EP176 Be Better: What That Actually Means AND How To Get Started

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If you are 100% honest with yourself, are you truly showing up as your BEST self on this journey? This question isn’t about shame or perfection. It’s about being better—for yourself, this baby, and your relationship. If you are serious about success on this journey, turn this one UP.

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Hey Gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, fertility mindset master, former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43. Despite years of fertility treatment failure. I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey. Just like I did get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine, badassery, and loads of hell. Yes.

For your fertility journey. It’s time to get fearless, baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the fearlessly fertile podcast, episode 176 be better what that actually means. and how to get started. Ladies, listen to my mom. Be better every day. Love, Asher. Oh, I gotta tell you ladies, I love it when my little boy shows up on the podcast and he left just in time because what his mama is going to be raining down in this episode, whoo!

It is not for the faint of heart. And I’m super excited for this episode and I’m just gonna warn you in advance, okay? Zero judgment. If you are not in a place where you are open and willing to take an honest look at yourself, Not willing to take full responsibility for where you are headed on this journey and are not 100 percent committed all in to success.

Skip this episode. You won’t want to have any part of it. Just turn it off. Go listen to something else. Come back next week if you feel like it. Because I’m going hard this week. I am focused in On the women that are actually going to use the last five months of this year to their advantage, the women who have made a fucking decision to be successful.

And here’s why. Minutes before recording this, miracle mama number 46 sent me her p stick showing a positive test. Here’s what you need to know about her. It was her first positive test after eight fucking years of trying, and she got this result exactly one week to the day after completing her 30 days in my Fearlessly Fertile daily program.

Now, that’s just the first woman a week out of the program to report a pregnancy. There’s no doubt in my mind they are going to be pouring in. You see, this is the kind of shit that happens when you’re willing to acknowledge the gaps in your strategy. See that you are part of the problem, and therefore part of the solution and take full responsibility for the change.

This is all good shit, but you have to be ready for it. My team and I looked at this woman’s record because, you know, when somebody sends me something like this, I’m going to take a look, I’m like, wow, eight years? You do this program and look at your results? You know, she had been following me for a while, and she took the leap to be in the Fearlessly Fertile Daily program.

And exactly 37 days from the start of the fuckin program, she’s pregnant after 8 years, having had zero positive results. That’s saying something. So, can you see why I’m not exactly in a place that I’m, like, willing to fuck around? It’s for women like that, that I do this work. Women who are willing to say and have the humility and say, Look, something needs to fucking change.

And I’m willing to take responsibility for getting there. I am so committed to being a mom, that I’m willing to get out of my comfort zone to take a leap to be better. Okay? Because look, I believe that every woman who wants results like this, Is willing to do the work, invest in herself and her dream can absolutely get there.

But if you’re looking for a free ride and not be, and, and not doing any work, I dunno what to tell you. But here’s the thing. Success on this journey isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for fucking mama bearers. This shit here is how fast things can happen when you step into your power. It’s 37 days. Okay.

Started the program on June 1st. Boom! 37 days later, here’s where she’s at. First positive pregnancy test in 8 years. This is what happens when you make a decision to be better. So let’s talk about what I mean when I say better. Straight up, being better is not about being perfect. Look at the language I’m using.

If I meant be perfect, then I would fucking say that being better is just that be better than you were a year ago, be better than you were yesterday, be better than you were 15 minutes ago, one minute ago, be better, improve. Constantly. It means taking an honest look at where you’re at and ask yourself, where can I be better?

This isn’t about being better than anyone else, competing with the next person. It doesn’t mean any of that shit. It is simply where can I be better? Better. Being better is all about being better in your own lane. Asking that question alone will put you head and shoulders above the masses of people who are super quick to blame others and point out the blind spot of others instead of looking at themselves.

This is why so many people talk a massive game, but fall short of the goal. They’re not looking at where it actually matters to look at themselves. Now, does this mean you beat yourself up? Fuck no! It means that you love yourself and your dream enough To see where you are being your own worst enemy, because 9.

95 times out of 10, the enemy is not outside of us. The challenge is not outside of us. It is us. Be better. For example, take a look around at how you’re operating right now. Just look around your life. Look specifically at this journey. Are you keeping your word? Are you taking responsibility for making decisions like a grown woman?

Do you know how to make an empowered decision or are you fucking spinning, gaffing people off, making excuses and telling lies instead of saying a simple yes or no? Are you leaving the decision making to your partner, then blaming them for where you are? Are you letting people at work push you around and then bitch about the same old shit every week?

Are there boundaries in your family that need to be set, but you aren’t setting them? Are you still on social media or in online groups scouring message boards for hope, only feeling like shit every time you do that because the vibe is so low you could fucking barf? I mean, think about that. All of that shit is, is people looking for solutions, but are not willing to pay for them or get real expertise.

They’re looking to others, scared and confused people for answers. Think about that. Think about what that breeds. Have you told yourself that you’d get help, but you aren’t? How many times have you told yourself you’d do something about your mindset but aren’t? Or you slack and then wonder why you don’t believe your baby is coming.

Seriously, do you see solutions being offered to you, but you’re not taking them because you’re too busy feeling sorry for yourself? Now, let me say something about that. It’s one thing to be in pain, disappointed, or afraid. That shit’s valid. Feeling sorry for yourself? That’s totally fucking different.

It’s icky, disempowered bullshit. Snap out of it. When you’re serious about success on this journey, you can be totally disappointed, angry, frustrated, sad, and all of that shit. But sorry for yourself? That is a recipe for disaster. It is a blasphemy to the power that brought your ass here and is self sabotage.

