EP167 She Chose Miracles Over Statistics: Dr. Nisha Beat the Odds At 44

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At 44, Dr. Nisha, a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist was told that she was pre-menopausal and that her AMH was non-existent, so her chances of getting and staying pregnant were slim. But, she knew that being a mom and carrying her baby were meant for her. Learn how by clearing her blocks, forming a fantastic bump squad, […]

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Hey Gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, fertility mindset master, former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43. Despite years of fertility treatment failure, I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey just like I did. Get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine badassery, and loads of hell. Yes.

For your fertility journey, it’s time to get fearless, baby fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, episode 167. She chose miracles. Hey, my loves, I am so freaking excited to be here with you this week. I always get a teeny tiny little bit more excited every week when we are featuring a wonderful story of triumph from one of my ladies.

And I got to tell you, you hear me gushing about them all the time, but it is actually true. It is something truly extraordinary as an observer and as a mentor and coach to women all over the world who are committed to success on this journey. It’s really something extraordinary to see a woman fully embrace the decision to be successful on this journey, regardless of age, statistics, circumstances, past failures, whatever it is.

There is something truly special when a person makes a decision to follow their heart, and that’s what you’re going to be hearing all about today, because our interview today, our special guest is somebody that’s very dear to my heart, actually, I mean, all of my ladies, I mean, you guys kind of figure this out by now, but I hold every single woman in my heart.

that I have the good fortune and honor to work with very close to my heart. And Dr. Nisha is, is no different. And, you know, there is something unique and, and kind of particularly interesting when you hear a physician talking about this mindset piece, because look, I coach a lot of physicians from all over the world.

And these particular Physicians are always very extraordinary to me because they fully embrace something different than the basic narrative that most of us get that, you know, medicine is going to save your ass, you know, just do what the white coats tell you and just shut the fuck up and do what you’re told the women and the physicians that I work with.

have the ability to say, okay, yeah, medicine is awesome. Like we’re, you know, medicine is great, but medicine can coexist with the innate power that we have as individuals to create the reality that we choose and that we can use our mind and body to work together to create an amazing result. And that’s exactly what you’re going to be hearing.

In today’s interview with Dr. Nisha, I mean, she’s got two doctoral degrees, you know, like she’s a, she’s a physician, she’s a D O and she has a doctorate in pharmacy. So she’s like, okay, she’s covering all of her bases. She understands pharmacy and she also and pharmaceuticals. And she also understands, you know, how a doctor of osteopathy you know, treats a patient.

So she gets it from both sides, which is what makes her even more extraordinary. And so Nisha is going to be sharing some really beautiful things about her own fertility journey and overcoming the statistics at 44. And you’re going to hear that even as a doctor herself, the doctors were telling her, yeah, you know, your shit’s pretty worn out.

Like this isn’t going to happen for you. Your AMH is almost undetectable. You’re premenopausal. And all of that other good stuff, but through the ability to follow her heart, Nisha was able to look beyond that and give herself full permission as a woman and as a doctor to follow her heart and do what was right.

For her. So if you are in a place where you’re really worried about the statistics, you’re worried. This is never going to happen for you. I strongly encourage you to listen really closely to this one. Turn this one up because you’re going to hear Nisha say something that I think is freaking hilarious.

Physicians are not magicians and that you as a patient, you as a woman, you have the license and agency to decide what is and is not possible for you and that instead of handing over all of our power to people with white coats, we get to work in concert with them. So I think this is a beautiful coming together of mind, body, spirit and all that is good on this journey.

I hope that you love this interview with my beloved Dr. Nisha. Nisha. Hey. Oh, look at you all. Stunning and glowy. Oh my goodness. Thank you. Oh my gosh. Well, you know, we’ll jump right in. I know you’re busy. You’re, you’re about to have your baby. So we won’t keep you long here, but Love, why don’t you start us off by just telling the ladies listening a little bit about yourself and how you found yourself on this journey?

Sure. So I’m a little bit of a late bloomer. I spent most of my life trying to work, um, my career. Um, so I’m fortunate enough to have two doctorate degrees, one’s in pharmacy and one in medicine. And it took me a while to find the right partner for me, which is really super important. And so once I did, um, we decided that we wanted to have a baby.

So we tried, um, and then early last year we had a miscarriage and then I sought out professional help to figure out, you know, what was going on. And I think like a lot of women that are listening to this, you know, I was told that you really don’t have a chance of getting pregnant. Your lab values are really low.

