EP144 Treatment Failures Don’t Predict the Future: How She Had Her Baby Naturally

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Scared that treatment is your last resort? Worried to death that if “it” doesn’t work, there’s no hope? Think again! Learn how Kathy beat the odds with extremely low AMH, a history of treatment failure, and miscarriage—YET went on to have her baby naturally. Don’t let the statistics and naysayers scare you. Time to get […]

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Hey Gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, fertility mindset master, former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43. Despite years of fertility treatment failure, I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey. Just like I did get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine, badassery, and loads of hell. Yes.

For your fertility journey. It’s time to get fearless, baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile podcast, episode 144. Treatment failures don’t predict the future. How she had her baby, naturally. Hey loves, I am so excited to be with you this week because I have quite a treat for you.

This is my birthday week, so I wanted to share something truly special. You see, so many of us get caught up in the stories we tell about our past, our age, and our prospects that we fail to see whole truth. The whole truth is that no matter what your age, your past choices, or your dismal history of treatment failure, you can have your baby.

You can have your baby. It may require you to think out of the box and stop judging yourself, imagine that. It most certainly will require you to trust yourself at a level you may never have in the past. And, it is possible. To illustrate this point, I am absolutely delighted to share another interview with one of my amazing Miracle Mamas.

You are absolutely going to fall in love with Kathy. What’s crazy is you all know that I work with high achieving women from all over the world who are committed to creating impact through their professions and the families they create. Well, not only is Kathy a lawyer, she’s a doctor, she’s an M. D. So what do we already know about her?

She’s a thinker, most certainly kind of type A, she’s driven, and she was. Incredibly susceptible to the seduction of statistics. Say that fast three times. With her history of low AMH, low ovarian reserve, failed IVF, and miscarriage, that logical and linear scientific brain of hers could have had her throw in the towel.

But here is where her heart came into the picture and saved the fucking day. She came to me because she knew there was a missing piece. Something that her legal and medically trained mind was missing. And when she got that piece of the puzzle in place, she made the seemingly impossible possible. I hope you’re inspired by Cathy’s story, and that you get the idea that the past And any failure you’ve had in the past, those things are no indicator of your future prospects.

Don’t let what has happened in the past, or somebody looking down at you from their bespectacled eyes, you know, wearing a white lab coat, don’t let any of that interfere. With the most important information you have, and that is what is in your heart. Don’t let what has happened in the past keep you trapped.

Let it propel you forward to victory. That’s what smart women learn to do because this is a skill set. And it is with sincere gratitude to this generous, amazing Miracle Mama, Kathy, that I present you with a conversation that could change the way you see yourself. And what is possible for you on this journey, listen up mamas.

Here’s my conversation with Kathy. We’ll jump right in. So why don’t you start us off by sharing a little bit about how you found yourself on this journey? Well, I start trying, well, I’m 37 now. I start trying, uh, with my boyfriend for. Uh, for having a baby around 35 years old. So back in like June, 2019, and I guess because my mom at the time kind of had difficulty to have me kind of always have that a bit in mind that it could happen to me too.

Well, for sure, not hoping for it, but, uh, being a doctor, knowing that the stats are a bit against us. I kind of knew that getting older wasn’t necessarily the best time. So I think I started this journey already, like into that, that moon of, Oh my God. What if it doesn’t happen to me? What if it’s not easy?

What if, what if, what if, what if? So we were trying actually after not even six months, I was like, well, I’m 35. Doctors in me was like, I got to do my test. So I did my testing and, uh, already took an appointment at a fertility clinic. Kind of, I. Almost like decided that would be my way even before trying and not even letting even me taking charge of the journey, but more like the statistic and what I knew in the science.

So I took this appointment and found out that actually, well, there was something wrong, but nothing kind of the worst scenario, like the thing that you can’t really do anything about it. Which is a low AMH and a low ovarian reserve. You know, you want your thyroid to be unbalanced. You want something to be unbalanced that can have a quick fix.

