EP175: Go Carnivore For Fertility? A Conversation with Dr. Robert Kiltz, MD

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With all of the super restrictive, green-focused, fertility diets we go on to “support” our fertility, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. BUT, what if what we’ve been told about what’s “healthy,” isn’t true? Join me for a thought-provoking, convention-busting conversation with the founder of CNY Fertility, Dr. Robert Kiltz. We will bust some of the […]

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Hey Gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, fertility mindset master, former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43. Despite years of fertility treatment failure, I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey. Just like I did get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine, badassery, and loads of hell. Yes.

For your fertility journey. It’s time to get fearless, baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile podcast, episode 175. Go carnivore for fertility? A conversation with Dr. Robert Kiltz. Hey, my loves, I’m so excited to be here with you this week as usual, but I am particularly excited because one of the things that I absolutely love to do is to talk to innovators, people who approach the subject of fertility differently.

People who really look to upend convention and think out of the box and really challenge some of the antiquated notions we may have about our health and really look at ways to empower us as individuals even more. So that we aren’t abdicating our power to big pharma to people that just want to live by statistics and are just so eager to say no or to tell you to give up and just go do this, you know, XYZ solution that is in complete diametric opposition to anything that you actually want to do.

That is why I was particularly jacked when I started listening to our guest. Particularly on the subject of diet, you know, we’re constantly trying to navigate the lotions, potions, restrictive diets, green smoothies, all this stuff that we’ve been told based on conventional wisdom. About what is going to help us get pregnant.

You can’t have gluten past your lips. You can’t you know, it’s it’s completely Bonkers when you think about all of the information as well as all the conflicting information, but in my own search for ongoing improved health It’s vitality, you know, ways to get really nutrient rich meals for myself, my family and the people that I care about.

I really started to have my attention drawn to something that is, is actually getting a lot of attention now, which is the carnivore diet. Look, I’m not here to tell you what direction to go, I’m a former prosecutor who now coaches women to fertility success from ages 28 to 52, okay? I know where my lane is and I stay in it.

Which is why I invite world renowned experts to come onto this podcast to talk about things like this. But I gotta tell you, I have my own questions. You know, what is this? Is this just a fad, you know, talking about carnivore eating meat, like meat alone? And, and, you know, is there something to this? And having, you know, done a lot of research and listened to a lot of podcasts myself, yeah, I really got curious.

And when I started to pay attention to what Dr. Kiltz was putting out there, yeah, it really started to make sense. And you can always tell if someone knows what they’re talking about by the way they’re living their own lives. Right? Like you’re not going to take, you know, diet advice from somebody who looks like they might need to work on their diet themselves, that they’re not exactly looking vital and healthy and beautiful and all this wonderful goodness, just like you wouldn’t take advice from someone about.

Business who, like, had never actually run a business, or you wouldn’t take advice from somebody about how to create abundance in your life, or, or have money, who’s living in a frickin trailer, right? Like, you, you, it doesn’t make any sense. And, and that’s why, when you see Dr. Kiltz, I mean, look, follow Dr.

Kiltz on Instagram. Be smart. Follow the man on Instagram. You look at him. He is frickin gorgeous. At 66, he’s yoked. He’s beautiful. His skin is, is just gorgeous. And he’s so vital. You know, he’s a pilot. He’s funny. He’s sweet. He cares about his patients. He’s out there. He’s got more energy than some people in their thirties.

You know, he’s out there exercising. He’s really walking the talk. So when you are looking for mentorship or when you are evaluating lifestyle changes, look to the person that’s offering you this advice. Does this person look like they’re walking the talk? And that’s why I thought it was so great. To bring Dr.

Kiltz back on because he is walking the talk. You can see it, you know, you’re, it’s everywhere. So he brings some authority to the subject of diet that I think you just can’t ignore. Whether you choose to adopt this kind of lifestyle for yourself, well, obviously we all, we all have free will and go rock on with your bad self, you know, and go do what feels great to you.

Use your discernment. Do your research. I mean, it’s, it’s incredibly important that you always do that. I mean, any information that we get from any source, just do your own research and, and some of the best research is checking in with yourself. Does this resonate? Does it feel really good? And, you know, that’s one of the, that’s one of the great things about being able to think for yourself on this journey is, is figuring out what works for you, leaving the rest, you.

I hope you absolutely love my conversation with the dynamic, the funny, the adorable, and truly kick ass. Dr. Robert Kilts. Dr. Kilts. It’s so good to see you. Oh my God. God bless you. It is amazing to see you. And thank you for, uh, inviting me to join and share ideas of how to, for all of us to just, um, live a more joyful life and, uh, and know that fertility is just with us today and every Isn’t this rocking crazy?

It, you know, I have to tell you. You’re one of my favorite human beings. You just really are. You’re and, and when I stumbled across this whole carnivore thing, and when I saw that you were, you were educating on it, I’m like, I have to have a conversation with him again. Well, I appreciate that. And you know, I’m learning every day from people like you.

And the more we just share this, the better, and you know, we’re not fighting anyone’s other ideas. We’re just spreading the word of something more amazing. And I’m kind of a guy of faith and believes in the word, and the more I’ve learned what the word of God gives us. We’re just teaching other, other gods a way that they might go like,

I love that about you. I love that. Well, let’s jump right in. And you know, and Dr. Kiltz, I mean, my audience loves you because they, they remember your first interview, so they just absolutely adore you. But let’s jump right in about like, what is this carnivore diet? If somebody is just hearing about this.