Your AMH is. It’s like non existent, you’re pre menopausal, uh, I would just try to get a surrogate or go for adoption. And I’m fortunate enough that my training in medicine is in osteopathic medicine. So I truly believe that the body has regenerative potential. So, you know, I tied my hair up and, um, decided I was gonna, you know, figure out, you know, how to make my body work for me and figure out what blockages I have.

So, um, I’m a Tripoli, I have a big spiritual side in me and I have, um, you know, this big sort of connects this mind body connection and I know that it’s super important. So in that process, I, um, I found you and I found your podcasts. And that didn’t scare you away, woman? And I was like, she’s, there’s something really real about her that I need to just, you know, go in and, you know, a part of me just needs to open up.

And I think this has been something that I had to focus on throughout my pregnancy. And even now it was just sort of finding my voice and being my advocate. And I think that’s something that you’ve helped me. So thank you. Oh, you’re welcome. So I, um, you know, I joined your program. I created my bump squad.

I found doctors that, um, and specialists that when I called them up and you know, at this point, um, they’re like, you’re 44 years young. And I said, I was literally shocked and they’re like, are you, are you still there? Hello. And I’m like, I’ve never heard anybody say that before. And I guess I realized.

Through the work that we did over the eight weeks that I had to learn to be my own advocate, and I have to fight for the things that are important for me and what is important is my relationship and what’s important is this baby and I had to put that first and I think once that solidified. I don’t know.

I was, uh, you know, I found out that I was pregnant and then I called you and I think you were on your way to Disney World. And I know this might be inappropriate, but I have to tell you that, um, this shit works. It works. I remember like, cause we were actually, yeah, we were in Orlando. I told my husband, Hey, I gotta take this call.

You know, I’m going to talk to Nisha. You go get us checked in. I got a conversation to have. I mean, But, you know, it’s and I think this is such a powerful example, Nisha, because with all of your training. You know, it would have been really easy for you to say, Oh, you know, I just need to throw in the towel.

I know what the numbers are. My values are in the gutter. I mean, what was it within you, though? You know, because I find this just such an inspiring example because it’s really, you know, a lot of people just hear a number and they’re like, Oh, it’s over for me. Yeah. What was it in you that said, no, I think it’s, it’s true.

And it’s funny because some of my colleagues, um, one of my really good friends who is a nephrologist, um, and we were talking about it and she saw me that she was going through, you know, in major fertilization, which I think is there to support you and to help you. But she, um, threw in the towel with, uh, you know, with trying and giving her body a chance.

because of the numbers and because of science. But I think, you know, for me, um, I really tapped into that feminine side. And I think feminine energy is, is really, you know, super strong. And I think, um, I dunno, I’m just one that believes in like miracles and believes in things that are really supposed to be meant for you are meant for you.

And I think I sort of. Surrendered to the greater will of the universe. And you always talk about, you know, God universe source. And that was something like I’ve, you know, I’ve witnessed with my patients. I’ve seen patients, especially now it’s cardiothoracic anesthesia. So I’ve seen patients that are not supposed to survive that have heart functions of less than 5 percent and.

Sometimes it really is the little things. It’s them just believing in their doctors or them believing in themselves and they just end up surprising you. And I, um, I just had to tap into that because it’s just, it’s like, I felt like there’s a huge portion of my mind that’s not being used, it’s not being worked, there’s this energy that is there for everybody, but, um, you know, how do you harness it?

And I’m not, um, and I think I realized that. And you had said this also, I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving this world without my baby. So, and I think it was, um, so during my first miscarriage, I remember I was at work and I couldn’t find help to relieve me. So you’re cramping. You know, I saw my gestational sac in the toilet, and I remember I was being paged and I was being called to go into the room for, um, assistance, for help.

And I just remember holding, you know, the remnants of my baby and thinking, I’m not going to do that again. I’m not going to do that again. I’m going to fight for you. There’s a reason. You came here once before, and I’m going to I am going to learn to be the best advocate for you. And that’s what my pregnancy journey has been teaching me.

And that’s something that, oh gosh, I forget what you always say about tears, moisture. Yeah. The moisture is the truth coming out. It’s just truth coming out, Misha. Yeah. I think that’s something that, um, you know, really raised awareness for me in this. It this journey, this, this baby came when she knew that I was truly ready for her and I was to take on the responsibility for her.

