EP114 Are You Truly Ready to Receive?

Conceiving is all about receiving. The question becomes, do you have THE CRITICAL ingredient for receiving? You may be surprised. Learn what’s required to be in a state of receiving and what may be blocking you from it!

Hey Gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, Fertility Mindset Master. Former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43, despite years of fertility treatment failure. I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey, just like I did. Get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine badassery, and loads of hell yes for your fertility journey.

It’s time to get fearless baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, Episode 114. Ready to receive? Hey loves, so good to be with you this week. Over the past few weeks, we have been working quite a bit with promises to yourself, promises to this child. I’ve taught you the belief experiment, and you’ve heard my beloved trans story of faith and trust.

The question I have for you in light of all that we’ve discussed to this point is, are you actually ready to receive this child that you want with all of your heart? You might hear this question and think to yourself, What the fuck are you talking about, Roseanne? I’m doing all these treatments. I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I’ve been on this journey for what freaking feels like 50 years. So you’re damn right, fool. I am ready to receive. Now, before you turn this episode off and fling your device across the room, I want you to hear a definition or perspective on ready to receive That, I think, just might get you to cool your jets and think a little deeper.

And this comes from the amazing Napoleon Hill. Quote, There is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. You are never ready for a thing until you believe you can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief. Not mere hope or wish. Open mindedness is essential for belief.

Closed minds do not inspire faith, courage, and belief. End quote. I’ve shared this definition because I actually want you to be successful. I’m pointing out what needs to be in place for you to get what you desire. This is journey tested insider information, mamas. Seriously. I have a front row seat to what’s making women successful on this journey.

Not just from my own miracle pregnancy, but from the women in my community all over the world that are creating crazy good results in their lives. In sharing this, I’m not suggesting that you have to be perfect in your belief, but I’m gonna say that shit does need to be strong as fuck. So let’s dig a little bit deeper into what Hill was really saying there.

Belief is something beyond mere hope and wish. So I really want you to ask yourself in this moment, you know, because I hear women tell me this all the time. Oh yeah, Rosanna, I believe this is going to happen for me. But at the same time, they’re beating themselves up over their age. They’re beating themselves up over the number of failures.

They’re keeping themselves small with how much money they can invest in their dream. They’re coming up with all kinds of excuses not to do the things that they know they desire to do, or know that they need to do for their own soul and for their own satisfaction on this journey that they are doing everything they can, mind.

and body to cover their bases. So if you catch yourself today, after you do the exercise here and you really begin to, to see what’s true, you have to ask yourself, what is the true state of your belief on this journey? Because belief is a precondition to receiving that which you desire. Think about it.

Every single woman you’ve heard on this podcast believed they believed with every ounce of their being that this child was coming again. This doesn’t mean that they were perfect. But they were working on themselves to eradicate the stories that were truly threatening to block them from their babies.

Really think about that. Because when you believe, you can see beyond your present circumstances. And don’t allow them to dictate how you feel. You make decisions based on where you’re headed, not where you are today. And that’s actually pivotal, right? Because if you just think in terms of what you know today, well you’re going to be confined.

To the kind of results that you can produce today, you’ve got to set yourself up for success. You have to be thinking beyond where you are today. And you know, you may have heard me say this before, but you cannot. Create a solution from the mindset that created the problem, because you also have to know we’re all creating an experience on this journey.

We are creating our own heaven or hell on this journey by the way that we think, which is why your thoughts and the way you think and learning to think strategically on this journey is so freaking foundational. And when you’re honest about your shortcomings, when it comes to that thinking and you’re committed enough to your dream that you will do everything to unfuck the stories that are stopping you, you create a new path to entirely different results.

Sometimes one of the things that we do to ourselves on this journey is we get trapped in this idea that we don’t need any help and you really have to ask yourself, like, if you’re willing to get help when it comes to the physical piece, why on earth would you not be willing to get help when it comes to the mental piece?

Which so often proves to be the missing link, because, and think about it, even Hill was pointing to this, because if you’re stuck in mere wishing and hoping, that’s your mind, baby. That’s your mind. Your mind is the thing that’s keeping you from believing, because in your heart, your heart’s trying.

everything it can to get you and your mind to catch up with what it knows to be true. All right. So you got to unite these two things, your mind and your heart together so they can support your body in creating a different result. When you really bring these things together, you become unstoppable. You wouldn’t believe how often I hear from women claiming that they will do anything to have their baby Except get out of their own way And I’m not saying that to be judgmental just real because when presented with legit Solutions that take them out of their comfort zone.

Some women just take off like a spooked rabbit I’m sharing this so that you can catch this behavior in yourself I did the same shit till I pulled my head out of my ass. I brought teachers and mentors into my life so I could be better, so I could do better, so I could have better. And none of that was going to be possible until I was a hundred percent honest with myself about the state of my belief.

I had to believe in order to receive, and I want the same for you, my darling. So here is an exercise to take what we’re talking about here to the next level. Are you ready to receive? Step one, identify the exact saboteur stories that you tell yourself that you know. actually keep you from believing you can have what you want on this journey.

Remember the definition from Napoleon Hill that I gave you just a few moments ago. Believing is beyond wishing and hoping you’ve got to do better than that. To beat the odds on this journey, you’ve got to do way better. So be honest. What are the exact saboteur stories that you are telling yourself that are keeping you from believing step two.

Once you’ve identified the stories, you’ve got to ask a rubber hits the road question. What the shit are you going to do about it? All of the information in the world doesn’t mean anything. If you don’t do something about it, Are you willing to risk being in the same exact place you are today, six months from now, a year from now, five years from now?

You have a list of stories that are blocking you from your belief. Are you ready to do the work to keep them from robbing you of this dream? Are you ready to learn? How to outwit them so you will stop blocking what you dearly want to receive. Do. Mama. Do. Make a decision you’re going to do something about this.

Because if you do not believe, you’re going to have a hell of a time trying to receive. And step three. If you love this podcast and the free thought provoking content my team and I bring you every week. Take a moment right now and give us a five star review. Not only does it show your appreciation, it helps other women find this critical work.

Love, here’s what you gotta know. You have the power to overcome what’s blocking you from your baby on this journey. You’ve got to believe beyond the bumps in the road, statistics, and your past quote unquote failures. It all starts with making the decision to live your journey fearlessly. My Fearlessly Fertile Method program is for women who intend to get pregnant in the next 12 months and say hell yes to covering their bases, mind, and body.

They make their mind work for them. I work with women who are committed to success. To apply for your interview for this program, go to my website, www.FromMaybeToBaby.com and apply for an interview there. My methodology is help women around the world make their mom dreams come true. Their results speak for themselves.

If you don’t have a mindset for success on this journey, baby, you got a gaping hole in your strategy. Let’s fix that shit and set you up for success. Until next time, change your mindset, change your results. Love this episode of the Fearlessly Fertile podcast? Subscribe now and leave an awesome review.

Remember, the desire in your heart to be a mom is there because it was meant for you. When it comes to your dreams, keep saying hell yes.

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