Not sure what to think about it. How would you describe it? Well, I mean, truly we know what a carnivore is. It’s a lion and that’s the simplistic way, and it’s not difficult. It’s easy. And omnivores eat plants and animals. Herbivores eat only plants. And carnivores eat only meat and it’s not lean meat. They eat the lions, go for the fatty meat.

And it turns out what I’ve learned is that this label that fat is bad is actually a lie. Fat is good, both eaten and carried. If you’re skinny and there’s a famine, your fertilizer. And sometimes my ideas are a little kind of crazy and I don’t want to offend anyone. When I learned, you know, when I grew up.

You know, I grew up in the, in the era where, oh, if you’re fat, you’re unhealthy and you better lose weight. And we even learned how to chastise. And I know I chastised my father and my sister because they were always overweight and, and I know my mother was always trying to feed my sister a diet food. Now she was a diabetics in age four.

And my dad did everything he could, but he was always chunky. And, you know, obviously my mother was afraid that my father was going to die of obesity and my sister was going to die of diabetes and eating the wrong food. But then after my sister died at age 52, my best friend, Dave, a great doctor died at 52 of lymphoma.

I went on a quest to figure out why. And now I believe the answer is simple. We don’t need science to give us some like really complicated answer at all. It is simply we’re eating the wrong food for a lion. And if you know what a lion and a wolf is, they eat meat. And they hunt. If you feed a lion and a wolf plants, they become domesticated dogs and cats.

That is simplistic. And heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol are highly addictive to the lion and the wolf, but they’re not natural to their nutrition. But if you force them, And you convince them now in this world, they’re all good. We create addiction. Addiction is not natural to a wolf or a lion. They’re forced, forced fed.

And then throughout the, throughout the manipulation of the thousands of thousands of years of evolution, if you, if a mom eats plants, the baby is going to be born addicted to plants. Now we can turn it around and change it, but it really takes a mindset that is radically, radically different. And until we get radical about helping all of the wolves and all of the lions come back, we’re destined to have a lot more cancer and diabetes and all sorts of things, even people dying.

And we say, gee, we don’t know why they died. So I’m kind of on this quest and I’ve been a little on super drive because I paid a lot of money to be a doctor and get into the college and the universities to learn the secret. But now I’m learning the secret is a lie. You know, I gotta tell you, Dr. Kiltz, you know, it takes a lot of humility to be willing to reevaluate the paradigm, right?

I mean, that’s why it’s like your, the way that you present this information is so compelling to me because. The carnivore diet flies in the face of the food pyramid. I remember being a little kid in class, you know, seeing, you know, the pyramid and, you know, you have tiny bits of fat because it’ll make you fat and all of this crazy stuff that, you know, it when we find out that it’s actually manipulated like dramatically manipulated.

It’s very shocking and unsettling actually. Well, I watched 10, 000 BC. If you haven’t watched the Netflix movie, it’s fantastic. The pyramids. Remember, the pharaohs built the pyramids. Well, actually, they don’t, didn’t the, the slaves, the soldiers, the peasants, and the prisoners, but they are the ancestral ancient wolves and lions, human wolves and lions that were captured and convinced.

Via the pyramid to be controlled. And what did you feed the peasants, the slaves, the soldiers, and the prisoners, you, you fed the mush. You didn’t feed the meat. And if you gave the meat. You gave them a little bit of fat maybe, and you gave them, you gave them the lean tenderloin. The tenderloin is actually for the dogs, and now we use the word dogs in a negative way because ultimately dogs are wolves that have been manipulated by feeding them plants, and all.

All domesticated dogs and cats actually eat mostly grass and grains and very little fat or meat. And, and in many of the healthy foods that are, that are, that are in a bag or plant based and they’re planting the seed of this is healthy. So the word healthy doesn’t exist in our ancient lion and wolf lifestyle.

It only exists in the pyramid way. The Pharaoh convinced them, Oh, I’m the God and I control you. And then you’re controlled. And we’re easily manipulated, especially as children. And if we keep on telling the story and we’ve been fed the story for so long that we, I sat down with a really great, smart, beautiful doctor this morning, had coffee with her.

And, uh, most people haven’t heard my story. And most doctors are, are the believers in, in, in the, in the sauce, right? Kool Aid, Kool Aid to the pyramid. And, you know, and I, I, you know, what I usually say to most of us doctors, because we’re highly, highly opinionated, I know the right answer, by the way, no one should believe me.

They got to do their own work. I’m just sharing something as a 66 year young physician that when I did this over 10 years ago, 11 now, suddenly all my bowel bleeding, arthritis, psoriasis, kidney stones, and migraines went away. And so again, I figure that if my job as a doctor is to help people, not hurt them.

You know, I write the drugs and I do the dissections and I’m still a standard American doctor and I’ll give you whatever you want. But when I learned this game changing idea, I’m like, Whoa. And the scientists, you know, it’s like, Oh my God, well, it’s the science has already claimed that a well balanced plant based low animal fat diet is the best.

Again, we’ve been dictated and manipulated by the pharaohs, the priests, the presidents, the professors, and the pyramids. And it’s deadly for everyone. And it’s interesting to me because, you know, when I started exploring this, it was like, There. I mean, even in the experience of eating meat, there’s something deeply pleasurable about it.

