EP194 The Fertility Success Code In A Simple Story: Thanks Asher!

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With a mere 48 days left in 2022, how does a woman committed to success on this journey stay out of the holiday blues and end of the year brain-drain? Find the answer in a simple story I will share about my miracle boy, Asher. If this doesn’t get those ovaries pumping and your spirits […]

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Hey Gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, fertility mindset master, former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43. Despite years of fertility treatment failure, I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey just like I did. Get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine badassery, and loads of hell Yes.

For your fertility journey. It’s time to get fearless, baby fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, episode 194. The fertility success code in a simple story. Thank you, Asher. Hey loves. I am so excited to be here with you this week. Do you realize that by the time you are listening to this, there will be just 48 days left in the year.

48, 48, 48. Eight, and this time of year, we become acutely aware of how quickly time passes, not only in our lives, but on this journey. And what’s also interesting is by the time you get this episode, I will be leading a group of women from around the world through my four day challenge, guarantee your fertility success in 90 days or less.

And I got to tell you, I am so fricking excited for this challenge because it’s been on my heart for some time to do something even bolder, even bigger. To help propel women toward the fertility success that they desire. And I intend to make 2023 a banner year, and it all starts with that challenge. So if you aren’t already registered for the challenge, you’d be smart as fuck to get your ass in it so you can at least catch a smidge of it.

And look, I’m not just going to be teaching, you’re actually going to be hearing from some of my Miracle Mamas that you’ve never heard from before. As well as some of my OGs. So you’re going to be fucking nuts if you miss this, so don’t make that mistake, get yourself registered if you haven’t done so already and make sure you show up fucking live.

We’re going to be doing Q and A, it’s going to be absolutely on fire and yeah, so just get her done. Now I’m sharing all of this with you because I want to help you focus your attention on something incredibly important. It’s what I call the fertility success code over the past eight years that I’ve spent coaching women to fertility success I have seen some shit.

I have observed what makes women successful on this journey regardless of their age past Diagnosis how many times they’ve failed what the statistics say and a host of other challenges Is this a recipe? No, come on, if the divine were so lacking in complexity that all you needed was a recipe, well, not one of us would suffer, and we’d also have to ask why we’d need to have any faith at all, because it’s just as simple as a recipe, right?

That’s ridiculous. But rather than being a recipe, I see it as more of a set of indicators that, when present, show me, Oh yeah, she’s gonna do it. I may not know exactly how, nor is it my job to know exactly how she’s doing it, because that’s Gus’s arena, and if you don’t know who Gus is, God Universe Source, I know she’s gonna do it.

And, and here’s why, because as a keen observer from both my years in the courtroom and almost as many years in helping women get pregnant, I can tell you that there are real indicators. And at some point, I’m going to write all of this down. I know yet another book, Roseanne, and I know that my third book isn’t even out for wide release yet.

And I’m already talking about another book. But here’s the deal. I will write this shit out at some point. And there’s so much nuance that to try to explain it fully here or in what I intended to be a short episode would be insane and only create more confusion. That’s not what I want for you. So suffice it to say that we’re going to zero in on one aspect of the fertility success code that my beloved baby boy, well, he’s not such a baby anymore, but you get what I’m saying.

Asher gave me the inspiration for so, so to, to bring all of this into some semblance of order, I’m going to share a super quick story so you can see what I’m getting at. So, this morning when I went upstairs to his room to get him ready for school, uh, get him dressed and all that good stuff, when I walked in and woke him up, the first thing out of his mouth was, Mom, will you have a slumber party with me?

Like, the first thing out of my little boy’s mouth was an invitation to have a slumber party with him. Tonight, and I thought to myself, holy shit, this is exactly one of the moments I prayed for one of those tender, sweet moments that are so pure and so like make your heart want to explode because they’re so sweet and loving and just.

