EP213 IVF Didn’t Work Till She Did This: Marina’s Story

After 5 years, 10 IVF cycles,15 embryos, ectopic pregnancy, and travel between continents, Marina “should” have given up. Learn exactly what this brave, big hearted, smart AF Miracle Mama did that finally cleared the block between her and her baby boy. If you are questioning whether you should keep going, turn this one UP!

Hey Gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, fertility mindset master, former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43. Despite years of fertility treatment failure. I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey just like I did. Get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine badassery, and loads of hell yes for your fertility journey.

It’s time to get fearless, baby. Fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, episode 213. IVF didn’t work till she did this. Marina’s story. My loves, we got a humdinger of an episode this week because you know what? One of the things I hear women ask me all the time is, you know, when, when do I know to quit and how much is too much?

And not everyone gets it when I say, look, what do you want? Do you want your baby or not? There’s no arbitrary number out there that says, Okay, well, once you hit IVF cycle number four, you’re done. I mean, it’s all made up. The question is, how bad do you want what you say you want? And Marina is living proof.

Of what happens when you say fuck yes to the things that you want in this life. Because Marina’s gonna tell you her story in her own words, so I’ll let her get into the nitty gritty. But I promise you most people would have tapped out. They would have completely tapped out, given up on themselves, and you know what?

Those people aren’t holding babies today. And you have a choice on this journey. You have to be able to live with yourself and your efforts. And be able to tell yourself the fucking truth at the end of the day. When you’re going to meet your maker, did you live, or did you cower? Did you have the guts to say yes to the things that you desire in this life?

Or did you just play it safe and let other people bully you into thinking that what you desire is too much, or it’s not for you? Okay? So if you need inspiration today, you better turn this one up because Marina is gangster. I love this woman with all of my heart and it’s for women like Marina that I do what I do and I do it in the way that I do it.

Without apology. And being insanely direct and not sugarcoating shit because you have a big life that you know you want to live. And I’m not going to be one of these motherfuckers who’s going to be, Oh, there, there, yeah, you can totally give up, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. If you’re serious about getting what you want on this journey, turn this one up.

Marina is going to share how she did something like nine IVF cycles. Transferred 15 embryos, had an ectopic pregnancy, traveled multiple countries. Look, those kind of numbers and that kind of experience would have most people scared shitless. But again, we’re not dealing with the average person. We’re dealing with Marina.

Miracle Mama Marina, who by the time this episode comes out will be holding her precious baby boy. And you’re going to hear why this wasn’t just a matter of the odds. She did so much IVF that she finally got lucky because Marina didn’t fucking get lucky. She created her own luck. And I think you’ll be inspired to do the same.

Here’s my conversation with my most beloved, Marina. I was thinking about what the first question that I would ask you, and I can’t get around it, it’s, it’s the one that I love to ask, because can you believe that we’re having this conversation? I’m gonna cry. Don’t start. I know I got all this here waterproof.

We’re ready for it. Well, so let’s start off Like we’ll just dive in because this is such an incredible love story It really is like when I was thinking about this and getting ready And what your story means not only to me as an observer and and somebody who has had the honor of being in your life, but, you know, it really is a story of resilience of triumph and of a woman having a very clear vision and not giving up on it.

So why don’t you start off by just sharing a little bit about how you even found yourself on the journey? Definitely than a lot of women that are in this journey and that’s one of, was one of the hard things at first. Is that my story is very, very different in the sense that I got married. I was almost 30, almost 33 years old.

And I said, I’m young. I’m going to wait a few, like a couple of years to start trying. I want to enjoy a little bit with my husband and one good friend of mine. This I I’ve, I figured out afterwards. Right. But a good friend of mine, I met her in Brazil at one point because I was already living in Italy.

And she said, I had a terrible year. I had three abortions, like natural losses. I’m starting IVF and it’s been very hard. On me this year. And I was shocked. Like I had never heard of such stories and coming from a close friend, I went home and I called my husband was in Italy. I’m like, we need to start trying now.

That was an awesome call for him to get, right? Exactly. Like, it’s not, I love you, you know, let’s start a family. It’s like, Oh my God, this is what’s happening to this good friend of mine. Let’s start trying as soon as you get here. Or as soon as I go back, I don’t remember. So I found myself in this journey out of fear.

So this I learned through, through you, right? This I had no, absolutely no idea in the beginning. And we started trying and we tried for months and months and months. And I finally got pregnant and I took one. I, well, my period was late. I took one of this pharmacy tests at that point. I think it was October.

2017 and it was a positive test and I only took the test because I had a flight to Brazil that same day and I said I’m not going to travel without knowing and without letting my husband know. So it was a positive test. I took the plane. I had cramps. During the flight, I get to Brazil and my period arrives.