You know, it’s, there’s just, there’s this ritual almost and appreciation that you have to have for the animal, you know, that was harvested, you know, for that. It’s, it’s really an interesting way as opposed, you know, food as. an experience as opposed to simply utilitarian. Well, one is the ancients honored the gods and we’ve lost the honoring of the gods.

And so my doctor friend is like, oh, there’s no God. Science knows the answer. And I’m like, you know, usually on your deathbed, you’re going to be saying like, God, please save me. And because ritualistically, We must honor the gods and all that the gods have given us. And so somehow we think, Oh my gosh, you know, God’s dead.

God doesn’t exist. Science knows the answer. Well, we’ve gotten ourselves in a shitload of trouble in this world because the last I look, cancer rates and heart disease and all the diseases that are. Usually for the more aged or hitting the young and the amount of cancer centers and all this stuff is going up and up and up.

And I met, I met someone on the beach the other day, I was walking in Sarasota, went to the beach, got to the car and this guy’s sitting on the bench and he lost his keys in the water. And I find out that he works at one of the local hospitals and the new cancer centers, uh, restaurant. So what does the cancer center feed everyone plants, vegetables, because they’re so healthy and, and is such a scary thing.

And I shared him the kilts is a keto carnivore way. And he was like, whoa, when you talk simplistic about it, it makes sense. And I usually start off with God and faith. And the last I looked, most of the gods were better ones. They were hunters and ancient. And even in the 10, 000 BC, you honor the life that the animals gave for survival and, and we all do that.

And you have to honor the plants and all entities of the universe because they’re all made up by God. Yeah. And it’s interesting because, you know, let’s talk about what makes Carnivore. I know we were talking about the word healthy, but let’s, let’s talk about why a carnivore diet is nutritious because we’re so, you know, we get these ideas that, oh, kale, you know, drink these kale smoothies, you know, green juice, all this stuff, but it would be interesting to hear why meat is so nutritious in contrast to the greens.

Ultimately, the human being for 3. 5 million years was a fatty animal meat eater. And so however we evolved, likely the current human being Was strictly an animal fatty meat eater. It was work to hunt and we came out of the trees to eat the grass eaters, not the grass. And and so our evolution shows that if you believe in evolution, but even if you don’t, when I went to a fatty meat nutrition, all my diseases went away.

Because plants are simply another organism that wants to thrive and survive. And we are not a grazing animal. We are a hunting animal. So plants contain sugar. Our bodies are meant and okay with converting sugar into fat in the liver, but we don’t burn sugar as energy. That’s a lie. And so we can do it, but we can’t do it all the time, because if you do that, that will lead to the diseases.

So if vegetables are ultimately all sugar, but sugar is bad, how is a vegetable good? It’s just logic. Second, plants contain poisons. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, curare, nicotine, the truth serum, whatever you want it to be, plants make all the poisons. They make the medicinal hallucinogenic compounds. They control humanity.

Humans don’t control plants. Plants are ultimately always going to survive and thrive in the world. Humans will die. That’s our nature. Because we’re evolving, they’re evolving, and ultimately we got it wrong. The third thing is so sugar, plant chemicals, including estrogen, progesterone, and basically the birth control pill and the abortion pill come from plants.

Duh. You know how many women are, are suffering with infertility, with migraines, pelvic pain and everything. Essentially, it’s a simple answer. We don’t need the science to give us like a million answers and all of it is going to one day find the magic pill, BS. So the third thing is the antigens, lectins, oxalates, phytates, oxalates, the glutens, all of the latex, all of the antigens.

All of the glycoproteins, which don’t easily break down in our bowels and don’t provide the energy. It’s like a splinter. It’s like Paul and all the, those entities get into your body and your bloodstream go to every, every cell of your body and are effing you up, but we call it autoimmune disease. It’s not.

It’s like, it’s like dust and dirt and splinters all over your body. What happens when you get a splinter, it gets red and hot and painful, duh. We’re not meant to eat splinters or consume them in our bodies. And when you eat plants, they come with bacteria, yeast, and viruses. So bacteria, yeast, and viruses, and plants.

In your bowels ferment and fermentation makes what alcohol. So basically when you’re feeding you and me and all of us with a plant based low animal fat diet, it’s deadly for all of us. And again, the idea is, is so radical that 99. 9 percent of us have already been brainwashed since. before we’re born because our mothers ate it and it makes us addicted.

So fermentation, the bowels is deadly. It makes heat, gas, alcohol, aldehydes. And again, you don’t need fiber. To make you have a bowel movement, you will shit no matter what you do in life. You can’t stop it. Just like you can’t stop pee. Simple as can be. Listen, you know, this is not, this is not like I’ve got my, my, my references.

I’ve just lived it and I now know it. And I know how the science makes so much sense. Oh, and the fifth cause of all disease, by the way, is excessive exercise. No animal in the universe eats food and says, let me go burn off my calories and my fat. That would be paramount to death. Because you own your fat and if you don’t own it in the famine.

You’re f ed up. Sorry for my language, but we all know what the f word means. And like, you know, Dr. Kiltz, you can’t use the f word. Well, faith and fantastic all day long. I’m going to use it. Faith, fantastic, and forgiveness. And forgiveness! Oh my God! Look it. Heavenly Father and Mother, forgive me for all my faults.

But you gave me life to help humanity as a physician. I now know this, the trick and alcohol is deadly. Why are we going to the market at the end of the day? And there’s the quick stop to get a 12 pack or a six pack when you should be stopping at the gym to build your six pack and stop being fooled that alcohol is good for you.

