Eliminate this toxin from your journey

This week we are talking about something so insidiously sneaky and toxic to your journey (and life) that you simply must consider stamping it out for good…

I ‘m serious…like adopting a zero tolerance policy for it.

OR, if you choose to indulge in it, at least be aware you are doing it, so you can be honest with yourself…and take responsibility for the results like the powerful woman you are.


Yes. Excuses.

Excuses are toxic on this journey whether you make them for your behavior, or the behavior of others.

Excuses are a betrayal of the truth in your heart.

It’s allowing yourself to subsist on crumbs instead of the whole damn cake.

You know when you make them–and you know when you receive them.









Mercury. (In retrograde.)




And, so on.

These are all things we use as excuses for the way we feel, our inaction, what we create in our lives, what we tolerate from other people, you name it.

We feel the sting to our integrity the second the excuse is formed.

Excuses dim our light.

I made a lot of excuses for myself and others on my journey.

Doing so placed a brick wall squarely between me and what I desired.

When I stopped tolerating them from myself and others, it put me on the path to defying the odds that were seemingly stacked against me.

I ‘m sharing this so you can get there faster than I did–and hopefully with fewer twists and turns.

My ladies get bored of excuses.

They lead with the truth in their hearts, as they triumphantly strut past the blocks that once stood in their way.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.



Intrigued? Here ‘s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Call out your excuses.

They are tired, they are boring, they are getting in your way.

What are you blocking–what are you not allowing because you are making excuses?

Get to know your excuses, so you can get out from underneath them.

What are the excuses you are tolerating for others and their choices or behaviors?

Expect more from yourself and others. You might be surprised by a sudden change in your results.

Stretch yourself. Remember, it ‘s about progress, NOT perfection.