I was devastated. And then after that, we tried for other months and nothing happened. So I jumped into IVF. I said, IVF is the solution. I was 36, 35, 36. So I jumped into IVF. I did all the exams. Everything was perfect, had lots of eggs, nothing showed up, and the doctor told me you, this I think was May 2018, and the doctor said by the end of the year you’re going to be pregnant, no doubt about that.

And the end of the year came, I had three IVF cycles, I had transferred I think four or five embryos at that point, and nothing had happened. And this went on for five years. So for me, I started the process in Italy with IVF and every time I had to have eggs or embryos, I had to do a pickup. So I had to go through IVF every time I had to make a transfer because I had lots of eggs, but they did not survive as embryos.

So they were kind of transferring fresh embryos at that point. And I actually went back and I figured out that I had, I think, I don’t know. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pickups, 5 IVF cycles in Italy, transferring, I don’t know, many, many embryos. I had one ectopic pregnancy. So after the third IVF, I got pregnant. I’m like, Ooh, I did the beta.

It doubled every 48 hours. Like I was like, Oh, I’m pregnant with twins. You know, the numbers were high. I was super happy. The first ultrasound. They didn’t find anything. So I was in the, in the room with like seven doctors, nobody found anything. It was like devastating, but that was not the worst point. I think the worst point was during COVID.

I had an, uh, a last transfer here in Italy and I absolutely hit rock bottom. I was like, Why is this not happening? You know, and I took a decision at the time and I said, I’m going to do this in Spain. They’re doing something wrong here. There must be another way. You can’t keep repeating the same thing and expecting a different result, right?

So I said, I’m going to try it in Spain. And then the first call with us in Spain with, uh, with one, like a very well known clinic, they said, you know, you should try, how do you say a donor egg? I’m like, I’m sorry, but I’m getting 12, 12 eggs, every pickup. Like, why should I go? So it scared the hell out of me.

And I said, okay, this is not no way I’m going to go to Brazil, consult a clinic there and see what’s happening. And then the borders closed. I was locked in Brazil and I said, Okay, this is a sign. I’m gonna do it here. You know, I’m here. I have my friends. My family’s here. Maybe I should just try it here.

And I started the process there without my husband, like he would come and go to donate the sperm. And after I think another four or five cycles in Brazil and another four transfers, I got pregnant. But the thing is that I started, like, I still wasn’t there. Right. I was in Brazil. I had changed a lot of things that I knew something was missing.

I did some transfer, nothing was working, but I did not, somehow I knew this would happen, I was not going to give up, I was willing to give anything else up in my life, but not this. So, like, I remember, for the first time, I had the analysis of the embryos to see if there were alloploids or not. I finally got an OID and they transferred that and it didn’t work.

I was devastated. I took the test the day before I turned 40, so it was like the worst, uh, birthday ever, . And I said some, I’m missing something. And then I started downloading books like maybe I should go back to trying Naturally. I didn’t know what what else to do, but I knew there was another way. And your book showed up and I was like, okay, this is, this is weird.

Like, am I the reason I’m not getting pregnant? And I read your book and I think one day and I said, wow, okay, maybe this is it. You know, I need to contact this woman. And then I saw your pink hair and I was like, okay, this is weird. Should I trust this woman? She seems so eloquent, but at the same time, I was like, yeah, okay.

So I listened a bit to you for your podcast and I contacted you. I started a program and then I had another transfer that did not work out. And the second transfer, I was pregnant. So this is like five years, ups and downs. You can imagine, right? My husband. And relationship was going down the drain. I lost myself.

I was always very secure about things that I was doing and I just lost myself. I had no idea anymore of what decisions I was making, you know, before understanding everything with you. So I was just lost, like making decisions out of fear, making wrong decisions, obviously because of that. And then thank God I found you and It put me on the right path of the one thing I was missing, which was really just taking control back of me, you know, and having my mindset set right.

Well, you know, you’re short, I mean, cause at this point, how many IVF cycles did you have when you found the book? Was that like, I was trying to follow the count. Was it 10? I had seven IVF cycles. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. With 13 embryo transfers. At one point I even transferred like three embryos at once and I said, okay, maybe the doctors don’t know what they’re doing, you know, and I had 10 overall, I had eight transfers before joining the program because the journey itself I counted, I had.

Nine pickups, so IVF, so nine IVF cycles with hormones and all of that. Ten transfers, and my pregnancy is embryo number 15. Fifteen, like, I’ve never heard of a woman who transferred so many embryos. Never. Well, but you know what, I think, and that takes us to an interesting place, Marina, because It would have been really easy.