And marijuana is deadly. Now they got marijuana trucks delivering marijuana to your doorstep. Listen, we have been corralled and dictated and domesticated. And if you want to get out of it, eat fatty meat. And the other thing is that when you eat fat, you must eat fat that reduces inflammation that builds the power of your inflammatory cells in your body to protect the glycobiome.

If you protect the glycobiome, You put at bay the microbiome eating and using probiotics is deadly. Somehow we’ve been fooled once again by the, um, mass manipulators of science to tell you to eat bacteria. Would you put it in your eyes or a wound ever? No effing way. So isn’t that simple? It is simple, you know, and it’s also, I mean, it is, it really, I think the past couple of years have been such an interesting.

Kind of experiment in the human condition where there’s a lot of belief systems that are being upended and critical thinking is starting to, you know, kind of, I think, rise up and really, you know, get us to question narratives And, and what it is about, you know, how we can stay healthy and, and what we can do to really become those lines instead of the very docile sheep, I think that so many of us have become.

Docile sheep, dogs, and cats. Because, but it is simple. You start with, I am healthy. Well, I am wealthy in life. There’s nothing that needs to happen or show up in your life that somehow changes it. You are that already. So that’s where God comes into me in faith, faith first, and the gods are within all of us, within our soul, our heart, and our minds, and it’s a vibration of goodness, the more you listen and learn to me from JC, amazing, amazing, amazing.

He, to me is the master. And behind every good man is a good woman and Mother Mary trumps all to me. That’s the foundation of it all. And so you’re right. There’s a change, but ultimately there’s only one human being responsible for the change and that’s the individual themselves. You know, we, we tend to want to blame everyone else in the universe for our problems.

F that no F and way you are responsible 100 percent for all of your life. You know, we’re learning how to give it up to God and take the power within and the lion and the lioness will show themselves. And again, you don’t have to fight. You just have to foster forgiveness, faith and generosity and kindness in life.

Yeah. And it’s incredible because, you know, I think that, you know, especially, I mean, since I spent my days just like you do with women that are trying to conceive it, it’s, you know, I think it would be awesome for you to share, like, what are some of the things that, you know, women trying to conceive specifically should consider when, when thinking about the carnivore diet, like what impact can it have on hormones and, you know, overall health and goodness like that.

Well, well, I’ve got kilts as keto. This may be backwards, which is the carnivore, you know, kilts is key to carnivore guide and the new, the new one’s coming out and listen, we’re getting rid of all the yickety yack of pretend food done with that. Okay. No more pretending that we’re lions. We are all right.

Be it do it. Right. So, you know, what’s the cause of all disease? It’s a low animal fat, high plant based diet, simple. All right. So by going carnivore, oh my God, you’re going to feel better. You’re going to look better. You’re going to be pregnant faster. And again, it’s like, well, wait a minute. Well, listen, I’ve seen every story where low image PCOS, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, endometriosis, adenomyosis, suddenly while I’m pregnant, Dr.

Keltz, I’m pregnant. Now, again, just look at the stories out there. We’re building our new mighty network, uh, which has more on zoom, but it’s, it’s kilts is mighty, uh, tribe. And really it is. We are globally all coming together. I’m learning from so many, but you will suddenly, you want to get the inflammation down.

Now I’ve got drugs. Um, I’ve got a high dose steroids. I got low of an ox. I got I. V. I. G. I’ve got Humira. I’ve got a toolbox of drugs. But what we’re sharing to do is, well, maybe, maybe we should say, well, again, diets are dead and now we’re basically being fed the natural human nutrition for. A human being and, you know, listen, so many women and men develop their fertility by not doing keto carnivore or whatever it is, but you know, when nothing is working, you need to convert and look at the way I, I call it kilts, his keto carnivore, the guide, which is one meal a day at night, fatty, fatty meats.

The best are the bacon, eggs, butter, beef, and salt. I personally make an ice cream that you can either add the cane sugar or not. It’s up to you and flattered, fed, and effed, right? Because ultimately, look it, there’s nothing about life that isn’t any of this. We’re all doing it for only one reason. I don’t care if you’re an artist, you’re a mechanic, you’re a pilot, you know, you’re, you’re a, you’re a blogger or vlogger, what it is.

It’s to get effed. And because it’s about making babies and babies matter most, I’m sorry. You know, the, the, the culture and civilization that has no babies, they’re dead. And you know, we are now birth control pills are deadly. You know, all this stuff of the IUD and ways of preventing pregnancy has caused terrible havoc in this world.

I’m sorry. And so listen, you don’t have a baby, you don’t have sex. Like, oh my God, but I got to have sex with everyone. I mean, is that really a good idea to have sex with 20 people in a week? I mean, I’m sorry, it’s deadly, but I love sex. We’ll have sex with yourself. I mean, there’s lots of ways to make ourselves happy, which doesn’t require going down the street and constantly saying, well, let me, you know, again, I’m not to be disrespectful to anyone, but you know, if taking a birth control pill and then the abortion pill or getting abortion is healthy for you.

Go at it. But the last I learned, it’s not good for any of us. And so again, no disrespect to anyone’s life that they choose to lead. But ultimately I believe a lot of us have gotten ourselves in trouble. And so, you know, I’m, I sort of took a little road side journey there, but ultimately what is carnivore to give you shit, you’re going to feel amazing.

