EP110 Not “Seeing” Results? Know This.

Frustrated by “doing all the things” and not seeing any evidence that your baby is on the way? Let me teach you a massive shift in perspective that will yank you right out of the pit of despair, every time. Getting this universal truth in your bones could be the difference between victory and defeat. Yes, it is that important.

Hey gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, Fertility Mindset Master. Former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43, despite years of fertility treatment failure. I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey, just like I did. Get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine badassery, and loads of hell yes for your fertility journey.

It’s time to get fearless baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, Episode 110. Not seeing results? Know this. Asher, how was your day today? Um, it was great. I loved to play with Mackenzie, Waylon, myself, and you and daddy. You and daddy and Tibbs and Shreddy. And so is yours.

Tell us what you did today at school. I did paint a flag. Actually, I painted a kite. What color was the kite? And it was red. Are you excited about flying it? No, it’s just made out of paper. So you don’t want to fly it? Actually, we can go buy a kite. And, um, we can fly everywhere we want to go. What, what do you like about kites?

Um, I like to fly them, fly my kite. And that is it. Okay, mommy’s going to do the podcast now. You want to say bye to the ladies? Um, bye ladies. Hey loves, the podcast was hijacked by Asher Douglas. So we are going to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Just giving you a little tidbit of what you have to look forward to.

Man, I can’t wait for you guys to email me, text me, DM me, and tell me about all of this great stuff when your baby gets here. Because you know what? You’re on this journey because this desire in your heart is there because it was meant for you. So, let’s get on with this week’s topic. So, are you guys ready for more awesome this week?

And I hope so, because this week’s conversation is a badly needed one. One of the things that can knock us off our game on this journey is the cycle of doing quote unquote all the things and not seeing the result we want. In the fast food, get it to me in 30 minutes without me having to get out of bed, listen to double speed culture we live in, we seem to have lost touch with the fact that there is an inherent process between desire and the manifestation of that which we desire.

This disconnect with reality can lead to shiny object syndrome, irritability, jealousy, endless comparison, and at worst, flat out giving up on our dreams. No bueno. There is so much I can tell you about this situation that my head feels like it will explode. So I believe that the smartest place to start teaching you what to do and another perspective on what to do when you’re not seeing the results that you want to see is To start with one of the wisest quotes I have ever read when it comes to frustration when we are not seeing the quote unquote result we desire.

As Price Pritchett so aptly puts it, absence of evidence is not evidence of their absence. In this context, Mr. Pritchett was talking about resources for achieving the thing that we desire. He’s talking about relying on the unseen forces all around us that are conspiring in our favor. Yes, whether you believe me in this moment or not, there are forces conspiring in your favor.

Call them what you want, but they’re there, mama. So while Pritchett was specifically referring to resources in that quote from his magnificent work, U Squared, I believe it applies to all things related to what we desire in our lives. And on this journey, absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence.

Just because you can’t see the thing right now doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, nor that it isn’t going to happen. Unquestionably, there’s a gestation period between your desire for something and its manifestation. That exact timing, nobody knows. But so often, things look darkest and most bleak right before a massive breakthrough.

That breakthrough could be your pregnancy, or it could be a new perspective, or a new piece of information that brings you one step closer. Things are always conspiring in your favor, doll. Always. Gus, God Universe source, is good all the time. It is only our perception of things or the pattern of our perception that distracts us from that.

All of those years ago, when I was torturing myself in the shit pit, the pits of despair, when my basal body temperature chart looked like the San Andreas Fault on the Richter scale, little hat tip to the San Francisco Bay Area, and I thought was all was lost. I thought all was lost. What I could not see is despite the fact my basal body temperature was everywhere.

I had a long history of failures. Doctors will look at me and run the other way. What I could not see at that time was that on June 30th, 2017, I would hold my boy in my arms. That little voice you heard at the beginning of this episode? I had no idea when that boy was gonna show up, but he showed up. In the pits of my despair and all of those days, I spent agonizing what I could not see at the time is he was coming.

On June 30th, 2017, I would kiss his tiny lips and toes for the first time. Absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence. Absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence. As smart, goal oriented women who crush it in every other aspect of our lives, sometimes we need to take a moment and get some humility.

Sometimes we get too sold on what we think we know. Right now, what’s happening in your life is no predictor of what is to come, mama. There can be so many things working for you in the background that you just can’t see. This is why it is so critical that you get your mindset strong, you get clear on what you’re focused on, you have clarity, you insist on seeing whole truth.

It’s everything that we’ve been talking about so far this year. Absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence. So when you’re about to go to cray cray because you think that you’re doing all the things and nothing’s happening, You have to remember that’s only part of the picture. What you are seeing with your senses, your eyes, it’s only part of it.

There’s a shit ton going on in the background that you cannot see that can make all the difference in the world. So what I’m presenting to you this week is a perspective shift. A powerful one. One that it separates the people who will go on to succeed from the people that will run out of steam and give up and when it comes to having your baby, this, this part of your life that is a calling to such a point where your bones ache for this child, where you know, with all of your soul, all of your being that you simply cannot go to your grave without holding them in your arms.

You have to stay so focused on that. Absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence. So here’s an exercise to take what we’re talking about here to the next level. What are you not seeing? Step one. What evidence that your baby is coming are you not seeing what evidence even trace evidence? Do you have to support your belief?

Let’s get fucking CSI right now Some of the most persuasive evidence is not visible to the naked eye. That’s a fact. That’s a fact as a crime Story junkie true crime maniac that I am and I mean I came from that world. So I know exactly how powerful Even evidence that we cannot see can be I bet you’ll have a good true crime story yourself, right?

DNA is not visible, but it is used to catch and convict suspects daily Even if you can’t see it, it is evidence I know that from where you sit today, you might want to scream that there isn’t any evidence, but I respectfully submit you are wrong You’re wrong, doll You’re wrong. Chances are there’s evidence right in front of you now that because you are stuck in a pattern of fear and negativity, you just can’t see.

You gotta be smarter than that, which is why I’m posing this question to you now. What are you not seeing? And think. Think. Don’t just be lazy and say there is none. Bullshit. We say nothing is there because of our perspective, not because it is truth. I get it. This is a nuanced argument. But I trust that you are smart enough to pick up what I’m putting down.

Take a moment right now to take a deep breath and say, Hey, what am I not seeing? Have the humility and trust to take a step back and own the fact that you might not be seeing the whole picture right now. And this is not an indictment of you. It’s not blame. It’s not telling you you’re not good enough.

Come on, grow up. If there’s a saboteur telling you, Oh, she’s just making you out to be a bad person. Fuck that. All your saboteur is trying to do is keep you stuck. When you can see beyond the saboteur, when you can see beyond the self sabotage, when you can see beyond the pattern, you’ll fucking see the evidence, and you’ll be so glad you did it.

Step two, put that list up somewhere you can see it. Even if you have a single fingerprint, one fiber, anything, mama, you have evidence. Focus on what you know. Focus on what you see. It doesn’t matter one bit whether anyone else can see it. Think about all of the greatest inventors and innovators in our time.

They all saw things that other people couldn’t because they dared to hold the line on their beliefs. Even when they could not see the evidence of their progress toward their dream, they kept going. They had faith. Absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence. Thank you. Price Pritchett. Step three.

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You must. Think strategically. Your brain is the most powerful resource you have on this journey. You must be discerning. Your mindset must be strong to succeed. Thoughts, beliefs, actions, results. This isn’t woo woo. It’s fucking logical and linear. Everything changes when you make the decision. To use your brain to your advantage and to live your fertility journey fearlessly.

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