But low ovarian reserve is not something you can have a quick fix with. So Even if I was kind of thinking I was going to maybe have some problem. I have to say that this problem I didn’t thought I would have. Well, it’s interesting that like, because these ladies need to know that you’re not just a physician, you’re a lawyer as well, which is real.

I mean, you’re like double, like double the stress, right. Of like. overanalyzing like everything, but it’s interesting that you describe all of these what ifs, you know, Oh my gosh, you know, what if it’s hard for me? And you immediately go into attack mode, right? Like I’m going to fix this problem. So, okay. So what you were saying was you found out at 35, you had low AMH and low ovarian reserve.

Yeah, yeah. So, and, and low, low, like my MH was 0. 23. Like it’s hard to be lower than that, but. If I’m a doctor, and yes, a liar, like really type A, I still didn’t knew that much what AMH was, since I’m, I’m a family doctor, so I’m not working into fertility, so I went kind of crazy into that rabbit hole of finding out what AMH was.

Like actually mean and how your chance of conceiving are so low and all the statistic. So I went really into that rabbit hole and, uh, did all the other tests and even the doctors actually at some point at the beginning of my journey had more trust in my body than I did myself. And they were like, no, but that’s okay.

You’re still unexplained and . I was like, well, for me it’s quite explained , but it it’s still like for them, fit into that little box of unexplained fertility and just go with IUI and probably gonna work with IUI. Not necessarily thinking about IDF right now. So gotta say that in Canada, uh, fertility treatment are a bit less, uh.

I will say attack mode in the U. S. or anywhere around the world. So here it was more, no, no, no, like, let’s go with IUI. You’re still okay. And okay. And I was more the one like, well, let me go into IVF because there’s no other chance I will get pranked. So I really didn’t trust my body as, as you can see for the story.

And then we do, we did like IUI. Uh, we did. Two times that didn’t work. And then, uh, I was super stressed with it and went to see kind of my, uh, therapist and she made me do like a visualization, visualization, guided visualization, and really like calm me down and make me like being more positive about, okay, this could work.

And actually it worked. So my third time I UI it, it works. I was super happy. Couldn’t almost believe it. And then COVID hit. And I, well, at first, as a physician, you didn’t know, like, what you were going into. We were kind of sent to war without the, well, here we had no equipment, because, well, that’s how it worked.

We, like, nobody in the world kind of, everybody wanted the equipment, so. You were kind of sent, uh, in the world for that. Uh, and same if I was pregnant for doctors, like, well, you’re a doctor. You got to go first line and here it’s public systems. It’s a bit different than, than in the States. So now that I couldn’t take, um, my decision, but we’re a bit kind of forced or mandatory to go.

So I became super, super, super stressed. With that, and even like asking myself, well, is it actually a good time to have a baby? Like when you see the world kind of, uh, remember at the beginning how we didn’t know where death would go. You see everybody dying and you see, wow. So I actually lost a baby quite early.

And probably never really did my, my own grief about it at that time, at least. And just like went into full mode, uh, war against COVID in the front and work, work, work, work, work, and anyway, fertility clinic were closed at that time. So there’s nothing in my mind that I could do like, yes, we were trying naturally, but in my mind, I was like, well, that probably won’t work because I wasn’t even trusting my body.

So. So we try and it didn’t work and then fertility click open again and we begin to go back and thinking a bit okay like this time should be working too but I was like in a whale of the stress tired exhausted uh really not well in my mind just Kind of if going into that journey, like, uh, if it was a task and not more, more a task than actually what I really wanted.

I didn’t want to go again in IGF, um, right away because in IUI, so that’s okay. So I try again. IUI, and then those two times that I try more, well, it fail again, but you know, with the hormones that you take, the exhaustion, the work. Just getting worse and worse and worse and like that idea and then I became, yeah, I really became obsessed with that and with my AMH and I couldn’t see the end of it, that it would maybe work at some point.