The clarity, the energy, the vibration. And you know, if you’re looking to get pregnant, it’s going to up your odds. It’s going to make you feel better. And men and women, young and old, once you’re done with feeding from the breast, go to the bone marrow, the bone broth, the fatty meat, that’s the way. And moms, when you’re pregnant, you stay corn or keto one meal a day, and that’s kick ass.

That’s the game changer. I call it the baby’s way. Who doesn’t like bacon, eggs, butter, beef, and kilts as ice cream. I got to try the kilts as ice cream. I’ve seen it on your Instagram. It looks amazing. Life is a treat and a reward from time to time. But if it’s heroin, cocaine, marijuana, Or like a bottle of vodka.

It’s deadly, right? You know, we are the temples of life. You got to put yourself in the temple, not the pyramid temple. And that is the key. And that’s why prayer, meditation, and love and forgiveness and kindness is radical in life. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s so, it’s so interesting because, you know, I see women from all over the world that are, you know, struggling with fertility much like you do.

And you know, my part of the equation is mindset really thinking about how do you bring You know, because you have the physical, you have the mental and they have to work together. And what I love about, you know, what you’re sharing here is you’re bringing the whole package. You’re saying, look, you, you’ve got to, you’ve got to look at this as a whole and really think about flipping tables about what we’ve always been told about, you know, our, our bodies, ourselves, our own personal power.

We don’t have to hand that over to science. And abdicate our power. The collection report was developed by Rockefeller and other very wealthy people in the 1900s, early. They basically wanted control, just like the government and industry took control. They closed down the medical schools for women, for those of color, or those deemed, you know, you probably shouldn’t be in, in, in medical school and, and be doctors.

And ultimately they still control all the science. So ultimately science. We’ve been duped. It’s all snake oil. I’m sorry. I’m a doctor. I’ve read it all. I’ve been, I’ve been, you know, kicked to the curb. I’ve been sued in ways that says I’m don’t know what I’m talking about. And I realized that, you know, I, I thought, well, I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I must be wrong. And every time a doctor says Dr. Kills. The crazy guy and I’ve learned, uh, JC and many other humans in this world have shared crazy ideas. And it’s time that you just, if you’re going to die, die today, tell them the story that you believe in. I honor everyone in medicine and science and all the amazing people in the world that are working to create more masters, mommies and daddies, parents, and working to help create individual masters.

All of us. And rather than the meek and the meek shall inherit the earth is the gift that God gave us that when you eat the meat, you become the master. And when we say meat, it’s fatty meat. We’re fat of wars. You eat the fat, you become healthy and well. If you eat the mush, you get unhealthy and ill, and then you’re going to go to the doctor and say, please fix me, give me a drug, and then you’re addicted to the drug, they’re going to manage you for the rest of your life, and you’re just, you’re, you know, you’re just shit, sorry, and you get addicted to it, and all the drugs and the, you know, the needs go away.

Now, again, you may need them from time to time, but you will need them very little in time. Right. And it’s more of like a, you know, sort of a, a very specialized weapon that you would use for a finite period of time. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s there to help, but not to be a lifestyle. I went to the doctor with a hernia disc and the doctor said, Whoa, good friend of mine.

Actually, the friend died. He died of cancer. Why did he die of cancer? All the reasons that we’re telling and talking about exact same thing. But basically, you know, I’ve gotten the doctor for hernia repair. I had a vasectomy. But I want to get the hernia repaired. I wanted them to the disc bulging and he was a good guy said, you know, let’s just wait.

Well, I suffered for another five years. We’d never do anything, but then when I went carnivore, all the pain went away. You know, I have heard that so many times, like Michaela Peterson, Jordan Peterson, they’ve all talked about. This, you know, shift over to, I think she had arthritis. She had rheumatoid arthritis at a really young age.

She had it all. And if you look at Georgia Ede, she’s a psychiatrist. Look at this is amazing. Remember all the drugs that humans have created, including the medicinal drugs, are both helpful and hurtful. There’s a dose that will kill you and the dose that will kill you. And there might even be a dose that does nothing.

So we have been duped, right? And so ultimately plants contain all the poisons that are killing us. Plus the sugars that the plants contain destroy the glycobiome. Think about agent orange being spread all over the jungle. All right. When you destroy the jungle, you destroy the glycobiome of the planet.

The glycobiome is a sugar protective layer that protects the earth, that protects your body. But you’re not meant to eat it. You’re meant to eat the fatty meat as a lion. But all the diseases go away. It’s really, it’s stupidly simple. To me, the science is simple. And by the way, there’s a glycobiome on your teeth.

You brush your teeth too much, you destroy the glycobiome. But if you’re eating plants all the time, and you’re not eating fatty meat from time to time, you’re going to destroy your teeth. If you look at the Weston Price and Moore, if you look at James Henry Salisbury, Salisbury steak, fatty meat, he fed the people in the Civil War, the, the soldiers, he recognized they were dying of dysentery, not by bullets.

And so he fed them fatty meat and suddenly all their diseases went away. It’s incredible. Well, so let’s say somebody is. willing to try this out? Like what’s it like if somebody is just getting started? How would they do that? First of all, get your book. But like what, you know, what are their, you know, what are some things to be thinking about?

Well, the first thing is immense yourself in those that are sharing the story and go through the blogs of my instagram and look at our facebook and youtube and all of these and look at others. That are doing it because the best way I’ve learned in life is by reading, watching, and listening to the doers of the thing I want to do.