I mean, with those numbers, right? Like with at that point, 7 IVF cycles and 13 transfers kind of at the time that we met, like, it would have been really easy for you to just completely give up, right? Because everybody around you was saying. Well, who does this? And that’s a lot. And you know, what was it that really made you dig your heels in, as we say, and like, say, no, I don’t care what anybody’s saying.

I’m moving forward. Roseanne, it’s the it’s hard to put into words. It’s something bigger than yourself. It’s. You know, being a mother is going to happen for you. Like I knew inside my heart that I would never leave this earth without having the experience of being pregnant with my own baby, with my own egg, with my husband’s sperm.

Like for me, I remember clearly. You asked the question, you know, why do you want to be a mother? And for me, it was to see my husband and myself in another form, right? So donor eggs, it’s not a criticism. It’s just what was inside me. So don’t know eggs, a donor sperm or adopting none of those options were for me.

So I knew inside somehow. It was just bigger than myself. Like, of course I had up and down. I cried. I, at some points I was like, what am I doing? But it was just much bigger. Like who, who does this for five? Like at 40, I’m taking, I was having 17 eggs, you know, and I know this is not for everybody, but, but that’s why the story is so weird because.

I’m fertile, you know, like, how is this not happening? I have so many eggs, you know, like we, we’re able to have embryos. So why is this not happening? But there’s something there that just kept telling me it’s, it, this is for you, you know, some, somehow this will come. Well, so what made you willing to explore the mindset piece?

Because a lot of people just focus in on the physical and they figure, Oh, you know what? Like, You know, because I did it too when I was on the journey. I’m like, I, you know what? These doctors are going to fix me, but they didn’t, I had to fix me. So, so I’m curious about your perspective on this, having seen so much, like, what was it for you that really had you take a look and say, it’s, I got something going on here.

Well, I changed clinics many times. I changed countries. I changed the environment. I changed my diet. I was taking every single vitamin. I was on the non this non that and I wasn’t complaining like people are like, Oh, you can eat, you know, a little sweet here and there. I’m like, no, you know, maybe, but I’m doing the non this non that blah, blah, blah.

So I changed every single aspect around me. And nothing had changed. I was still not pregnant. So when I came across your book, I was like, maybe I need to work on that. And for me to accept that I needed this type of help was very, very hard. Like, to understand, because I’ve always fought for everything I wanted, you know?

Like, you know this, like, even going for an MBA, like, you study. You do it and you get what you want. But for the first time I was doing everything and nothing was what’s happening. So I changed a lot of the, the, the, a lot of things and still nothing was happening. So it was in my, for me, it was just like coming down to this one conclusion.

Like maybe really, I need to change. However, I’m dealing with a situation or whatever’s in my mind. Wow. I mean, I, I think that it’s funny how it hits us so differently, right? Like sometimes it’s like the last, well, and it was true in my case and it’s kind of true in yours where we just, we’re so used to working so hard and there being a more direct correlation between the amount of work we’re doing and what we get, but we’re completely missing That we are the common denominator.

We’re the common theme in all of this. So what were some of the things that you were surprised maybe that you had to look at when it came to your mindset? Oh, how much time do we have? No, I think there are many, many things, right? Because you need to really, it’s a, it’s a hard work, hard work. I mean, You need to confront certain things about yourself that maybe you’re not ready.

But when I put my mind to something, it means I’m ready. So I was ready. It’s not easy. Looking back, I think there are three main points that I found out about myself in this journey. And then obviously not only about the journey, right? You realize that you’ve been making some repetitive things along your life and you need to change that.

So for me, for sure, fear. Was a huge thing that I had to deal with and just let go. It’s something I still work on every day. Like I don’t want to make decisions. I don’t want to feel the fear of everything. around you. What are you going to do? So fear was clearly the first thing I came across. Second, because I’ve always been very independent, you know, Taipei and whatever, however you want to call it.

I’ve always done what I wanted the way I wanted. And when you get into this journey, you start questioning yourself so much. And you think the doctors know it all and they clearly have no idea because I also got pregnant on my own protocol. I’ll, I’ll let you, that story is the whole nother level. But anyways, I found myself not knowing, I didn’t have the joy anymore.

Like I was punishing myself kind of, so I was not doing the things that made me happy. Like going to Brazil and being in Brazil and seeing my friends and realizing that I love being in the beach, you know, that I, I just love being around good friends of mine, enjoying a glass of wine. You know, I wasn’t, I wasn’t doing anything that was bringing me joy anymore.

So that was a huge part of it. And I had to let go and start enjoying life, even though what I really wanted wasn’t happening. Right. I think this is a recurring theme with many women, right, that are on this journey. And then obviously doing these things, I started taking control back, control, not control, like I’m controlling the situation, but just being more confident of what I wanted and not letting other people tell me.