So, and until the day that actually one of my friends, who was kind of my confidant into that stuff, Like she, she’s a colleague and she’s a confident, so she was kind of there for me in that struggle and in that journey and she’s younger than me, so she was about 30, well, she was 31 at the time and she announced to me that she got pregnant on the first try, didn’t like think it will work and now it works, so yeah, I was, so at this point, you are already freaking out about it.

Yeah. Like low AMH, you know, low ovarian reserve. Your trust in your body is low. You go in to do two IUIs, you get pregnant on the third one, but you miscarry that. So you did, so you did a couple more IUIs or at that point or okay. Yeah. When, but like in the summer when fertility clinic open again, cause it was close for.

About six months, something like that. Right. And then you have a pandemic in the background. So wow. So I could see how things, and then, you know, you have that, that natural type A tendency to like, I want to fix this right now. Like, I don’t want to wait. So, okay. So with all of that in mind, Like what caused you to kind of look around and say, Hey, I think there’s something missing or, or what else can I look at?

Like, at what point did you do that? Because we know that you weren’t going to leave any stone unturned. Yeah. So that, that was actually just. Right after I kind of had that news from my friend that she got pregnant super easily and I was like really happy for her. But you know all those each time you hear about a pregnancy, you’re happy, you’re jealous, you’re frustrated, you’re all that mix of emotion.

You’re just like, oh, and so I think that was like the lowest I had it. And, uh, crying on my couch, like being on social media, because that’s always what we do, which we shouldn’t. But then we scroll all those happy family. And I kind of knew, you know, I got pregnant. Having a good mindset. I knew that that was part even if I’m really type a and science.

I knew that I needed my mind to be into that. I didn’t know exactly how much I needed it, but I knew that at least I needed to kind of Think more positively than negatively. And, uh, and yeah, that’s where I actually, I saw your head and, uh, that has been like four months before, but, uh, you know, with all my research and I had seen you had before, but that time, particularly I click on it and I was like, oh my God.

I read and I begin to listen to your podcast, I download the book and like, that is so me. And that is exactly what I need, like you to pass through that journey. And I kind of knew right away that you will be the one. Who would bring me my baby? Oh, yeah. Well, you know, it’s interesting though, because it would have been very easy for you as somebody who is, you know, a physician and a lawyer to completely overlook this side, right?

Because you’re like the science, the science, and, but you, there was something innate inside of you that must have believed there was more going on. Yeah, totally. Well, I always, even if I’m really type A in science, I’ve always been more like that type of doctor who wants a patient to be responsible, who actually want the patient kind of to believe in himself, because if you don’t, who am I to make it like make him better?

So I kind of applied that to my patient each day. So, but I knew that was missing for me because. to the beginning of that journey. I was actually more acting like a doctor myself, a doctor to doctor than a doctor to patient. I wasn’t letting me be a woman or a patient or a human. Yeah, well, I mean, but that’s also another interesting point is like, Because which I give you a lot of credit for because it would have been easy for you to say, Well, I’m only in my mid thirties.

Like, I don’t have to get proactive about this. You could have waited for a really long time to figure this out because with your AMH and your low ovarian reserve, you’re functioning more like somebody who is much older. So you get a lot of credit for that because think about how you were able to then turn things around because you were willing to look all around.

It’s not just me physically, I have to look at these other things. So okay, well, so we met, you know, and that’s great because I remember our very first conversation, but but let’s talk about that because I think it’s such a powerful point for For women to understand, like, what was it? That made you because you have to trust yourself a little bit to take the sleep with me, right?

Like you, there had to have been part of you that had to trust yourself a little bit. So let’s talk about that. Well, uh, I still didn’t like call you right away. I read the book and I still thought like I can do that myself, you know, like tried. Uh, reading the books and doing like the homework. So let’s say I click on the head, I think probably, uh, August.

And I finally met you probably in October. So a couple of months after, so I try by myself, but working again, way too hard and not dedicating myself to that. And I think what had the big click for me is that finally doctors wanting me to go in IVF. And I was kind of feeling, I’m not sure I want that, but I guess now it’s time, even if that’s what I wanted from the beginning, I wasn’t sure I wanted that.