And I think that, um, I don’t know, it’s, it, it’s, it’s when you have that realization and when that just becomes, um, just so solid, it, like, you know, the facts don’t mean anything. There was one of my colleagues’ wife. Actually had, she had her tubes, tube side, and there was no way that she was going to be pregnant and she was having like low back pain and all of this.

And she just realized she went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound and her husband was a doctor too. Um, and they’re like, you’re, you’re pregnant. And stories like this are just, you know, um, that’s what I really did. I’m like, I have two options. I can either choose the miracle or I can. Stay in the situation I am and not choose a miracle.

And for me, the answer was just so obvious. You know, and I love the way that you say that, Nisha, because it’s coming from a place of conviction and actually it’s also coming from a place of personal responsibility and, and loving yourself enough and loving this baby enough to say, I get to choose. Yeah.

And I think that’s a faculty that we tend to forget our ability to think and our ability to choose absolutely determines our experience. Yeah, it’s so funny that you say that, Roseanne, because one of my really good friends and she’s an intensivist that I work with, she, um, she wrote a poem, um, for my baby and in the poem, and I feel like this poem speaks to me as well as it speaks to her and it taught, and I’ll send that to you by email and if, you know, if you want to share it, um, you know, with, with all the ladies, um, that would be great.

But it talks about how, you know, what can you really give to the world? What, you know, you can’t, um, if you choose to be a martyr, you’re always, um, you’re going to have somebody that looks at you as you gave too much. If you choose to be really selfish, then you’re going to have somebody that looks at you one way.

But I think that your true power lies in your choice. And I found that so profound because it’s something that I learned and if there’s one thing that I want to pass on to my daughter and to all the other girls and all the other women that are out there in the same struggle, it’s you have that power of choice and that is the determining factor that’s, you know, that’s going to flip the switch.

Yeah. I mean, because look at the change. I mean, this is such a powerful example because you came and, and started listening to this crazy ladies podcast, you know, kind of on the heels of a devastating loss and, and a real reaffirmation of what it is that you wanted in this life. And so you started doing the work, you know, what are some of the things that you realized about yourself in that process?

What are some of the things that were like, whoa, you know, I, I had no idea that was there. I think, um, one of the biggest things is I’m a key player in this entire process. You know, before coming in, I think we’ve talked about, you know, the backgrounds with, uh, with our families and with our culture and, you know, coming from a very straight back when you’re kind of told what to do, you’re expected to follow the mold.

And I never thought that I had a voice and that I had a say in things. And one of the things that came out was, um, finding my voice and finding my choice and truly, um, you know, walk through hell or high water, but like sticking to that, because you know, that it’s. True to your heart. And I really had to get to this point where, you know, I sat, I remember sitting down and I’m like, what really?

Matters to me. Does it, you know, matter that people like me? Does it matter that my family approves? Does it matter that I have this job? What are my core beliefs? And then I realized in that, um, I had this wonderful relationship that I never, um, gave into. It was always there, but I never surrendered to it.

And I have this, I had this dream, this dream to be a mom, but I never surrendered to the dream. And I think that was something. And then in addition to that, it was finding like minded people that really believed in you. Like, why was I wasting my time and my energy, whether it be at the workplace, um, whether it be with family relations or like, you know, with certain friends.

With people telling you that, no, your dreams are not, um, going to be a reality or they’re too difficult or, you know, your head’s up in space. And I have to learn to be my own advocate and I’m like, I learned that I really do matter and the people that love me and the people that care for me are going to stand up for me.

And that is more than enough. So much more. Yeah, I mean, I think that’s incredible because I remember so, I mean, from when you started to where you are today is such a dramatic difference. You know, there is this, you know, I knew that there’s this boldness and this self assuredness in you, but there was kind of this, like, you know, this, uh, a slightly unsure Nisha and now there’s this Nisha.

Yeah, I always felt like, I don’t know. I felt like there was like, why was I hiding behind curtains of, um, timidness? Why was I, why was I trying to be weak? Why was I trying to be. A people pleaser. I’m not that. I think, you know, and then it was really coming down to the inside. Like, who are you? I’m like, I, I am sassy in my own right.

It’s like, I am, you know, I am, I am a rule breaker. I am a good person and I I refuse to have anybody put me down. I refuse to have, you know, anybody take that away from me. It’s, it took me so long to figure that out, um, but I did it. Yeah. Yeah. And so what would you say to, cause you know, one of the things that happens all the time and you’re such a great example because you know, you’re a physician.