I want to have a baby and healthy. So 30, 25 years ago, I started on the mindful path. I shared mindfulness and prayer and acupuncture, meditation, yoga. In my fertility practice, I created CNY Healing Arts, and then a bunch of my patients were getting pregnant on this thing called paleo, and then I read about paleo and keto, and then I fell into carnivore personally.

And so, by reading, listening, and watching those who are doing it, to me it’s infinitesimally simple. If you’re a lion, why would you eat? Like a sheep. So how long does it take? Well, simply go to go to your home, get a trash can, throw away everything that’s from the plant world. And either online order it, go to the market and it doesn’t matter what market you’re at by fatty meat, by butter, by cream, by eggs, by bacon.

There’s no such thing as turkey bacon, it’s deadly, all right? Turkey bacon has no fat and it’s made up. If it doesn’t look like it came either from the cow or the pig quickly and, you know, You don’t touch it. And so for me, I do my one meal, one snack. Maybe it’s always a little bit of cheese. I eat very little cheese.

I mostly go right to the fatty meat. And if I may, and it’s always a ribeye personally, but you can buy burger, you can buy meat and then grind it in. I say it should be at least 50 percent fat and 50 percent red stuff, right? That’s the way, but you got to eat the fat. Cause the fat is the medicinal thing.

Oh, wait a minute. Dr. Kielce. They say, fat’s going to give me a high cholesterol. Okay. High cholesterol is not the cause of any disease. It’s a made up disease. Which ultimately gets a drug sold, which then creates diabetes and never in many other drugs. You know, when you look at these studies and Dr. David Diamond, I think his name is, has some really great stuff on, on cholesterol, but ultimately everyone’s arguing over some scientific data.

Well, it might be good for this group and not this group. And the studies are like, we’re going to have, we need more studies. The last I looked, do you need another study to teach a lion to eat like a lion? No way. So, but it’s the mindset that is so critical. That’s why I watch and I listen and learn. And people, you know, they blog me, ask me questions.

I love to talk about this. You know, I talk about faith, fatty, fertile foods and fitness. You know, I do a little bit of resistance stuff, lightweights, maybe some X band stuff. But, you know, mostly I work on this thing every day. That’s the most expensive real estate there is. Oh my God. Like, you know, you know, like you had a stroke, you’re effed.

Right. Right. You know, my brother just went blind in one eye and everyone’s like, gee, we don’t know why. Well, it’s because my brother wasn’t the carnivore. And the fat of war is really what we are. So kilts of war is the fat of war carnivore baits. Why eat tenderloin and chicken and fish? There’s no fat in those things.

And if you’re, you’re, if you’re skinny in a famine, you’re, you’re fertilizer. Yeah. Well, and think about, you know, think about this. I mean, I, I love it because You at 66 are fit as fuck. Like it is, this is like hashtag Dr. Kilt’s goals. Like, I mean, that is it. You’re, you’re showing the efficacy of this by doing what you say that, you know, what you’re preaching here, you’re walking the talk and you show it.

This is, it’s look at, I’m inspired by so many people out there. Michaela Jordan Peterson. By Sean Baker and Ken Berry and Bella and and Roseanne Austin, you know, we need to be inspired by others that do the thing that we want to do. And again, my sister Marie Anne had diabetes since age four. What caused it grass and grain and no animal fat diet, in my opinion.

And then my good friend, Dave died of cancer, six to 52, but healthy guy, he looked fit and by the way, exercise is not necessary in life, you got to move. You got to create, you got to do the things you love to do. I do pottery, painting, poetry, music, and I listen, I’m bad at it, bad ass at it. Listen, you know, what I’ve learned in life is that if you’re not good at something, do it, fail, fail, fail.

I’m a failure. I fly jets. I fly airplanes. I even know how to drive a car and ride a bike. Whoa. I mean, how many humans in the universe know how to drive a car and ride a bike? Ever. Not many. Right. You know, but what you’re exuding is this zest for life. And you know, and I tell women all the time, I said, vitamin J, vitamin joy matters on this journey.

Like the more excited, high vibrational you can be, the easier it is for your baby to find you. You know, look, that’s the part that I’ve learned more than anything. I don’t care what you eat. You can eat a pure vegan, vegetarian, plant based meal, and you can still be healthy and well. So, so, I’m not trying to say, hey everyone, come to the carnivore side.

Listen, come to the joy of life side first, right? And if you still have a problem, like you might be interested in this little secret. The secret is simple. The gods are us. And within us is the God energy. And when I read the three magic words by us, Anderson, if you go to kilts, his keto guide, you’ll see all my books are dr kilts.

com. They’re there. And I’m learning. I’m reading Robin Sharma right now, the 5m club. So I created the kilts is 5m tribe, which it’s just a kilts is mighty tribe. I, it’s my art and my joy and my fun. And in life, you want to have joy and be the artist and have shit ass fun. But when we’re living our life with, Oh my God, so many hardships and challenges in life is unfair.

Well, you’re going to live that and I’m sure none of us want to live that because I’ve been there. Listen, I’ve been divorced. My daughter barely talks to me. Not really. My girlfriend yells at me all the time. Oh, she loves me. I, what I’m saying is look at my parents have no troubles because they’re dead. I talked to them infinitely.