Um, so like having you as a support, uh, I knew it, it will work better. And also one thing that I haven’t like mentioned. And I forgot to mention that in my two last try of IUI, I went back to see my therapist, you know, the one that I was talking about was making me visualize and, and it was just like on the side that that last time in March when I actually fell pregnant.

So I kind of knew in my mind since it’s work at that time. Well, it’s going to work this time. I just need to have my like good mindset and then it’s going to work. But my therapist that I haven’t for a long time, but we kind of couldn’t connect on that subject. She didn’t struggle with infertility. She had three beautiful kids.

And I think like Me coming back and wanting like something specific, probably too specific couldn’t work. And I told her like my fear was to actually go towards Donna Hague, uh, which, uh, I mean, it’s amazing for women that go towards Donna Hague. Just I wasn’t there yet. I wasn’t ready to give up on my own Hague.

So it was just like a fear from future. And then instead of going back and letting me, how can I say, like, do a visualization like we did at the last time, she kept like pushing on me on why didn’t I want Donna Haig and then talking about Donna Haig all the time, so it screwed up my mind even more. Well, isn’t it funny how everybody thinks that’s the quick fix?

Yeah, totally. And like, she couldn’t, well, I guess. She couldn’t understand that I wasn’t there yet. Even my doctors haven’t talked about Donna Higgs. I was the one that was scared about it because I knew it could get there. But, like, who was she to talk about that? Like, no, and she really wanted to know why I was scared.

I was like, no, no, no, I don’t want to talk about this. So, I guess I was feeling more alone, actually, after that. Even more. Well, that actually is, it makes things even more interesting because even though you say that you didn’t trust your body, there was part of you that trusted you. Yeah, I guess it was. A little.

You had to in order to come to somebody like me and say, look, this is what I want. I want to give myself the best possible chances. I don’t want to go down this other road. Can you help me? So I think that’s a really important thing to remember is there was a part of you that believed in that enough to take that leap.

So let’s talk about that because look, you’re a physician and a lawyer. You come to this pink and blue haired American, you know, to, to shout at you about getting your mind, right? So let’s talk about that. What were some of the things that you saw changing within yourself through this process? Well, oh my God, a lot.

Like you took me, I was, I felt just so little and not again, not even a woman, I think anymore. And then towards that program with the work with you and all the other ladies, it really helped me rebuild myself and regain the. Talking a lot about the trust. Yeah, probably I still had a little but I felt like I had no more and no intrusion or at least no trust into any of my intrusion because I was so focused on that, the science pathway to do and didn’t knew like how to work my mind around it and be comfortable with.

I actually know exactly what I wanted. It’s kind of, I didn’t even knew what I wanted and you took me on that path and you helped me like realize what me and my baby wanted, what my family wanted, and listen again to my intuition. It was a lot of work. Well, let’s talk about that because I think it’s fascinating to hear about intuition from somebody who’s a physician and a lawyer, because, you know, you’re like intuition, what, you know, where does that fit into the science or the law?

So let’s talk about that. Like, what role did that play for you? And, and what did you start doing with it? Well, for me, I think it did most of the work, uh, meaning. So when, when I started with you, the program, finally, we were going to that idea from the beginning and unfortunately that idea, if I didn’t answer, well, I had only one head, so it turned out to our UI and it.

It failed, but you guys were there, you and the lady were there to occupy me with that, that kind of grief that I had to do and to not lose weight and to kind of understand that my baby maybe just didn’t want to come with a bunch of hormone. Like maybe that science path. I never really let that much nature going on.

I was like right into doctor mode, right into like science mode. So maybe what is he’s telling me that. You don’t want that. You don’t want to have all those hormones. And that’s kind of where, that’s what my intuition kind of was telling me throughout that program. But I, I’m never and I think I remember one time I asked you like, but is it okay if I ask also like, if you can come naturally, because I’m asking so much you can come by like science mean but do I have the right like with my AMH to ask naturally.