Oozing with all of that mommy goodness that I stopped and I really thought not well, number one, not only is this one of the best invitations I’ve gotten in a long time, but two, this is one of the moments. This is why I kept going for so long on my journey. This is why I doubled down on believing in myself to have a moment like this where my little boy invited me to have a slumber party with him and his stuffed animals.

Okay. So that’s the first part of this, but it actually gets better because after Asher gave me that invitation, and of course, I said, hell yes, sweet boy, I, of course, I’m going to have a slumber party with you tonight, you know, I was all in, I’m all in as his mama, um, when he was dressed and we were getting ready to go downstairs and have breakfast.

I watched him out of the corner of my eye, before we left the room, stop and kiss every single one of his stuffed animals on his bed, gently, and then tuck them into his bed and tell them I’ll see you guys later this afternoon. And, and I was like, are you freaking kidding me? My little boy was so gently kissing every single one of his stuffed animals goodbye, and reassuring them that he was going to be back in the afternoon.

Like, I, I don’t know, I don’t know how I held my shit together. Like, that on top of getting the sweetest little invitation I think I’ve ever gotten. Like, ladies, you’ve got to understand, these are the moments. Okay, every single woman that I have seen beat the odds in the way that I described earlier knew why she wanted to be a mom.

It was for these moments, the slumber party invitation, seeing them do something super cute and super sweet like kissing all of their stuffed animals goodbye and tucking them in. That. Is why we are on this journey and frankly every woman that I have watched beat the odds knew why she wanted to be a mom.

She was more committed to that why than her excuses. Her fear, money stories, disempowerment, blame, victimhood, jealousy, struggles with worthiness, fear of abandonment, and every other possible fucking hang up you could think of. She was keenly dialed into her why. She was so committed to her why and wanted that experience bad enough that she was going to plow through anything that got in her way.

She was so grossed out by her own excuses that she abandoned all of them. The emotion that the image of precious moments with her baby elicited in her was stronger than her addiction to the old stories. You see, every woman that beats the odds on this journey gets to a point where the primary driver is no longer her fear, but her desire to see the scenes In her heart, play out in her life.

Do you get that? Do you get that? Because I am sure that in your own way, you have daydreamed about having those moments. You know, maybe it’s not being invited to a slumber party or, you know, seeing your, your kid gently kiss their stuffed animals goodbye. Maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s the first time they call you mom.

Or maybe it’s the first time You know, you drop them off at school, like whatever it is for you, your desire to have that scene from your heart play out in your life, that has to be bigger than your fear. Do you get that? I mean, do you really get that? This is decidedly different than worrying about your biological clock ticking.

It’s the why. Carefully supported by the trust in self that comes from following through and doing what it takes. Do you see that? Because I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that women I see beating the odds becomes, they just all become masters of the follow through. Their word is their bond.

Their integrity to themselves becomes even stronger than their integrity to others. Ah! There’s so much here. Do you see why sometimes the best way to explain what makes women successful on this journey, which you know, the kind of the shorthand that I give that is the fertility success code, is by sharing stories.

And I hope that you take what I shared about Asher truly to heart and think about all of the things you daydream about. Think about all of the things that you want to feel with this child. When you do that, and when you come from that place, and you let that Desire, that visceral feeling, that visceral why, drive you, the kinds of things, the quality of your decisions, the people you surround yourself, the help that you get, and how on fire you are to making the dream a reality, those are all impacted.

Let this sink in, love. You’ve heard me talk about your why before. This is visceral, and as you prepare for the holidays in the coming weeks and plan to perhaps see family and friends that you haven’t seen in some time, you’ve got to ask yourself, amidst the minefield of questions and possible awkwardness, will you meet them as the woman who knows her visceral Why?

Or will you be the woman who’s just in the same place she was last year? Nothing’s changed, except she’s quietly suffering a little more after another year of struggle. Okay? And if you haven’t listened to my three part series on the baby making breakthrough that we put out a few weeks back, maybe that’s, that will be a good refresher for you to take what I’m sharing here.