Oh, now we’re going to transfer three embryos. Are we going to do this? Or are we going to do that? Like, wait a minute. It’s my body. You know, I decide how I want to do this and I will set the terms. Maybe I’ll, I took like for the first time I said, okay, I’m taking two months off of this craziness. And I just took two months.

I traveled, enjoyed life. And when I did for the first time again, the IVF with already joining your course was the first time. I had many embryos, and I manifested my two alloploids. And then I manifested another two haploids. So at 40, I was having more success than I was having at 35, 36 when I started the journey.

Wow. You know, I have heard that before, this idea that when you start living again, the result Like changes like dramatically because it was true for me to like, how do you get pregnant later in life with more ease? Right? Then you did when you were allegedly more fertile. Exactly. Exactly. And then you start understanding that it all starts here.

You push everything, you know, like you, you push everything to your body from your, your mindset. So all the exercises and I manifested these things, you know, I, I truly believe it was a manifestation of my, of my work and what I, what I was envisioned. For myself, because I, I was always looking backwards, all that didn’t work that didn’t work.

So now it will work, but that didn’t work. So always looking backwards at all the failures, which are not failures, but looking at everything that didn’t work. And for the first time with your help, I was looking forward of how I envisioned myself, how my life was going to be. I saw myself with my husband and two kids.

playing at the beach. I’ve never done that. I was always looking backwards, you know, so for the first time I was looking forward and looking at where I wanted to be, not where I was at, not what I, where I had been, but where I wanted to be. And that for me was, It’s very hard to do, but it just completely changed everything.

But things even like, even if I didn’t want to do it, I heard you say, you know, when you go to the clinic, I was in Brazil, I was driving my, my parents car. And they have like, uh, the chair for my, for my niece that was always empty when I was in the car going to the clinic alone. And I started talking to my baby.

I’m like, yeah, we’re gonna go there. La la la. So I started talking. I started singing with him or her. I didn’t know at the time. But I started doing things as if they were real already. For me, it was like, I’m going crazy. At one point, I said, I’m gonna buy the crib. I’m in Brazil. I’m not in my house in Italy.

I’m not with my husband. I’m gonna buy the crib. My parents are gonna think I went crazy. You know, I was about to buy a crib and just leave it there. But then, thank God, I got pregnant, and I bought the crib now, not then, but I was about to do that. You know, when you think about this, I mean, like, imagine It probably would have been hard for you to believe way back when that taking control, being able to look forward, enjoying your life again, trusting yourself, quit hammering yourself with quote unquote failures.

It probably would have been really hard for the old Marina to believe that that could have any impact. Oh, oh yeah, at one point I was like, maybe I just went completely nuts, you know. But you arrive at a point that you, you’ve done, you’ve done everything. Like why taking so many vitamins is okay? And not envisioning a life is not right.

Who says that changing your diet will work? It’s a trial and error. You know, who says that changing the, the, the medicine you’re taking will help the quality of your embryos. It’s all trial and error. Yeah. Yeah. And you’re willing to do that, right? Because it’s your dream. Right. When you, you start a business.

You don’t give up on the first problem you encounter or face. You are not afraid of cold calling people to make things happen. You’re not afraid of just walking into a room and, you know, exposing your mind or your idea. You’re confident about this because it’s your business, you know, but why in. In the business world, some things is okay.

And when you, you’re talking about your own dreams, your private life, suddenly you, you come up with these things and say, okay, maybe this is, I’m going crazy. Why? You know? Right. Right. You know, it, it never ceases to amaze me that. People will get, oh, you know, I can’t drink coffee and I can’t eat gluten. I can’t do that.

And yet you’re carrying your mind everywhere you go. And you’re not concerned about what’s going on in your head, right? It’s like, it’s just. You know, and it’s understandable because a lot of us have not been trained to think differently or to think that we have a hand in all of this or that we can influence it, but you’re living proof that you can.

So, so why don’t you share with us what was different in Brazil? Because that’s where the story gets really, really interesting because we know that you had one transfer that didn’t work out. So let’s talk about the next one. Cause that one, I know the story. It’s crazy. Well, in Brazil, I started, I think it’s also going back to to where I was brought up and the environment and just being around, you know, like the Brazilians, because it’s very culturally, it’s very different.

I’m not going to say Brazilians, but even in Sao Paulo, which is a bit harder than Then other parts of Brazil, but people are very different than people in Milan and just being back there. And I don’t know the environment. Everything was already different. And it just felt so good, you know, being back and reminding myself of who I once was, right.