So. I kind of the program really helped me like believing in me and my body and most specifically in my baby and what you wanted and listen to. I don’t know if I can say the sign but listen to What life was giving me as, as, yes, I guess I sign. Yeah. I mean, think about that, Kathy. I mean, like, when I think of the woman who first came to me, the idea of trusting herself and listening to her intuition and saying, maybe this baby wants to come naturally.

Because it would be easy for you to say my AMH is like, you said, what was it? 0. 023 or whatever, like so low. And my ovarian reserve is so spooky. And we did IVF and only got one egg, turn that into an, you know, an IUI that didn’t work. If you only relied on your rational thinking, it would have been easy to say I could never get pregnant naturally.

Totally. And I think that’s what. I was thinking until you, but you wanted it. Isn’t that crazy? It’s like, you knew you wanted that, you know, you didn’t have any judgment about the treatment. You were totally open to that, but there was another part of you that said, what if this child wants to come naturally?

Yeah, totally. And I think I wasn’t, probably it was telling me that from the beginning, but I wasn’t, Just listening to it, even not knowing how to listen to it in a way. That’s incredible, you know, and it’s so funny because when you think about when you’re learning to change your mindset and when you’re learning to change the way you think.

And you haven’t gone through that IVF that didn’t work out with the ladies. It must have been incredible to have so many like minded smart women around you. And, and, you know, women like us, we don’t typically do the group thing. Like we’re kind of more on our own. Like, what was that like? Well, it was an amazing support, same if it wasn’t, as you said, like, it’s more like on our own and each week we can say and talk about whatever you want, but hearing all those women living the same thing than I was, you feel so alone at some point in that journey, you feel like, same if you know a lot of women are having the same issue, you feel alone and Nobody beside you have the exact same issue and the exact same life.

And you compare yourself. I think you go also a lot into that rabbit hole of comparing yourself, but with those ladies, I think that what happened instead of comparing, you’re more taking it like all the energy. And taking what fits for you and can make you grow. So, I guess in a weird way, we, we all help each other to grow.

Same if we don’t totally live the exact same story. We do understand what everybody kind of Passed through and live in a way, right, right. You know, that’s and it’s such a beautiful thing to watch because you can really tell when women are getting it. They’re like, you see these women literally transforming.

Well, so let’s talk about your transformation because you talked a little bit about the intuition and you know, that started to spark within you and get reignited. And you also got clarity that, Hey, what if this baby wants to come naturally? And you started to make it okay to think that. So what happened next on your journey?

Like, you know, how did you start applying that and what did you see? Well, I think after I asked you and you tell me it was okay, okay, can I please do my journey the way that I want to do it? Yeah. Yeah, so, uh, so yeah, I finally begin to kind of apply it and decided what I acupuncture. I was doing acupuncture since maybe a year at that time, uh, not each week, but, uh, in between to have the treatment.

And I think my acupuncture actually got me more than what my doctors. And she was more think she was more, um, she kind of knew it wouldn’t work with a bunch of hormone and that I had more chance naturally, but she wasn’t necessarily telling me until, like I told her, like, I, I wanna do it more naturally.

She’s like, good , like women, like you get, have like smaller protocol. You gotta try. Yeah, more chance naturally, or blah, blah, blah. So she helped me a lot. Also with that, I began to take like the tea. I did work. They did not work. I don’t know. But, uh, and just giving myself at least the right to try a three months, you know, you’re always like clock is running.

Uh, you always think that you don’t have time to stop, but then the doctor is wanting me to go through like hormone therapy again, an idea, but like, no, that that’s enough. Definitely. I don’t answer that well to hormone. I want to give it a try to let him come natural, at least ill my body from all those hormones that I had before.

So we gave it a try for, for three months. I finally also, uh, reduced my hour for real. I was working a lot too much. And, um, Also changed doctors. I changed doctor a bit. Well, a lot because of you as well, because I kind of, uh, you had that interview with the Dr. Robert from a CNY. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I kind of figured out that.