Take it up a notch. And, and listen to these two things side by side. In that three part series, I break down the decision I made and where the decision I made took me exactly one year later, from October to October. The single decision that I made took me from basically six prior years of suffering into the year that changed everything.

And this is why I hammer on this, particularly this time of year, because you get to decide not only how you use the next 48 days of this year, but what you tee yourself up for on the morning of January 1st, 2023. Because if you want a plan in place, if you want the structure in place to get you to success.

You can’t be scrambling to figure that shit out on January 1st. Now, of course, using January 1st as a starting point is, I guess, arbitrary, right? You could start any time, but look, at the beginning of a year, you have that entire year ahead of you. Okay, it’s like, yeah, you could start any time, but why not start at the beginning of a year so that at the very end of it, you could look back on it with zero fucking regret?

What? And let’s be honest, ladies, it’s a hell of a lot simpler to start the year off right than try to play catch up in fucking April, okay? This is, I mean, this goes back to the old adage, too, that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You do not want to find yourself trying to unfuck your fertility journey in June when you could have used that first whole half of the year in a much smarter and more strategic way.

Eh, you know, mama’s gonna give it to you straight. Now, how you use the next 48 days, what you commit to, what you line up with, the things you say hell yes to, they are literally setting the stage for what your 2023 will be like. In fact, this time is so critical. That going along with what I had shared with you earlier, we’re going to be opening up enrollment in my Fearlessly Fertile Full Throttle program.

This is specifically designed to take the guesswork out of planning for the coming year. It’s basically done for you. You want to make a 2023 your year, you show up, okay? You get yourself in this. Because this is your chance to spend the first 90 days of 2023 with me. So that you too, like so many of my ladies that came before you, create your own guarantee for mama making success.

Because You can do that, you know, and I don’t care what anyone says. My ladies and I are living proof and look, we’re no different than you. We might be actually a teeny tiny bit more fucked up with than you. And I say that with love, right? Cause we all have to start somewhere, right? So if you feel called, join us, your invitation is going to be coming soon.

Enrollment ends November 30th and just think about. What it will be like to wake up on January 1st, as I was saying, knowing that you have a plan for success already in place. Like I said, basically done for you, you show up, you do the work, you, you position yourself for something truly incredible. And I’ll be sharing the fertility success code throughout that program, because we’re actually going to have the time and space to do so.

And I have to tell you. There was a woman who DM’d us this week sharing that after nine years of trying to conceive, five IVFs, and double digit transfers, she finally got her positive pregnancy test after doing what I teach. It’s fucking insane. And you have to understand, it wasn’t me that did that. It was her.

She took the lessons that I taught and she fucking followed through and applied and was consistent. She became the woman that succeeded and she cracked the fertility success code and you got to check out my insta highlight reels You can read that shit for yourself Okay So in any event loves think about what my sweet miracle boy Asher showed us through his actions You know and his actions at the time He had no idea that inviting me to a slumber party and kissing his stuffed animals would have any impact on you It was just being himself.

You can’t fake that kind of purity. And that goodness is out there for you. It’s there for you, Mama. Time to check your small stories. You gotta love and focus in on your visceral, heart based why. It’s there for you, but you gotta be the woman who’s willing to get there, cause this shit doesn’t come for free, but it will be the best investment you ever make.

My Fearlessly Fertile Method programs are for women who intend to get pregnant in the next 12 months and say hell yes to covering their bases, mind and body. So you don’t have to look back on this time in your life with regret. I work with women who are committed to success. To apply for your interview for my programs, go to my website, www.FromMaybeToBaby.com and apply for an interview there. My methodologies help women around the world make their mom dreams come true. Their results speak for themselves. If you don’t have a mindset for success on this journey, baby, you got a gaping hole in your strategy. Let’s fix that shit and set you up for success.

Till next time, change your mindset, change your results. Love this episode of the Fearlessly Fertile podcast? Subscribe now and leave an awesome review. Remember, the desire in your heart to be a mom is there because it was meant for you. When it comes to your dreams, keep saying hell yes.

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