That I lost along the way. And I started doing more of the things that I enjoyed. I started hanging out with friends that I had completely shut off because I was not sharing this with many people. So I actually started sharing my story once I got to Brazil and people are like, wow, I didn’t share this before, but.

It’s very personal, right? You think the next will work, you know, the next transfer will work, the next month, the baby will come and so, and then I, I was feeling much better. I was doing things I enjoyed and I just did one transfer. It didn’t work. I kind of said it was kind of my doctor and me talking, but I still allowed him to make some decisions.

And then when that didn’t work and we were going to do the second transfer, I walked into the office and he was again, oh, you know, he was kind of cautious about things. And I, I just, I remember like taking his hand and saying, you know what, every single doctor that I went to thought they could do it differently and nobody got me pregnant.

I still don’t have a baby. So this is what we’re going to do.

We are going to do this. We are going to do that. I want to try this. I know it’s experimental. I don’t care. Like I don’t care if you think it doesn’t, it’s not going to work. We’re going to do this. We’re going to do that. So I said everything. It was like a complete protocol, like with everything out there.

And he said, you know what, Marina, we can do it. But that is, how did he call it? The, um, like the panic protocol. We only do this like we only use everything out there when we don’t know what we’re doing and I said But clearly nobody knows what they’re doing So I’m gonna do it my way and we’re not gonna call it the panic protocol We are gonna call it the success protocol.

I don’t there’s no panic here Like I know what I’m doing and he said, okay, but you’re in Demetrium this time is not eight It’s seven And I said, I don’t care about the endometrium. I had it at nine and it didn’t work. So, you know, and we did the protocol and I remember going to the transfer. I, I, I have like, I have a sneakers that they’re very shiny.

And I said, this is my day. I put those sneakers on, I went to the clinic, like shiny sneakers. And I did the transfer. And I had done the, how do you call it? The, the Chinese needle acupuncture. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I had done that before the day of the transfer. And then the day after the transfer, I went there, I did it.

I wasn’t completely convinced, but I said, it doesn’t affect her, I’m going to do it. And while I was there, I started feeling a bit sick. Like I said, I think I’m coming down with something. Maybe I’m just tired, you know? Or maybe one of the drugs I was taking like hit me some in another way and I went home and I had fever the entire night.

So for six nights I had fever. I was in bed for six days and I said, okay, this is like six or seven days. And I said, this is not going to work. Like the recommendation is. move, you know, you get need to get the blood flowing, like staying bed doesn’t help you. But I couldn’t help myself. I was feeling really, really sick and I was doing COVID tests every day.

not COVID, just like fever, fever. And at the seventh or eighth day, I said, you know, fuck this. I’m going to take the, I’m going to pee on the stick because if it, I was like, it didn’t work out. I’ve been lying like with fever for seven days and this is it. So I can move forward. Right. I can take some drugs, get better and start thinking about the next cycle.

And I take the test and like this faint positive and I’m like, okay, I peed wrong on the stick like How many ways are there to pee on the stick and it’s okay I peed wrong on the stick and then I say I called, I was like, okay, this is weird. And I said, I’m going to buy more and I’m going to do it tomorrow morning.

And then at lunchtime, I had a bit of a blood coming out and that was implantation blood from the embryo. I called the doctor and said, do not worry. This is not a period. It’s too early. It’s probably an implantation of the embryo. Tomorrow morning you wake up and you go do the blood exam. And I did, and I was pregnant.

And I was like, how? What? Like, it’s very weird. I’ve searched so long getting the positive. And immediately, like, this was June. This was June. In April, we had a session. And you told me, you know, Marina, sometimes. People like us, women like us, that we do a lot, like we’re always making things happen. We, we go after things, blah, blah, blah.

Sometimes we just need to be, and it didn’t make sense. I was like, what do you mean? We need just to be. And let it be, you know, kind of, I remember that conversation and it’s like, what do you mean? Let it just be. And then that came back to my mind. I’m like, what the hell? Like I’d never let it be. So the universe threw me this fever, this very, like I couldn’t get out of bed.

So that I would just be, and let things happen, let my body figure itself out, for the first time in five years. And then I was like, what? You know, like, what? Well, think about it, Marina, because like, from a logical perspective, the fever, like, exactly what you were saying, we would freak the fuck out. Over the fever, like the fever has stopped me from getting pregnant.

There’s no way. I have some mystery illness. You know, we don’t have any clue what’s going on. But you were pregnant. Exactly. It was just like, probably my body reacting. To something new, like letting my body figure itself out. That’s insane. I mean, and I remember, I remember when all of this went down and I’m like thinking if she can make it through this and hold it together, she’s going to make it through.

anything, anything, because you could have backed down. You could have been, Oh my gosh, I’m never going to make it through this pregnancy, this fever, you know, all of this stuff, but you didn’t know, you know what, like, as you say, you know, when, you know, you, there’s nothing you can do. You just stay in the present, you know, and I was just there, like stay in the present and say, Whatever this fever is, it’s just a fever.