Oh my God, you got a good friend working for him in Montreal. So that’s good for me. So actually I changed doctor. I met him and he talked to me like he talked to me. Pass an hour with me to explain to me that I will have my baby. And I guess, yeah, just like all those person you included, all the lady included in the good story I was hearing also on the podcast, make me realize that I had the right to let my baby go naturally, if he wants to at least give it a try, what, what did I have?

To lose nothing. And I felt that’s what he wanted. So I just, uh, gave it a shot for like at least three months and we will reevaluate after with the new clinic and the new doctor, if we had to go to other treatment, that would just be okay. And I, I really also understand from, from you and the other lady that.

My baby had his home timeline, which wasn’t necessarily mine, and he would come when he wanted to come and that I needed to do my life appealing for him, not just like, Hey, come on, I want you. So come here. Yeah. So let’s talk about that because that’s a huge point that very few women think about. It’s like, we know we want our babies, but we don’t stop and think, what is my life look like right now?

Is my life right now conducive to a child? It doesn’t have to be perfect, but is my life. set up in a way that I could welcome a child and am I enjoying my own life, which would make me appealing all in this little spirit. So say more about that because you’re living proof of that. Yeah. Well, my life was not appealing at all.

I mean, I was always working super tired. I mean, Happy with my boyfriend, a great relationship and all, they have a nice condo and friends. So yes, like on paper, it could seem good, but for baby, why would he come to me if mommy’s always like super tired, working like 12 hour shift each day, running around and yeah, won’t have time to even take care of him.

Why? So I, I think that giving me. The chance or the permission, if I can say to actually lower my hour and put him into priority instead of working from like helping people, but I kind of realized that, well, my priority is my baby, my family and me. Helping people. I can do that after all my life with him beside me.

So what was it, I mean, what was it like making that choice? Because a hundred, I mean, you and I are cut from the same cloth, you know, it’s like work, work, work, you know, and, and it would have been really easy for you to say. I can’t do that. My patients depend on me or, you know, I can’t do that. But there was something within you that said, look, if I claim that I want to have a baby, I have to start acting like it.

You know, your thoughts have to be in alignment with your actions. So what was it like making that choice once you gave yourself permission to do that? Well, again, I think first you, you helped me a lot with death, like giving me permission to do that. And I think we talked. A lot of also like with the other ladies, how like in Quebec, we kind of feel the doctors that we have to work all the time.

And it’s kind of a, we put ourselves probably more pressure than we should. So you helped me and seeing the other lady helped me like to choose that path. And yeah, I just really realized that you actually, as you said, like have to manifest what. You want, uh, in order to have it, there’s also a book that you had recommended in the, I think it wasn’t maybe the first page of the program.

I don’t know, somewhere you have recommended, but it was, uh, the book of Joe Dispenza. Oh, yes. Breaking the habit of being yourself. Yeah. Yeah. I love Dr. Dispenza. Yeah. And you know, with the little thing that you were giving us, you had to book, uh, to read a book. And I was taking that really serious because, you know, being a good type A, I know that’s what worked with me.

I don’t work well with psychologists that just let me think, let me talk. I need homework. If I have homework, I’m going to do it. If I don’t, I won’t. Knowing yourself is so critical. I mean, and I think that’s a really interesting point because you knew yourself well enough that you had hit a limit of what you could do on your own.

You needed structure. You wanted community. You wanted somebody to help lead you and show you a way of going about this so that you could have your right to try. I think that’s so, I mean, that’s one of the most important things is exactly what you’ve said is this right to try. I want to trust myself and trust my intuition enough to give myself this chance to at something that really matters to me.

Totally. That’s exactly well said and yeah, that’s, that’s my transformation. They’re your words though, but like, think about how different. You are today. Yeah, I am really different. And I think that’s also what kind of I kind of view and realize as well with taking the program at first, you know, you go, you go in for sure you have the goal.