My mom says, Rob, it’s okay. My sister says, Hey, Rob, it’s like, you’re awesome. Amazing. And God is good. Listen, dead people have no troubles and troubles of the treasures that God has given all of us. It doesn’t matter what religion or non religion you are. It’s all a gift. And when you live that first, whether you’re a carnivore, pescatarian, a Mediterranean, a vegetarian or vegan, it doesn’t matter joy in life.

One meal a day. Add the fat and, um, make a shitload of mistakes in life. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, failure is amazing. Like, I love, I love trying new shit because it means you’re growing. You’re not stagnating. And if you’re not falling on your face, you’re not living big enough. Right? I always encourage my ladies.

I’m like, fuck shit up. I live on my knees. I live on my knees. Meaning that, first of all, I pray to God with gratitude. And I fall on my knees all the time. And there is where the growth happens. Cause if you haven’t been pushed to the curb and really, you know, ground in life in some way, uh, then you don’t have the energy that pushes, why we say pain pushes until the light poles.

And I even did, I even did a, a youtube video once a long time ago on, on pain pushes until the light pulls. And what I learned is that God is within all of us and, and you know, Jesus Christ on the cross is telling the guy next to him, like, you know, it’s okay, faith in God and love and come on, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re going to have it.

And then, and then they went to the cave to find Jesus. And he wasn’t there because he’s got her back. They turned around and there he was, he’s got her back. And sometimes when I’m, when I’m running or walking or anything, I put, I put the cross right in the back and because he’s got my back. And, and when you live that again, We focus on the studies.

Well, the studies say this and you know, but there’s controversy in that one. And you know, we’re trying to answer the why’s right. Well, why did so and so get cancer? So I fly airplanes and I’m always listening and, and watching the, the post accident breakdown and the NTSB. And there are many people that I listened to and watch on this, uh, Blanco Lirio and, and, um, a couple other people.

And I love watching this stuff. They’re analyzing. Why planes crash and humans die. But what we’re not doing in modern medicine is analyzing why, because the paradigm is, wait a minute, plants are good. So you couldn’t have died from plants. Cause those are good. You must’ve died for meat. Well, last I looked for all the people that die of cancer also ate plants.

So to me, You can never say it’s meat because plants are always eaten too. It’s like your smoker and it used heroin, cocaine, you know, those are probably, you know, big factors plants. Oh no, no, they’re good. Well, remember the pyramid, the Pharaohs, the president, the Pope, the priest, and, um, the professors and the, Oh, the physicians, you know, these ideas that kilts has are wrong and so many other people, and I simply am learning from people like you.

And I just get online. I listen to shit. I’m like, Whoa, this is amazing. This is good. And the more I do it, the more I’m like, wow, simply it’s, it’s, you know, Occam’s razor says the simple answer is the one. And I’m looking for simplicity. And the more people I share this with and teach and motivate and be the cheerleader, um, you want your doctor to be a cheerleader and a coach, not a like.

Oh my God. Let’s see. Oh, let me, you know, we got a list of diseases that you have. You come in, you’re just a list of diseases. I mean, do you want that fucking doctor for your, you know, like coaching cheerleader? I mean, you know, look at, you know, Vince Lombardi went out on the field to tell us guys, you are, you’re all lousy.

You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re a bunch of pansies. You know, he said, come on pansies. And you idiots, you are awesome. Amazing. Get out there and do something. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. Dr. Kiltz. I mean, I love that. Basically the call to action for you is reminding us that we are lions, not sheep. And for women to take responsibility for their fertility and go ask questions, go up in the apple cart.

Don’t be afraid. You know, you have this, I always tell women, I’m like, you have this desire in your heart to be a mom because it’s there because it was meant for you. That God speaks through us. And this desire is meant to be fulfilled. So go after it like your fucking hair is on fire, right? Don’t let anyone tell you no.

Well, so ladies lead and men meander . Ladies lead and men meander. We know, you know men Always After the Sexy Babe, right? And sexy is all in the eyes of the beholder. By the way, all size, shape, age, weights, gender, I don’t care. Own your sexiness. Okay. We should stop labeling obesity, BMI, or anything. Get rid of next to hypertension, the body, the diabetes and everything.

Remember every disease is simply due to the poison you put in and the plants, your disease, everyone remember. We’ve been taught to label you based on your disease. Oh, you’re the, you’re the obese person. You’re the hypertensive. You’re the diabetic. You’re the, the cancer. You’re this and that enough of that.

You know, it’s kind of like an alcoholic. Well, you’re not called because you drink alcohol. Guess what? You don’t drink alcohol. You’re no longer an alcoholic. And remember, we even in medicine are labeling people. Oh, you’re addicted to food and you’re an alcoholic and oh, you have these diseases for life.

Stop it. Why are we brainwashed to be the negative when we’re beautiful and perfect? Correct. Money makes the world go round. Uh, mommies do. Yeah. Mommies are the magic of the universe. And you know, on father’s day, no fathers exist without mothers. Mother’s Trump. Ladies lead men meander. I am sorry. We’re a bunch of meatheads and dickheads and I say it in a way.

Ladies, what does your man need? What’s simple? Right? Flatter him, feed him and fuck him. And I’m sorry. This was, this was Julia Child said this one. Exactly. I remember. By the way, Julia Child was infertile. Because ultimately, we are now leading with the lions to call all sheep, actually, they’re not sheep, they’re lions that have been dressed in sheep skin, shed the sheep skin, right?