Like my body’s still here. My body’s still working. And I probably had the fever because my body was doing a lot of new work, right? So just stay in the present and taking. Really? Almost like hour by hour, you know, like, Oh, I’m feeling a bit better. I’m just going to get up, eat something, but it, I could have panicked, but everything that I had been through already had showed me that we have no control.

Well, and not only that, but you fricking declared it. You’re like, this is not the panic protocol. This is the success protocol. I’m going to be a fricking success. I don’t care that this fever is happening. Like you kept moving forward. So where are you today? I’m not going to get up because I had to put a shirt that is very tight.

I am today. I start, I’m 37 weeks pregnant. Oh my gosh. With your baby boy. I mean, Marina, it’s crazy. Roseanne, it’s crazy. I still cannot believe like he moves so much and I’m like, Oh my God, you know, like this is. I want to tell him stop moving, but then I’m like, no, you do whatever you want, you know, and the funniest thing.

Is that now being pregnant, you discover also you are like a new world, you know, so many things to, to, to figure out and my baby, I’m 37 weeks and he’s sitting like he has not turned and obviously there are statistics and they say that only 3 percent of the babies do this and you know, I was like, of course it’s going to be sitting, it took him five years to Fevers.

And, you know, it took him so long to get in here. Of course, he doesn’t want to go out now, you know, he’s just sitting there as a Buddha. He’s like, I don’t care what’s happening in the outside world, you know, I’m just going to sit here with my mama. That’s right. Well, I mean, think about it. Multiple countries, probably thousands of miles flown.

I mean, It’s such an incredible story, Marina, because when you think about how long you were on the journey, but also how quickly things change for you when you change, it’s actually quite remarkable. Yes, yes. And, and I have to tell you, sometimes we don’t realize. The changes that we are making on ourselves, obviously, thanks to you and your program that is so effective also, but with the friends that I’ve shared, not the IVF process in itself, but I have like two, three good friends that I shared.

I found this coach and she’s amazing. And this is what I’m doing. And they said, I really noticed the change. One of them says, I’m confident that you’re pregnant because. You worked with her, with Rosanne, with you, because we, we are not aware of how quickly, when we want to, we can change our mindset. We can change the way we see things.

We, we see even the, the worst things that are happening, you know, it’s the way. We really see and the way we react to everything, it’s very easy to sit back and say, well, of course it didn’t work out again. That’s easy. But when, if you’re not doing the work, you don’t realize that this is what you’re doing and you’re victimizing kind of yourself, you know, saying, oh, of course, this would happen to me again and blah, blah, blah.

And then when the embryo transfer didn’t work, I said, who cares? Like, it’s just another embryo, you know, I’m gonna, like, maybe I need to stay here in Brazil a bit longer. And I’ll enjoy that, you know, so you start seeing the things that are happening in a completely different way, and sometimes you don’t realize because your program is so effective that the changes can come very quickly if you’re open to it very quickly.

If you’re open to seeing things that are happening in your life and changing your your mode, really your mode, you switch to a different frequency and you can actually people around you start seeing and they changed around you too. Oh, you know, my husband changed around me. Because I changed, you know, it’s like grabbing a baby.

Nobody can be like, you know, a happy baby. Nobody can be in a bad mood with a happy baby smiling at you. You know, it’s the same thing when you are happy, like you’re happy, you’re smiling, people are like, Oh, okay. And you’re like, Oh, it’s okay. You know, let’s do this instead. And you’re in a different frequency and people just.

Go to that, you know, right, right. I mean, and what you’re saying is absolute gold because when we change the people around us necessarily have to change, they may not like this version of you, but that’s their business, but they are unquestionably drawn to it because you’re enjoying your life again. And you’re, you’re allowing yourself to have both be on the journey and enjoy your life.

Because it doesn’t have to be miserable. Nobody believes me when I say that. But misery is a choice, and you’re living proof. Oh, I was miserable. I was so miserable. And I had no idea. That’s interesting. Isn’t it funny that you had no idea? I had, I had no idea. Because you don’t see it, it’s when you are deep in a situation, it’s what they say, when you have a problem, don’t respond immediately, you know, at work, whatever, take some time, sleep on it, you know, and when you’re so deep, five years of nonstop IVF cycles, nonstop, like I was taking the pill, I was doing this, I was doing that, I became an expert in IVF because I went to the books, because I was not trusting doctors, I And my, I was like, my husband’s like, you know, so much more than so many doctors are like, yeah, but you go so deep into that, that you forget who you are, you forget, like, you don’t see, you don’t see it.