And, you know, all of your, you know, your expertise, you know, so many people are so ready to hand off their license and agency in their own lives and say, well, the doctors say that I can’t do this or the doctors say that I, I can’t. I don’t have a chance. You know, we we make our decisions based on so many things outside of us, but you made a decision based on what you knew here.

Yeah. Yeah. What would you encourage people to start thinking about instead of just listening to all these numbers, like what would you encourage people to do instead? You know, there’s really two ways of thinking. The first way that you think is, uh, some people are just trained this way. You think with their brain and they go to their heart and they go back to their brain.

Other people think with their heart, they go to their brain and they go back to their heart. And I think for me, um, you know, being assigned to think background, being a physician. You’re given facts. You’re told, you know, patients have like, you know, certain survival, you know, predictors. Um, and, and so most scientists, most people think that what the doctors say is the end all be all, but it’s not.

We’re just, we’re physicians. We’re not magicians. You know, there is, um, I always tell my patients that that’s my favorite rhyme and I’m very proud of it. It’s a good one. But I think what you need to do is you need to, um, you need to find trust, and you say this a lot to, to all your, um, Until your mentee said the thought is there because it was meant to be there.

You don’t just like randomly think that, you know, I’m going to be on the front lines, you know, and what do you do? It just seems like illogical. You didn’t just wake up thinking. Well, I, I’m going to be a chef or I’m going to be in this show, unless that desire is really there. And it’s really deep. And I think what society tries to do to us nowadays is they try to categorize us.

And a lot of this has, I feel like deal with advertisement or this or that, but just try to put everybody in a mold. And I think what you need to realize is you’re, you’re not a mold is, is, is your. Fiercely and bravely, you know, made and you have to be strong enough to know that you thought about this or you’re thinking about this for a reason.

And that’s an important reason. And don’t let anybody say no or, you know, or steer you off your path. You know, you just have to find this quiet space inside of you and find that, you know, find that line, find that tiger that’s just ready to roar. And, um, I feel like it’s like a Katy Perry song, but it’s like, you know, they’re great.

They’re like, you just, you need to find that. Yeah. I was fortunate enough that I had, you know, a support system that foster that and I was able to tap in. Yeah. Yeah. That’s incredible. Because when we take a look. At the at your experience, you know, from having these numbers that are like, you know, well, forget it, lady, you know, you’re too old.

This isn’t going to happen, you know, to being in the place where you are today. How many weeks pregnant are you? I am 39. So my baby actually, um, because I have a cephalopelvic disproportion, Shakira is wrong, hips do lag, my baby’s a little big. So, uh, our, uh, we had to schedule a section. So our section is going to be next Thursday.

Oh, my gosh. I’m so excited for you because think about where you’re at, right? You know, you’re not in a place where you’re curled up in a ball feeling sorry for yourself. You made a decision. You’re like, I know what the numbers are, but I also know what’s in my heart. Yeah. And even with all of this, you know, I have all the scientific training, you know, you’ve seen miracles as you’ve talked about, you know, you’ve seen your patients, you know, survive and they quote unquote shouldn’t have or whatever, or the prognosis was not so good, but you went from that.

To working on yourself being open, you know, it actually takes a lot of humility, Nisha, to do what you did to be willing to examine yourself. That’s massive, especially for somebody as educated and as accomplished as you. And I don’t say that just to blow smoke in your direction. It’s actually true. Like, I think there’s something to be said for a woman having the humility to say, Hey, what I’m doing is not working.

I’ve got to consider another way. Yeah, and I think that that was, it was like really integral. And I think you don’t need to take it as a loss. I mean, I could, I could have took it as so many ways, but I just, um, you know, you just take it as a gentle reminder. There are many ways, you know, to get things done that there, and maybe part of that is just being like an anesthesiologist.

Like when we code patients, when they’re dying, like you just, you refuse to let go. You want to try everything. And I just sort of, um, wanted to tap into that as well. And I’m like, okay, This isn’t working. What will work for me? Because I know something will work and I’m not going to leave until I find that something

I’m going to find, you know, something that is going to work for me. And it did because you got pregnant again, naturally, in very short order. We, we had, um, my partner, Birkins, and I, we had one cycle, we really did, because he went back to medical school, and so he had to, he was going to medical school in the Caribbean, and we petitioned and petitioned to see if he could stay here in the United States, so we could, you know, work on our pregnancy journey, and the school said absolutely not, and so we sat down, and we’re like, um, okay, I’m like, well, I’m going to do whatever I can to aid my body, and you know, There was just not a question, and I think both of our minds at this cycle is just Not going to work.

