Austin

Clutter can block your baby. Here’s a solution.

Have you noticed how we have a tendency to become pack-rats on this journey?

Collecting mountains of stuff.

Supplements, sprays, lotions, potions, stacks of research, medical records, boxes of syringes, leftover meds, and maybe even a few good luck charms…

And, that’s just the physical crap.

We are also aces at mentally hoarding statistics, opinions, “failures,” wives tales, sneaky self-sabotaging beliefs, tales of woe, and victimy excuses.

We go Stage 5 Clinger with all this shit! (Nerdy Wedding Crashers reference.)


  1. We think “The Answer” might be lurking amongst all this crap.
  2. We are so trapped in lack and scarcity thinking that we believe the 10 cents we save by holding on to a pouch of syringes or a 3/4 consumed vial of progesterone, is somehow going to make a difference.
  3. We may even toy with the notion that having this clutter around is proof we are “doing something.”

Since I am guilty of having engaged in the same problematic reasoning, please receive what I am about to say with the love I intend: Take out the fucking trash.

Throw the physical and mental garbage away. NOW.

It’s keeping you stuck the past.

As one of my most beloved mentors puts it, “You must continually be making space for the good which you desire…you must let go of the old before you will ever make room for the new.”

Toss the memorabilia from your last cycle.

Trash the documents from the clinic that didn’t believe in you.

Rid yourself of clothes that don’t fit or you just plain hate.

Exorcise your brain of beliefs that set you up to FAIL.

Purge the excuses that keep you small.

Expectantly clear space for your baby! (Literally and figuratively.)

Make yourself and your world a place you would be proud to welcome your baby.

My ladies take out the trash.

They learn to carefully curate their journey–keeping only the things that feed their confidence, bring them peace, and unleash the unapologetically feminine badassery that makes their success certain. Yes, certain.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.



Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…


Toss out crap that needs to go. Release it from your home and mind.

If you start agonizing over the money you are “wasting,” by throwing stuff out, let me ask you this–what new good are you BLOCKING by keeping it?

Make space for what you actually want. You will feel like a million bucks!

Lack and scarcity is a big, fat, hairy lie.

Stretch yourself! It’s about progress, not perfection.

If you are ready to rid yourself of the boring, counterproductive mindset that’s blocking your success, let’s talk. My ladies have babies!

Also, catch me on Insta @rosanneaustincoach Follow my adventures in Provence and the French Riviera in a couple weeks.