You don’t see the bad change. And sometimes you don’t see the good change because they can happen fast, right? Right. And it did happen fast. I mean, it happened really fast by comparison. Like you take this, there was like this much of your journey before, and it’s kind of like this, which you had five years.

And then, and let’s say when I finished the program, I think it was, Not even, I think four months, four months I was pregnant, like the, the, the eight week program. Yeah. We still did other things, but, and how do you explain that? How do you explain that? You know, so it’s, now it’s easy, like now that, that I see it, that I, And during your program, there are so many women that would come up.

Oh, I’m pregnant. And I was like, fuck, how is she pregnant? I knew. No, I was like, of course she’s going to be pregnant because I had this also. No, I always. thought that anybody else could do it except me. And it was, was one of our coaching calls. And I said, I know that everyone in this call will be pregnant, but I think I will not be pregnant because I could not see it at the time.

And then through the work, when you start seeing yourself pregnant, And it happens, right? You make it happen. Yeah. It’s an, it’s incredible. I mean, what you did and who you became and who you are today. I mean, because think about what you’re going to be able to teach your son. I’m so glad that I went through the journey.

Because I’m, I’m already, like, I’m in Italy now. I’m going to have the baby here. And they offer, like, this course in the hospital with the other moms. Roseanne, it’s gonna sound stuck up, but it’s not. I’m just in a whole different ball game. than the other mothers, right? Like there’s so much fear of so many things within this group of like, I don’t know, 16, 20 mothers.

And I’m not there. Like I have, I can take whatever, whatever comes like, this is the good part. No fear there. I don’t care. Like if I, if I don’t have milk, this, this is not a fear, you know, like I don’t have to worry about these things. Like this will. This is not a problem at all. So I’m just in a whole different mindset to obviously being pregnant.

I had the most wonderful pregnancy, no problems, nothing, zero, nothing happened. And it’s because of my mind. I’m in a place where I had never been, and I’m sure I’m gonna be a much better mother to my son now that I went through all of this and understood where I was at. I couldn’t, I could have never been pregnant with the fear and the lack of joy.

I would have been a terrible mother, a terrible mother. Like all the frustration, all that nervousness, I would probably would have had a very bad pregnancy. Also. I’m just, I know I’m in a, I’m much better mindset to, to, to be with my son. And that’s why he found me. Oh. Ooh. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, when I think about the, the babies that we meet.

It was like, of course we were being prepared because they’re so incredibly special. Like I just, uh, it just brings me so much joy to like, see such an incredible transformation in you and this becoming, cause it’s not like you suck before you were amazing before a little bit. Yeah. But it just like, it got better.

You got better. And now. Marina, like, you’re going to, you’re in a place where you know you can really appreciate this miracle and be everything that you, you say that you want to be, not only for yourself, but for him and your family. So, what would you say, what would you want to say? Maybe some nuggets of wisdom.

You’ve been dropping bombs this whole time, but. What would you say to the women listening that maybe are years deep and they don’t think they can happen, it can happen for them, like, what would you want them to know? I don’t want to do bumper sticker, you know, like, oh, you can do it. But it’s not easy.

It’s not easy where you are right now. It’s not easy. You want to give up. You want to, you know, throw the towel, but you don’t. At the same time, and it’s hard to every woman’s journey is very different, but if you know this is for you, you will find the way you will find the way, but you need to do the work as in everything in life when you want something, you need to do the work, and it’s okay.

You know, for me, it was step by step. It took me five years to understand that my mindset can Was the last, you know, the last thing that I had to work on, unfortunately. My biggest regret, regret, or question is why did I not find Roseanne sooner? But because I was not ready. Right. Right. Right. I had to change the clinic.

I had to change the country. I had to Go back to my origins. I had to go back to my friends, my culture. I had to do a bit of therapy. That’s when I understood that maybe I needed some help. So it was for me, step by step. But once you start changing one thing, you change another and things don’t change. You know, look at what really is missing.

There are so many possibilities of change. And you need to try it. It’s trial and error like life, right? Right. I mean, that’s, that’s, it’s so wise Marina. And, you know, I think that one of the biggest things to take from this is just look, you know, this, you know, you want this, so you have to be willing to be the person that gets it.

And that may take you in some unknown places, but enjoy the ride because there are no guarantees in life. Except that at the end of the day, you have the chance to know that you did everything that you could, and there’s peace in that. Yeah, but it, but I truly believe that if you really, really do, do the work, and you know, if you really see, you close your eyes and you see the image of your life with a baby in your hands.