Like he was just convicted, like, you know, from the get go, they’re like, why it’s just going to work. Why would it not work? And then I probably was, I had more hesitation. I was doing everything that I could to naturally assist my body. But I think, um, you know, and then I started, you know, the program, I started assessing things and it’s just so funny how just small little shifts will just make it.

And then we, um, I remember we got the phone call from, I had fired the specialist that I had down here. And, you know, I saw that a specialist in New York, um, and we got a call from their office and they’re like, you’re pregnant. We were both actually on our way to Asheville for like a small vacation and we’re like, yeah, yeah, we know and then, um, and then Perkins was like, who is it?

I’m like, oh, it’s, I’m like, it’s, it’s Dr. David, Sammy David. And he told us that we’re pregnant. And then we both literally stopped and I was still on the phone with him. I’m like, okay, I’m just kidding. I didn’t really know, but I just kind of did.

Oh my gosh. And here you are. Yeah, I mean, but this also demonstrates how quickly a woman can change when she’s made a decision because I think I think people think that these changes have to take forever. But when you’ve made a decision to be successful, they don’t have to take that long. Yeah, it’s it’s so funny.

I’ve sort of, um, you know, I’ve done this for a lot like when, you know, after I finished pharmacy school and I decided to go back to medical school, it literally was. Yeah. One decision. It was when I decided to do a fellowship. It was one decision. Um, and it’s funny. I know, although this has nothing to do with, you know, our journey together, my sister, who is also an attorney and was in California has been trying to find a house for a long time.

And I think that I kind of told her, I’m like, well, you never really decided that you wanted a house. You didn’t decide you wanted a career change. And so she thought about it and she woke up and she sent an email to herself saying that like, I’m deciding on this. And literally within like five weeks, she has this new job that she loves.

And she has this, you know, beautiful home that, you know, that she got. And that’s, um. I don’t know. It’s, it’s the power of choice. And I think, um, more than humility, you just need to be strong enough to, you know, to make that choice. Yeah. Oh my gosh. I just love it. Nisha. This makes me so fricking happy. Cause you, I mean, well, you know, you’ve been to the program, you know how much I shout about make a decision, just make a fucking decision because when you spin, you block the miracle.

Yeah. When you make a decision about what you’re going to have. You know, it doesn’t, all the pieces are going to fall into place, but it starts with you making that decision because once you make that decision, everything lines up and you just take that first step. Yeah. And when you, what, you know, the Latin root of decision desi to cut the ships behind you because you already know where you’re headed.

And I think, um, I don’t remember who says this, but I remember reading it and it made so much sense. You don’t need to know what lies ahead of that one decision or like, you know, it seems that sometimes it does seem like, like I’m walking through like this blind tunnel, but take that first step and you’ll slowly start to see the light.

You don’t have to know. Something will just, and I know it sounds so strange, but something will just happen and you’ll know where to go. You’ll get like a phone call, or it’ll be, um, like an email, or it’ll just be something inside, like a quiet voice telling you to go here, and you’ll know what that next step is, but, um, you just have to take that step.

Don’t get bogged down into thinking so much. Just, you know, and that was a big thing for me. I had to. Learn to rely on my heart more than I had to rely on my thinking process. It sounds, it sounds strange, right? But that’s, but, but I’ve changed the way that I just live based on that. So much more happy and I see changes coming in my life and it’s good.

It’s really, yeah, and I think it’s beautiful. The cardiothoracic anesthesiologist who is willing to think, you know, to think with her heart, you know what I mean? Like it’s, it’s just incredible to me because I think that you’re living proof. Of the power of, you know, taking great care of your body, taking great care of your mind, being open, tapping into your intuition, seeing yourself in a whole way.

Rather than looking at your body and seeing your body is just this pile of meat that doesn’t work, right? And it’s just seeing yourself in a completely different way. Yeah, yeah. And really appreciating yourself and loving yourself. I think that, um, is important because if you don’t, how are you going to love this?

and how are you going to love all the things that you, you know, you, you’re going to go through. So that was, yeah, it was important to me. Well, and, and talk to us just for a moment about like, how did shifting your mindset support you during this pregnancy? Because with your, you know, the past loss, it would have been really easy for you to circle the drain, you know, just waiting for something to go wrong.