Jesus Christ was the lion king. He wasn’t a shepherd, but in his shepherdness, when you have a lion king leading the sheep, that’s what you want, but all the sheep become the lions. Because ultimately that’s what we are. And listen, of the top predators, the most prestigious is the regal lion. And all civilizations have basically led the masses because they fed them mush.

Wow. And it’s really simple. Yeah. Thank you for that. Dr. Kiltz, because I think that, you know, so much can be taken from this conversation about. Nutrition about mindset about leadership about license and agency in your own life and you know, respecting the body temple, not the pyramid. I mean, there’s so much that’s quotable from this.

I thank you so much, Dr. Kilt. So give us the rundown. How can women, men and everyone interested find you? I know you’re on Instagram, YouTube and your books are on Amazon. Yes. So I try to hide. So I came down to Sarasota for my five day retreat. I come down here to retreat. I get on my bike. I go to the, I do my, my, my weight.

I meet some new people. I go for walk or light run. Very little. I don’t run very much. I bike ride. I get in my painting and pottery studio, uh, but ultimately this is the place. So, you know, the master of health and wellness is, is, uh, social media and, and that’s it. Just Google Dr. Kiltz, Crazy Kiltz. Hey, you, um, you could look at Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, uh, drkiltz.

com, uh, join Kiltz’s mighty tribe, which is kind of our new way. And again, I can, I can, I’m just sharing what I’ve learned from so many. Before me and our, our legacy of life is to share, pass it on and remember moms eat the fatty meat, eggs, bacon, butter, cream, your child in utero will understand that it’s a lion, not a pig, cow, and a sheep.

All the diseases of pregnancy will I think be reduced significantly. And when your baby’s born breastfeed, listen, and when you eat this way, You’ll reduce the damage to the glycobiome. You’ll make the most amazing, fattiest, fattiest milk ever. It’s got the sugars your baby needs in utero, uh, and breastfeeding for one, two or three years, whatever it is.

And so, you know, we have books on Amazon. Uh, we’re doing, uh, many, many more things. And please invite me. I’ll invite you. We all need to be invited. To the table at, to the feast we’re doing meetups. I’m going to, um, a meetup in the Northeast, uh, July 16th. What the carnivore doctor and Kelly Hogan, uh, Lisa Wiedemann.

But I, you know, like this is a tribe, but the root of the tribe starts with one yourself. And that is so critical in life and all of us feel like, Oh, I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what I’m doing. And you know, I’m learning every day. Uh, but this is the game changer. And I so appreciate you, uh, Roseanne Austin for sharing what you’re doing.

And, uh, God bless you and everyone out there, a blessing look in the mirror and see the goddess and the God within. And when you look at, um, uh, kilts is a crazy, uh, keto carnivore way. You’d be like, doesn’t make sense. You do it. You don’t fucking feel amazing. I know, I know. And, you know, thank you so much, Dr.

Kilds. I admire so much about your courage, your humility, your humanity, and your willingness to go out and teach and, and make mistakes and basically give all the haters the finger because, you know, you’re doing your thing. But, but I want to tell you though, in, in that I don’t, I don’t want to, we respect everyone.

And, and, you know, I, I think we’re inviting everyone to the table for the conversation. That’s really critical in life. And you know that, and I know that. And so in essence, I’m willing to step up to the table and I’m willing, you know, we have three apps in life. We have, uh, uh, flea. We have a we have fight and we have freeze.

And what we’re doing is is we’re learning to stand still first. We all have fear. All of us. I’m fearful of this conversation. But Jesus Christ, God’s within all say stand still know that God is within all of us. And, um, you will be protected. And the protection is we’re teaching even those that are, we’re fighting.

And when we foster love to everyone, that’s really the key to life. So always, always. Well, thank you, Dr. Kills go have an amazing day in Sarasota. I get some wonderful vitamin D and sending you and your so much love. My loves, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Don’t you just want to shrink Dr.

Kiltz down into this tiny little doll and carry him around in your pocket? I just love this man, and I really hope that you took something for yourself of value that’s really going to inspire you. To start upending some of the old conventions and really challenging yourself. I mean, so much of feeling empowered on this journey is about looking at things in a different way, being willing to challenge convention, being, you know, picking and choosing the pieces that feel correct to you and feel resonant with your soul and then running with it.

And look, you can’t make mistakes here. There’s simply more information. So when you approach this subject with loads of love and open mind and a big heart, I think that you’re going to give yourself some permission to explore more, to experiment more, and to really give yourself a chance to succeed. And you got to remember my loves, The most valuable real estate that you have on this journey and, and frankly, in any aspect of your life is that between your ears, mind and body work together, challenge yourself to do better for your body and challenge yourself to do better for your mind.

Definitely check out Dr. Kiltz’s work. He’s amazing. Follow him on Instagram. Check out his books on Amazon. Check out CNY. And if you want to learn what I’ve taught women all over the world about the mindset piece of the fertility puzzle, my fearlessly fertile method program is for women who intend to get pregnant in the next 12 months and say, hell yes, to covering their bases, mind and body.

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Their results speak for themselves. If you don’t have a mindset for success on this journey, baby, you got a gaping hole in your strategy. Let’s fix that shit and set you up for success. Till next time, change your mindset. Change your results. Love this episode of the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast? Subscribe now and leave an awesome review.

Remember, the desire in your heart to be a mom is there because it was meant for you. When it comes to your dreams, keep saying hell yes.

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