It’s for you. Yes. That image is not there because someone implanted that in your head. It’s because it’s, it’s part of you. Yeah. So you need to trust you more, anyone else, your husband, your parents. Your best friend, whoever it’s you, you trusting you and your vision for your life, a hundred percent, never giving up.

Like I’m, I’m, I’m the, I could have given up so many, many times. I never questioned money. You know, money comes up a lot with a lot of women. For me, I was like, it was not even a discussion like money. I’ll find a way. And it’s where am I going to spend the money? If not on this. The biggest dream of my life, right?

Right. Exactly. And, and, but that was also part of the becoming was getting out of the lack and scarcity about time, money, resources, opportunities, because you changed your frequency. You changed the way that you think you saw opportunities instead of living in fear. You walked into a clinic and told them, this is the protocol.

You named the protocol. You named the protocol. I bet the doctor was wondering what happened to Marina. Like, you know, she walked in here like she, with her shiny sneakers, knowing exactly what she wanted. I’m gonna go back and just put it Marina’s protocol. I think I, I, I earned that one. You totally did.

You totally did. Well, thank you so much, woman. Thank you for sharing your story here. This is a day that you and I imagined for so long and, and knew at some point we would get here. And. It’s just incredible. I mean, when I look at your story and I look at you and the transformation and everything that we’ve enjoyed together, it just it not only warms my heart, it makes me so glad that that, you know, I left the work that I was doing so I could live this and share this because this is the whole point.

This is why I do what I do. It’s for women like you and the honor that it is to be by your side and to know you. So you. Thank you for your generosity here. Marina. I’m unquestionably. You’re going to be changing lives by sharing the story and giving some inspiration, Roseanne. You know how much of a fan I am of your work.

Really? I know how much how much you put into this. And I have no words to describe how I’m going to come 37 weeks pregnant. I’m going to cry. I have no words really to thank you for helping. Me be who I the best I can be and obviously achieving my dream But it’s your work and it’s the effectiveness of your work and I will not like I I’ve recommended you to some Many different people even if it’s not fertility i’m like just listen to what she has to say, you know like it’s I really have no words.

You’re you’re I I I have to thank you every day and I do have you in my thoughts every day because it’s really, it’s a life changing thing for me. Absolutely. Like I, there will never be a day that I probably will look at my son and not think of them. The pink hair from Roseanne, and my dream really is when the baby’s here, I want you to meet him because this is your work.

Oh man. Well, you know, I appreciate that. I’m part of it, but you had to be the woman that implemented it and that’s the thing that’s where the magic happens is being willing to implement being willing to believe in you and your dream enough to move forward and take that kind of action because yeah, you can learn something all day.

But if you don’t take action, it doesn’t mean anything. So this is a wonderful dance that we do together. So it’s, uh, it’s such a joy, Marina. It’s such an incredible thing to see you in this place. I know so many women are going to be so happy to see you here and thank you so much for sharing your story.

Thank you, Rosanne. It was a pleasure. Oh my goodness, loves, if you made it through that episode and did not break down crying at least once, you must have been multitasking. Because when you really tune in to what Marina’s story was really about, about love of self, love of the vision that she had for her family, and her commitment to bringing her son home, I don’t know how that, how there could be a dry eye in the house.

And I know that there may be part of you that may be asking, do I have that? The answer is fuck yes, but you have to be willing to pull it out, because there be so many people out there that don’t understand this desire in your heart to be a mom, and that it’s there because it was meant for you. You know, naysayers and people who tell you to give up, those are cheap, those are a dime a dozen, but this is why these stories are so powerful.

This is why I’m so grateful for the generosity of all of my ladies that share their story here. And look, not everyone does, because it’s personal. But this is why each one of these stories is so precious. Because it’s these stories like this, it’s stories that help us learn what’s possible for us. And this is so possible for you, love.

I know you may be listening to this and may be in a place where you don’t believe it. But I know that if Marina could tell you herself she would, if she did it, so can you. And if you want to learn what I taught Marina, my Fearlessly Fertile Method program is for women who intend to get pregnant in the next 12 months and say, Hell yes!

Like Marina did. To covering their bases, mind and body. So you don’t have to look back on this time in your life with regret. I work with women who are committed to success. To apply for your interview for this program, go to my website, www.FromMaybeToBaby.com and apply for an interview there. My methodologies help women around the world make their mom dreams come true, just like Marina.

Their results speak for themselves. If you don’t have a mindset for success on this journey, baby, you got a gaping hole in your strategy. Let’s fix that shit and set you up for success. Till next time. Change your mindset. Change your results. Love this episode of the Fearlessly Fertile podcast? Subscribe now and leave an awesome review.

Remember, the desire in your heart to be a mom is there because it was meant for you. When it comes to your dreams, keep saying hell yes.

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