We all have the same goal to to have all our little baby in our arms one day. But also I kind of understand to art. It’s quite at the beginning that even if that didn’t happen, I knew that it will make me a better person to actually know me better. And, um, yeah, just be a better person, a better mom. Uh, and it’s important work to do that.

As physician, lawyers, teachers, we usually don’t take the time to do because we’re just so focused on work, work, work, work, work, and the career. And that’s all we know. And we forget about us. Yeah, yeah. Well, so what happened during these months that you decided to give yourself the right to try? So, as I said, I continued acupuncture, no more doctor, just uh, the acupuncture, and having fun.

And having like take a little vacation with my boyfriend, taking time off, uh, not necessarily that long, but just like go ski with what we could do anyway in, in COVID time and, and really enjoy more life. Like, and go back to like, uh, again, uh, I stopped, almost stopped working for me. It was like a three days a week, which was.

Way enough in that time and take time to do the model read books and take time to take care of myself. So that I’ll be more appealing for my baby and manifest him like that he will come and I was just getting more sure that he will come. I didn’t know how and I was open to every possibility. But at least at that time I was trusting my body and my baby that he would come to me at some point.

Just didn’t know when. And you always said that to us something like, uh, it’s his home timeline. It’s just natural. Ready yet, or like we, we want, we want it to happen on our own timeline, but you gotta understand to believe. And I guess surrender that it’s his or her timeline. It’s not mine and it will come, but it will come in due time.

Yes. Yeah. Well, and you know, and that’s such an, it’s a really difficult thing, you know, for us to, cause what we’re really talking about is at some level, surrender and talking about releasing the death grip on having this baby. Right. And so, and clearly that worked out for you. So tell us what happened next.

Yes. So actually I finished a program. I think it was a new year. It was like January 2nd. So I was more than into that. Three months of trying naturally and, uh, so that’s what we were doing, just having fun. And then actually we were getting ready to go to another IVF. We were like, the plan was to do like five IVF in New York, uh, in order to get enough eggs to, before even trying to implantation.

And the Friday I was doing my blood test for going to IDF on like Monday, I was already spotting. So I was sure I was like period coming again. But then with it, you know, I was ready to go into that process. And finally, on the Sunday, well, I had a positive.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Like, I want to make sure I caught all this. So go in for the blood work on Friday to be able to start the five IVF series to try to bank some eggs. But on Sunday, just two days later, you find out you have a positive pregnancy test. Naturally. Yeah, completely naturally. I, I was, oh my God, I was overwhelmed.

I was like crying of joy while we were, and I remember when you sent me that text, I was like, Talk to us about that because think about like all of this work you had done to bring yourself to this place where you were open. You were willing to do the IVF. You stopped judging yourself, but there was something in you that said, okay, let me give myself these months to try this out.

And on the eve of starting your IVF series. You’re pregnant. Yeah, that is amazing. And almost well, unbelievable. Well, I knew all the work. I know all the work I’ve done to get there. Uh, and it worked. Uh, but yeah, at first I was just Wow. Yeah. I couldn’t, I couldn’t believe it. Because think about it. You had all of these reasons to not believe if you just relied on what was on paper, the statistics, your AMH, the low ovarian reserve, the failed, you know, I IUI cycles, the miscarriage you, you know, you could have used all of that against you, but instead you chose to believe Kathy.

Yeah, totally. And, and that time. I really continue to believe and manifest that he will, he will stay there, stuck there and that I’ll meet him now. I’m gonna, well, that’s going to happen. Oh man. So how far along are you today? I’m uh, 34 weeks. So you’re legitimately getting ready to meet this boy. Yeah, the baby’s womb is almost all ready, and yeah, it’s coming.

Oh! He’s there and moving. Woman! Woman! Okay, so what would you tell women listening to this who, you know, maybe have low AMH, you know, maybe low ovarian reserve, have failed cycles? Failed treatments, but there’s something in them that keeps telling them to believe. Like what would you want them to know? I think that’s really important to trust yourself and go back to listen that little voice, uh, that tell you what you want and what you deserve and what’s going to happen.