Right. It was, um, It was, it was really hard, but then I had to, um, again, it all comes down to making a choice. I had to, am I going to choose to see the good or am I going to fixate on what can go wrong? And I remember we had talked about this also during my first conversation. And I, Refuse to think about how things were going to go wrong because, um, you can, you just go down the rabbit hole with that.

I’m like, but it’s so much easier to think about what can go right. You know, it’s so much easier to think about the miracle and think about what you’re going to do with that. And, um, that was a choice that I made. So every time I thought about, I’m like. Is this, you know, I refuse to wait for markers. I refuse to wait for the end of the first trimester.

I refuse to wait for like, you know, they don’t do an immunosynthesis anymore, but you know, the blood tests to see if anything was wrong. I refuse to wait for like, you know, the 20 week anatomy scan or like, you know, wait until you’re like 32 weeks when the lungs are developed. And, you know, I just, I made that choice that this person is inside of me for a reason.

And I am going. My job is to believe in her and, uh, my job as a mom is always going to be to believe in her and to support her. And I do that best by, um, thinking that things are going to, like protecting her, uh, which I did, but not, you know, thinking this is going to go wrong or not walking on the eggshell, not living in the eggshell, but living in the life.

And I think I wanted to really enjoy this pregnancy. I don’t want to be one of these miserable pregnant women, despite. you know, all like, you know, despite being advanced maternal age, despite having to work and, you know, do all these things, I, um, I wanted to be happy and that’s what I want to pass. You know, that’s what I wanted to pass on.

So, yeah, no, it’s incredible. And what a blessing that you’re having a daughter because you’re going to be able to model this to her and let her know. You know, because what you’ve created is empowered choice Nisha, like to, to really show her what it’s like, you know, here’s this beautiful, educated woman saving lives, serving her patients who dared to believe and, and called in her daughter and is now going to be able to create a family.

That’s a reflection of those values. I mean, it really is incredible. And I bet this is shaping how you show up as a physician as well. It is. I mean, it definitely is. I don’t, it changed me from being like, let’s say wishy washy position, but one that, um, was self sacrificial to one that really was able to have boundaries and was really able to advocate, you know, for my patients and to advocate.

For my colleagues and not, not be afraid, you know, about doing it. It brought about this older side of me that, um, was able to, I don’t want to say take risks, that’s not like the right terminology, but I’m not quite sure what it is, but it’s, um, somewhere between taking risks and going that extra mile and just.

Just, just being that, um, that voice of quiet reason that, you know, that voice of, you know, hope that voice of like, uh, justice, I think, um, in, in many ways. Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right. And I think that you’re an excellent example of how the quiet voice of reason does not mean erring on the side of the negative.

Yeah. Because a lot of people say, well, just be reasonable, Nisha. Be reasonable, or we should do the reasonable thing, but that that version of reasonable just is always expecting the worst is, you know, expecting negative. But what you’re talking about is something smarter. It’s something, um, I think it’s smarter.

It’s something more, um, powerful. I think it’s something that, um, especially in the same age, people just, uh, in a very materialistic society. You know, forget about, you know, it’s this, uh, reconnection, you know, with, with yourself and you know, what can be done, what can’t be done. You know, finding I feel like we’ve sort of ventured into this society where we with science and with all of these things you’re you’re taking out that taking out the gust factor you’re just sort of like, you know, putting in the trash can and he doesn’t, you know, he’s just going to sit there and he’s going to laugh at you because it doesn’t really bother him.

Yes, but, you know, you need you sort of. You know what it was, Roseanne? I feel like I became the warrior that I was meant to be. And I feel that unless that, um, unless I tapped into that, I wouldn’t have this child. It’s, it’s really funny because when I first got pregnant, all I thought was that I was going to have this little boy, this little boy.

And I was just so fixated on having this little boy. And then when I was a little girl, there’s a period where I kind of went into, um, And so, so you had to take my baby to the beach and we went on a walk and, you know, we, we resolved like, you know, all these issues that mommy was having, but, um, she’s a girl for a reason.

