EP138 Get Real About Paying “The Price”

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Everyone loves to talk a big game about being willing to do “whatever it takes,” to make their dream come true on this journey, but is that REALLY true for you? Here’s a loving dose of tough love that will get you out of la-la land and into the kind of TRUTH that will make […]

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Hey Gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, fertility mindset master, former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43. Despite years of fertility treatment failure, I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey. Just like I did get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine, badassery, and loads of hell. Yes.

For your fertility journey. It’s time to get fearless, baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, episode 138. Get real about paying the price. Mama, ma Love, I’m positively thrilled to be here with you this week. The kind of thrill I get from the wind up associated with delivering a truly loving dose of tough love.

It kind of makes me giddy. Not in some weird, sadistic, or holier than thou kind of way. Rather, it is an OMG, if these ladies really get this in their hearts, they are on the path to changing the trajectory of their journey in ways they may never completely comprehend kind of way. It’s like this shit might sting, but you are going to be so much better for it.

And since we’re talking about tough love, I want to be clear about something. There’s a huge difference between egocentric, alleged tough love, like, It’s my way or the highway, bullshit. And the, dude, I have been there, here’s what you’ve got to know, kind. The latter is straightforward, sometimes tough to take.

But you get that the person actually gives a shit. That’s where I’m coming from today. I believe in free will. I also believe in what Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, both former Navy SEALs and all around badasses, call extreme ownership. We are responsible for our own shit. We have free will, and with that free will comes the responsibility and consequences of our choices.

That’s just life. The acknowledgement of free will includes my position that I believe in a woman’s absolute right to be fucking miserable. Because misery is a choice. People choose it every damn day because, oddly enough, it feels safer to them than the change that they need to make. It’s just that simple.

People choose the familiar over the fucking awesome because the period of growth and uncertainty in between the two is just too scary. People cling like barnacles to their false notions. Not sure about that? Just think about how many times you might have felt a little triggered when listening to my series on lack and scarcity.

Money and time are huge triggers for people and they are the top two excuses people use to sabotage true greatness in their lives. And that’s a fucking fact. And all of this leads me to the core of what we’re going to be discussing today. Getting real about paying the price. People love to talk mad shit about being willing to do whatever it takes.

Or to pay the price in order to succeed on this journey. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’m willing to pay the price. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that I’d be even richer than I am today. As a side note, if there was part of you that was triggered by what I just said, particularly about being rich, make sure you go back and listen to my series on lack and scarcity.

As well as each of the seven episodes I’ve done on success principles on this journey. If you aren’t acknowledging your blessings out loud and praising God universe source with gratitude for the gifts you’ve been given in this life, your mindset is poor indeed. And I love you enough to say this. And remember people can be rich in love, money, experience.

friends, family. There’s so many more things to being rich and abundant than just money. So check yourself before you wreck yourself. If you felt even a little bit triggered again, loved you enough to say it. Ooh. And as a second little side note, if you want an extra gold star for really taking in what I’m teaching you this week, I will double dog dare you.

Okay. to tell someone this week without any shame or guilt that you’re rich and tell them why you’re rich. You’ve got a wonderful life, a great career. Maybe you love your house. Maybe you love your friends. There’s nothing braggy about that. The way that I see this. is you are sharing your blessings in praise, my loves.

And just notice that when you do it, you make it okay for the people around you to do it. And then they stop competing. We stop getting hung up on stupid shit and we can celebrate each other’s wins. Okay. It’s a really powerful way to give jealousy the fucking finger. So just try it out. But I digress back to the point.

People love to say that they will do anything and pay the price. But the truth is there are actually 78 to 100 caveats to that, and I’m kind of exaggerating, but I’m actually kind of not as well, because when you really dive into this, you’ll see it. People will do whatever it takes and pay the price if it doesn’t get scary, doesn’t cost too much, doesn’t cause them to lose friends.

Doesn’t piss off family, doesn’t require them to be vulnerable, doesn’t require them to get out of their comfort zone, takes little to no faith, fits in neatly with their arbitrary or made up notions of what things quote unquote should cost, fits neatly into their arbitrary slash made up notion of how long things quote unquote should take, doesn’t require them to tell their partner the whole truth.

You get the picture. Most people claim they will do anything or pay the price to succeed, but the truth is, they won’t. They won’t. What’s even more cray is they go into victimhood about their quote unquote failures, look to blame everyone else, including God Universe Source, and refuse to see the role their own limiting beliefs Had in it, they want to blame it on money, their partner, their doctor, time, their family, or whatever convenient bullshit happens to come to mind.

When the responsibility falls squarely in their own lap. This reminds me of something one of my favorite mentors loves to say. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die. Take that in. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die. I love you enough to point this out so you can move from delusion to decision.

Here’s why this is important. When you get out of the delusion of I’m willing to do whatever it takes slash pay whatever price, When in fact you are not, you empower yourself to make a conscious decision. Most of the time people are angry, frustrated, and pissed off because they’re under the delusion that they are doing whatever it takes.

And are paying the price when they are not. They stop short based on the excuses I laid out earlier. Now listen up close. This isn’t an accusation. This is priceless awareness. When you come clean with yourself about this, you can start to see your blind spots and get out of the delusion so you Can make a decision the decision being I’m willing to do XYZ on this journey to be successful and I stand by it by making that decision.