So believe in yourself and let yourself, uh, give yourself the right to actually listen to that kiddo voice. Because when we heard that so much scientific and type, Hey, mine, it’s kind of, nah, we, we don’t take the time to listen to that. It’s for, it’s good for others. It’s not good for us, but I think that trusting yourself and yeah, listening to that little voice is the key to.

Well, to help you through this journey and actually achieve, achieve your goal. And I think also let go of the timeline. I was overall finally kind of lucky in my timeline. If you look at other story or anything, if I don’t want to compare, I think we have our own timeline and our own journey. And, uh, another thing you were telling us a lot is.

Stay in your lane. So everybody have their struggle. Could be with productivity, could be with something else, but I think that’s really important as well to listen to yourself, your intuition. And your baby at his home timeline and you got to stay in your lane and be the most appealing for him as possible.

That’s such hard one wisdom, because when you think about everything that you had to do, Kathy, to really get to the place where you could trust yourself, where you could give yourself this chance and believe in yourself enough that. Hey, I’m going to give myself this period of time. My heart is open to IVF, look, whatever, however, this baby’s coming, but I’m going to believe in me.

That’s everything. And, you know, as a physician, it would have been easy for you to like ignore this completely other body of evidence, right. You know, to say, Oh, you know, that’s all woo woo. This is all, you know, silly. You know, I focus on the numbers. I want to guarantee, but you became the guarantee. Yeah, totally.

Yeah. And, uh, and the numbers I put them has, um, information only. That’s what you told us about. Also like statistic on the information. They’re not, they’re not necessarily your story. They’re not in your lane. They are information. So. Look at them if you want, but then you’re the master of your own journey.

And boy, did you become the master of your own journey? And now you’re calling, you have this boy that you’re going to meet in like six weeks and his room is all, Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for, for sharing this. With all of the women that are going to be listening, because look, you really are a story of triumph on so many levels because to, to have been where you were and to now have the good fortune of seeing you here, sitting in your baby’s room, 34 pregnant.

Because you dared to believe what a gift that is and and what a gift you’re going to be able to give your son by showing him who you really are and and I mean, it’s incredible what you’re going to be able to teach him. Yeah, well, yeah, I guess so. And thanks to you for all the help and where you actually make me.

What you make me become or retrieve, or I think it’s more about retrieving. I think, I think this was already there. We just needed to dust it off and like hose it down and get it back into operation. So, but what a delight. And it’s so good to see that beautiful face and to see you so happy woman. So thank you for sharing your story with us.

Well, you’re welcome. And thanks to you again and all the other lady that’s been on this journey with me and in my bomb squad. Yeah, it’s incredible. Loves, wasn’t Kathy’s story just so compelling and so inspiring? And I want to draw your attention to something really powerful that she said. And it was all about loving and trusting herself enough to give herself the chance to try.

And so much of what this journey is about is being willing to trust ourselves at a level that few of us have ever been challenged to do, whether you are seeking the opportunity to conceive naturally, or you’re moving on to various forms of support, you have got to trust yourself and building a way of thinking, believing and taking action like a woman who succeeds.

It really comes down to that critical piece. You’ve got to be willing to pivot. You’ve got to be willing to trust your instincts. You’ve got to trust your intuition. It’s so incredibly important. And love, if you want to learn what I taught the amazing Kathy, the time is now. She made the seemingly impossible possible within months and beat the odds today.

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Their results, just like Cathy’s, Speak for themselves. If you don’t have a mindset for success in this journey, baby, you’ve got a gaping hole in your strategy. Mind and body work together, and you heard that from a woman who is now a triple threat. Lawyer, doctor, and Miracle Mama. You’ve got to close that gaping hole in your strategy, love.

Let’s fix that shit and set you up for the success that you so deserve. Till next time, change your mindset. Change your results. Love this episode of The Fearlessly Fertile Podcast. Subscribe now and leave an awesome review. Remember the desire in your heart to be a mom is there because it was meant for you.

When it comes to your dreams, keep saying hell yes.

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