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Defy 'Bad Luck' in Fertility: Choose Success & Triumph

🎉 Eliminate bad luck on your journey. Do this.

Last week, I made the 10+ hour drive, through 3 states to get to our new home in Idaho. With my husband in a separate vehicle, and Asher Douglas hanging out with his grandparents in California, I had precious, quiet, time to just think.

When my thoughts turned to my clients and the incredible successes they’ve created this year, an idea crossed my mind I just couldn’t shake.

Luck is bullshit.

The notion of “luck” is inherently negative.

It presumes there’s only a finite amount of good in the world.

It relegates us to the role of a mere pawn in our own lives–subject to the mercurial whims, of a cruel force that’s out to “get” some people, while favoring a chosen few.

Blaming events in our lives on “bad” luck, blinds us to our personal power and traps us in a cycle of victimhood and martyrdom.

Living by luck perpetuates a dark view of the world, rooted in lack and scarcity.

Eliminate “bad luck” from your life entirely, by declaring there is no such thing.

Decide everything is happening FOR your highest good.


Luck had nothing to do with the babies, breakthroughs, and bliss my clients created this year. To label it “luck” would be the worst kind of disrespect.

These women made the DECISION to be successful.

They understand everything is happening FOR them, so they seize opportunities, say HELL YES, and triumph.

This mindset eliminates “bad” luck from your journey FOREVER.

There are 14 days left in 2018.

Make them work FOR you love.

My ladies don’t need luck.

They know a bulletproof mindset + inspired action = SUCCESS.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.