You are now no longer deluded about what you’re actually doing or not doing. The super adult thing about this too is that you’re not only moving from delusion to decision, you’re also moving into taking responsibility in a really loving way. You are awake to what needs to be done to support your success.

And what’s interesting about this is watching the quantum leaps women make when they understand the difference between delusion and decision. It’s like there’s a fire that gets lit within them. They truly comprehend what’s at stake so they quit playing in pretty pink princess world and start acting like the mama bears they claim they want to be.

They look at their patterns. See where they’re holding back, and then they take bold action to correct the course, they course correct. Now, I think it’s important to state that the truth for you might be that you are not willing to do whatever it takes. And I’ve got no judgment on that. There is no judgment on that.

We all have our own walk in this life. We all have our own internal calculus for what things are quote unquote worth. But you have to own the arbitrary nature of that. We also therefore take the requisite responsibility that goes along with making that decision. The wisest thing you can do is flat out own that truth.

Own it. It’s your choice. If you are not willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, that’s totally fine. It’s totally fine. And it’s your choice, and the wisest thing you can do to preserve your peace is to just own that. And you want to be careful here, though. This is where you really need to listen to your own heart and do the work.

Because regret is a bitch. This is why clearing the blocks in your mindset is so fucking important. Because if you say you won’t do X, Y, Z due to the cost, or because Aunt Mary says that’s ridiculous, and that shit is not actually true for you as an individual, you could be looking back on your life as you lay dying wishing you had made insanely different choices.

Love. Your life, your joy, and living your purpose is your Responsibility. You see what you believe, baby. You see what you believe. It’s a fucking fact. So you better make sure that you learn to see whole truth, not just the shit your saboteurs try to blind you with. So let’s take what I’ve shared with you here to the next level, get real about paying the price.

Step one, look at yourself in the mirror and answer the question. Am I willing to pay the price? Will I do whatever it takes to be successful on this journey? Yes or no. The answer is completely your own and incredibly personal. And if you’re really smart, love, it will be heart based. A lot of us make decisions that we, we try to, I mean, ultimately we are emotional creatures.

We make emotional decisions and we go back and use logic to try to justify those emotional decisions. But the reality is, is you’ve got one life. So are you willing to do whatever it takes? And if you are, then fucking own it. Give yourself a great night’s sleep tonight because you fucking own it. You own it.

You own it. And if you’re not willing to do whatever it takes, that’s cool too. That is cool too. And you just have to be okay with that. We all have free will, that’s what I was talking about earlier. But the sooner you get real with that, the sooner you can start focusing. On what really matters, ultimately, which is your piece, the piece of knowing you’re going the distance and you’re willing to do whatever it takes, or the piece of knowing where your bookends are on this journey, and you’re totally cool with that as well.

It’s pretty awesome, but just tell the truth about it. Step two, notice where you pump the brakes. I’m serious. Notice where your mind pops up and slaps on a limitation. Is it money? Is it time? Is it some kind of made up judgment that says you are less than if you shift gears and change your approach? Are you so fearful that it’s your way or the highway?

This is really crucial information because it’s giving you yet another roadmap to the way that you will create blocks for yourself on this journey. Think about it. If your hang up is money, you’ll make all kinds of excuses to go to that cheap ass clinic and not get the treatment or support you desire, or stop short of having what you truly need to make your dreams come true on this journey.

The most heartbreaking thing is that most people will stop inches inches before the finish line and they don’t even see it. It’s like being in the 12th round of a boxing match and just giving up without noticing that your opponent is gassed and about to give up themselves. If you hang in a few seconds longer, you can see their tail.

You can see their tail. And when your focus is so tight on your success, You can see when your opponent loses steam and that’s where you stand your ground and fucking win. Your saboteurs will keep you from seeing your potential and opportunities. It’s a fact, so you really want to take a look at this.

And third, text the link to this podcast episode to someone you think could benefit from it. Screenshot this episode and put it in your Facebook or Insta story tagging me. Share the shit out of this. And while you’re at it, take a moment and give us a five star review. It will make you feel so good to show your gratitude for this free content my team and I serve you with every week.

Love, when you make the decision to be the woman who is willing to pay the price and do what it takes, your freakout drops away. Why? Because there’s nothing to freak out about. Because you know how the story ends. You are getting yours. You are getting what you came for. Does that make sense? This is why having a mindset like a steel trap is so critical on this journey.

Think about where you could be 12 months from now. What you do now, the way you think, what you believe, and therefore what you do, could lead to your due date in 2022. My fearlessly fertile method program is for women who intend to get pregnant in the next 12 months and say hell yes to covering their bases, mind and body, so you don’t have to look back on this time in your life with regret.

I work with women who are committed to success. To apply for your interview for this program, go to my website, www.FromMaybeToBaby.com and apply for an interview there. My methodologies help women around the world make their mom dreams come true. Their results speak for themselves. If you don’t have a mindset for success in this journey, baby you got a gaping hole in your strategy.

Let’s fix that shit and set you up for success till next time. Change your mindset, change your results. Love this episode of the fearlessly fertile podcast. Subscribe now and leave an awesome review. Remember the desire in your heart to be a mom is there because it was meant for you when it comes to your dreams.

Keep saying hell yes.

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