She’s just, you know, to be like this little warrior princess herself. And I think we need, um, And I think we need more, um, we need more women warriors out there and that’s what I’m realizing. And so I’m so, I don’t know, I’m just embarrassed that I was feeling that way about my, about my little baby, but I’m so like excited now.

Well, I mean, but that’s just another example. I love how you brought up, you know, Gus, God universe source that, you know, we, so much of this, we think is just numbers. We think it’s just. You know, the mechanical egg meeting the sperm, it completely eliminates the magic. And I think it was Albert Einstein that said that the more you or maybe that’s him that said the more you learn about science, the more you believe in God, you know, in the magic in in something bigger and whatever people choose to call that.

You know, I think the sentiment is the same. Um, but so what would you want to, like, if you were going to give a few words of encouragement to the women that are listening that maybe haven’t made that leap yet to see the connection between the mind and the body. And maybe you’re too afraid at this point to trust themselves, you know, and are just in tyranny of the science, you know, Oh my gosh, you know, somebody said this to me about my AMH or whatever.

What would you want these women to walk away with? I want them to throw all that bullshit in the trash. I mean, throwing it in the trash, I think what was important to me is, is nobody knows you better than you and nobody knows what’s in your heart and give that credence because it’s, it’s important and it doesn’t matter if in the beginning.

You make that choice with full conviction or you don’t, but just make that choice and do whatever you can throughout your day to remind yourself of that choice. And forget about what people say. Um, forget about if you’re like, you know, friends think that you’re crazy or like, you know, making sure your baby’s secured in the seat before you like leave, even though, you know, your baby isn’t physically there.

Just know that everything is there for you. You just need to just tap into it. And that’s it. Like. The biggest gift that you can give yourself is the freedom of choice and the freedom of decision. Yeah, that’s incredible, Nisha. And you know, I got to tell you the, the work that I do in the world, you know, this is, you are exactly the kind of woman that I always hoped I would serve always.

And it’s, it’s just, and I think it’s important to say that because I had always hoped that, that it would touch women in a way that, you know, regardless of education, regardless of experience in life, that they would find that within them, that power within them. And to see you here today. In this way. And, you know, just on the eve, basically of about to meet this miracle baby, you know, it just brings such joy in my heart.

And I’m so grateful to you for sharing your story with the women all over the world that are going to share in this and, and whose lives are going to be changed because of your courage and your bravery. So thank you for being here. Thank you. Thank you. I, I appreciate it. And my life is just like, I feel like I am a stronger person, a better person, and I’m just.

You know, you’ll realize, and I think this is what all, I don’t know, my sisters out there to, to realize also, the weight is worth it. It’s there for a reason. And when you see it come into fulfillment, you’ll just And you’ll start to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Um, there’s no reason when the doctors tell you, you know, lab value or this or that, to try to put the pieces of the puzzle, cause you don’t even know what the puzzle is then.

So just, you know, just keep on waiting and make that choice. And then, you know, you’ll start, you’ll be able to connect the dots and it’s just going to be, I don’t know, this magical picture that you’re walking into. Well, that’s awesome. Well, thank you so much, Nisha. This has been great. And I know. That lives are going to be changed because of this and so many will be blessed.

So thank you for that.

Hey loves, wasn’t my conversation with Dr. Nisha just inspiring? And I hope that there was part of you just shouting for an amen during that conversation. You know, so much of what she was saying were, she was just dropping nuggets of wisdom left and right. And I hope you really Pick this up and, and run with it, you know, and remember what she said, physicians are not magicians and that when somebody tells you that you can’t do it, what does she say, throw that bullshit in the trash, what you have in your heart and this desire to be a mom, it’s there because it was meant for you.

It’s stronger and can defy any statistic, any naysayer and anyone that doesn’t believe in you. The most important thing is you take good care of your body, you believe in yourself, and you keep going. There is something so magical about a woman who makes a decision and fights for what she knows is important to her.

And as Dr. Nisha said, this shit works. And if you want to learn what I taught my beloved Nisha, my Fearlessly Fertile Method program is for women who intend to get pregnant in the next 12 months just like Nisha did. And say hell yes to covering their bases, mind and body. So you don’t have to look back on this time in your life with regret.

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Their results, like Dr. Nisha’s, speak for themselves. If you don’t have a mindset for success on this journey, baby, you gotta gape it all in your strategy. Let’s fix that shit and set you up for success. Till next time, change your mindset. Change your results. Love this episode of the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast?

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