Just a pro tip. Now, when you are looking to be better, it starts with truth. Telling yourself the fucking truth. From a place of love. No self flagellation or beating yourself up. Just tell the fuckin truth, and you know exactly where you could be better. You know when you are lying. You know when you are making excuses.

You know exactly where you are falling short. Every woman you have heard on this podcast, these fucking amazing stories of triumph. Every single one of the women you have heard all had the heart and the humility to do exactly that. Ask themselves where they could be better. They all had a come to Jesus moment about where they were and made a decision to do something about it.

It didn’t matter how accomplished they are, how many degrees they had. They loved themselves and their babies. And their babies, before these beautiful babies were even born, they love them enough to be better. That is where you start. I’ve told you what I mean when I say, be better. And where to start. Now, the ball is in your court to do something about it.

And look, I’m not riding your ass about this, because I think I’m perfect. Not at all. I found myself asking the same fucking question! When I found myself hitting little roadblocks while finishing the first draft of my new book. I mean, and, and I’ve been to all of those dark places having lived this journey for fuckin seven years before my boy was born.

Okay? So, I’ve been there, I’ve made the excuses, I was full of shit, all of that stuff. That’s why I can speak directly to this. Okay, and then, like I was saying recently, like, I found myself hitting roadblocks on, on the first draft of my new book. I knew exactly where I was getting lazy, tired, and unmotivated.

So what did I do? Exactly what I’m teaching you to do now. I asked myself, okay, look, alright, Roseanne, snap the fuck out of it. Where can I be better? From a place of love. Then you know what I did next? I got off my ass and did something. It’s simple cause and effect. I’m not saying this shit’s easy. It’s hard as fuck.

It’ll be probably some of the hardest work that you will do. But I can also tell you, I mean, you heard the voice of my little boy at the beginning of this podcast episode. It’s totally fucking worth it, sister. And I don’t ask my ladies to do anything that I’m not willing to do myself. Which is why I know when I’m sharing, fucking works.

The result speaks for itself. Think about it. As our number stands now, with a number of pregnancies being reported to me and my team, We have one woman getting pregnant in my coaching practice every 4. 08 days. And those are just the pregnancies we know of, where someone actually tells us. Some women never reach back out to tell me until after their babies are born because they’re too busy getting on with their lives.

And frankly, you know what? I’m so happy for them. I don’t mind. Because ultimately, the work they do on this journey is for them and their dream. It’s not about me. Can you see why I’m so fucking fired up? Be better. Make the decision you will be better. Ask yourself where you can be better. Tell the fucking truth.

Own where you are fucking up without beating yourself up. Just make a decision to be better. Make a list of where you can be better. Don’t do it in your head. Because it’ll just be filed away with all the other shit you’d promised yourself and then forgot about, okay? Set yourself up for success, write that shit down, then take action.

Love, you made a commitment to yourself in one form or another that the rest of this year will be different. Like it or not, we’re well past the halfway mark of this year. You have to ask, will you be saying at the end of the year, fuck yeah, I gave it my all, or will you be drowning your sorrows with regret on December 31st in some non dairy eggnog because you know in your heart of hearts you didn’t do better.

You were given the opportunity to do better and you just fucking didn’t. No judgment, but I’m trying to help your ass right now by putting this very serious reality in front of you. Because even if you don’t necessarily get your positive result by the end of the year, you do know the difference between, hey, I gave it my fucking all and I can feel really proud of myself, or you’re going to be thinking to yourself about what could have been because you didn’t take the chances, you didn’t take the opportunity, you didn’t really go for it.

And, and that kind of regret is fucking soul searing. So even if some of this is triggering you, Hey, I’m trying to help you, girl. I’m trying to help you. I’m trying to help you get in front of this because I want every woman who is truly serious about being a mom, whether her positive test comes before the end of the year or well after that’s irrelevant, that’s in the hands of God, universe source, but we all are accountable to ourselves.

We all know at the end of the day, when we are fucking lying to ourselves. Or when we can say, honestly, with so much love in our heart. Hey, yeah, not everything worked out exactly as I had hoped, but I know that I gave it my all. There is peace and trust that comes from that. And when you have peace in your heart and you know, you can trust yourself, you will figure this journey out and you will fucking succeed.

So pick a side, be the woman. Who is going to go the extra mile, put in the extra hour, send another email, say a bigger, yes, take the leap, be someone that you can trust, be better. And if for you being better means not letting fear, negativity and doubt sabotage your chances. My Fearlessly Fertile Method program is for women who intend to get pregnant in the next 12 months, like so many of my ladies do, and say hell yes to covering their bases, mind, and body.

So you don’t have to look back on this time in your life with regret. Regret’s what we were just talking about. It fucking sucks. I work with women who are committed to success. To apply for your interview for this program, go to my website, www.FromMaybeToBaby.com, and apply for an interview there. My methodology has helped women around the world make their mom dreams come true.

Their results speak for themselves. If you don’t have a mindset for success on this journey, baby, you got to keep it on your strategy. Let’s fix that shit and set you up for success. And you know what? I’m just going to take another second to say a massive, well done, mad respect to every single woman that has come through my program thus far over the years.

Because when we talk about being better, You ladies, you ladies that took the leap, you ladies that were unwilling to stay in a place of mediocrity. You want it better for yourselves, better for your babies and better for your families. You are why I do this work. Thank you for blessing me with the honor.

Of being by your side and to the women that will be joining me in the future for so many years to come Let’s go get your babies Till next time change your mindset change your results Love this episode of the fearlessly fertile podcast subscribe now and leave an awesome review Remember the desire in your heart to be a mom is there because it was meant for you when it comes to your dreams Keep saying hell.


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