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Don't be a dabbler on this journey. Here's why. - Rosanne Austin

Don’t be a dabbler on this journey. Here’s why.

I’m going to start you out with a simple question this week.

Are you truly committed to becoming a Mom?

If you are screaming, “WTF kind of question is that? Of course I am,” I invite you to unclench your fist and take a second to think about what I’m asking.

Are you ALL IN?

I am provoking you for a good reason–the very best coaches do.

Having coached, mentored, and educated hundreds of women across the globe, and having triumphed myself in the face of overwhelming odds, it’s safe to say I know a little something about success on this journey.

Here’s what I know for sure:

Women who beat the odds are not dabblers.

They don’t “do” this journey with one foot out the door.

Being a Mama is not a “nice to have.”

It’s a fucking non-negotiable.

They do what it takes, on their terms.

They unapologetically invest in themselves and their dreams, knowing money is a renewable resource, unlike time.

Instead of complaining about what isn’t working, they focus on solutions.

They create their own certainty.

They wisely take responsibility.

They are grown ass women, who make their own decisions–seeking loving support from those closest to them, not permission.

They are brave AF.

If these women sound pretty freakin’ awesome, it’s because they are. (So stinkin’ proud of the women I have the honor of working with…)

Being ALL-IN isn’t easy, but it’s a hell of a lot simpler than being wishy-washy.

Women intent on beating the odds know they can’t afford to dabble.

They choose mastery instead.

Mastery of their thoughts, beliefs, and actions on their path to motherhood.

There’s nothing I want more for you than to become the Mama you’ve always dreamed of being, so don’t you dare dabble.

Commit to the HELL YES in your heart. Be ALL-IN!

My ladies know dabbling is as limp as “HELL MAYBE.”

They love themselves and their dreams too much to hold back, cut corners, half-ass, or half-heart, which is why their feet are firmly and unceasingly placed in the winner’s circle.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.


Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Quit dabbling. It’s for amateurs.

Where do you know you are dabbling on your journey?

Do you talk a big game about being willing to do “whatever it takes,” to change your negative thinking and beliefs, but, when the chips are down you fold?

Have you been meaning to clean up your diet, get treatment, switch to a physician that supports you, or have a talk with your mother-in-law who just won’t stop pressuring you?

Do what you say you are going to do. Keep your word. Raise your standards.

Demand that your thoughts, beliefs, and actions be in alignment with the success YOU desire.

That’s what women who commit to MASTERY do. It’s why they get what they want.

Stretch yourself! It’s about progress, not perfection.