EP222 The Power of Mind-Body Medicine with Dr. Kim D’Eramo, DO

Still think mind-body medicine is woo-woo? When an emergency medicine physician heals herself of autoimmune disease and rheumatoid arthritis, by rooting out negative and limiting belief systems in her mind, you might want to lean in and hear what she has to say. The amazing Dr. Kim D’Eramo, best selling author and founder of the American Institute of Mind-Body Medicine is sharing the SCIENCE behind how we can use our mind to heal. The mind-body connection has supported women in beating Hashimoto’s, Thyroiditis, cancer, and of course has supported fertility. Join me in this empowering and thought provoking conversation with Dr. Kim!

You can check out her work at www.DrKimD.com or on Instagram at @drkimderamo

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Hey Gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, Fertility Mindset Master. Former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43, despite years of fertility treatment failure. I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey, just like I did. Get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine badassery, and loads of hell yes for your fertility journey.

It’s time to get fearless, baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile podcast, episode 222, the power of mind body medicine with Dr. Kim DeRomo, D O. My loves, I am so excited to be here with you this week because we have a wonderful guest. Gosh, a couple months back, I had the good fortune of going to Sedona, Arizona, and I gotta tell you, it’s a magical place.

You can go back through my Instagram and see some of the goodness that I posted from that truly just high vibrational, spiritual place. And it was during that trip that I got to meet Dr. Kim. I was present when she was giving an incredible talk, and I was like Man, we need to be blessing my ladies all around the world with amazing Dr.

Kim goodness. So just to share a little bit about Dr. Kim, she is a physician and bestselling author of the Mind Body Toolkit and founder of the American Institute of Mind Body Medicine. She received her board certification in emergency medicine and attended residency at Emory University. Dr. Doramo has studied and practiced mind body medicine for decades after having experienced severe anxiety and, later, a severe autoimmune disease.

Yee! She resolved both through self healing after doctors told her she would be on medications for life. Mind body medicine is gangster, people, and if you are not leveraging it, you are fucking missing out. You got a gaping hole in your strategy, as I always say. And Dr. Kim now assists individuals and practitioners all over the world.

To resolve illnesses and access the highest possibilities for vitality and abundance. She shares a weekly live international mind body TV broadcast and can be found at drkimd. com. So Dr. Kim and I have this great time talking about the real science behind mind body medicine and how we are all energy.

And she practices also psycho neuro immunology. And it’s just incredible. I mean, we see dramatic changes. I mean, look, I went to law school and I coach women to fertility success. And indeed, Dr. Kim went to medical school, but even coming from our two respective disciplines, we both see similar outcomes. We see the power of the mind body connection.

We see the power of your thoughts, and she is going to be breaking down the science behind. Why your thoughts have such a dramatic impact, you know, how you think what you believe and therefore how you show up on this journey, like the idea that we’re just a pile of meat of compartmentalized parts, you know, and nothing has anything to do with anything else is bullshit.

Okay, we love allopathic medicine. No disrespect. We love it. It has this place, but as you will hear, and as you have heard from so many of the, Higher consciousness physicians that have been on this podcast. Everybody sees this. So the idea that mind, body medicine, that your mindset has nothing to do with what’s going on in your body is just I’m going to say it straight up.

Fucking ignorant. OK, it’s ignorant, ignorant. All right. And so we are going to be getting some great education today. And the team has put together an amazing journal page for you to be actively using while I have this great conversation with Dr. Kim. Take notes, do something more than passively listen to this podcast.

Increase your level of understanding of the science. Behind the mind body connection and I want you to learn how you can begin applying this in your own life. Okay, it’s great Dr. Kim’s gonna be dropping bombs. Your vibe matters. It’s more than just, you know, California surfer Woo woo bullshit There is really something to this so and you gotta cover your bases mama.

You don’t want Anything having to do with regret, right? Just take it there. Regret sucks. So you’ve got to cover your base’s mind and body and that’s why i’m having an amazing conversation with dr Kim, so here it is dr. Kim. It’s awesome to have you here and it was great. I mean Anytime I run into a like minded woman out there just putting the message out into the world, I’m just immediately drawn.

So, I had the good fortune of meeting you in Sedona, and I was like, let’s get her on. More women need to hear this message, and as many women as we can touch with this message, it will just be an incredible blessing. It’s awesome to have you here. And I would love it if you would just share a little bit about your own story with the women listening and really how you got to doing what you do today.

There’s a sort of the old back backstory way back and then more recent. I had already been very intuitive growing up and really empathic. I could feel my energy, I could feel other people’s energy and, you know, never really knew what to do with that. But later on, then going to medical school, I developed a really severe.

illness. It was kind of just a mystery illness in the beginning with severe joint pain, headaches, fatigue, kind of like that fevery, flu ish, you know, up and down, on and on. And no one could figure out what was wrong with me. And of course I just kept trying and trying and going to all the different doctors and what’s wrong with me.

And. They would find some weird, you know, abnormal abnormalities on the labs or at one point there was a, a heart murmur and something going on with the valve, but nothing, it was all very obscure and it wasn’t until I got formally diagnosed with late onset juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, but with like a special weird mystery side of like, we don’t really know why you have this form of it that I realized.

This is all just BS. This is part of the belief system of seeing the body as limited and static and like illness just happens to you because I knew that even though there was all this autoimmune and allergic to like everything. A year ago, my body wasn’t allergic to anything that I was still exposed to the same things.

I still had the same genetics. Why is my body now so flared up and inflamed and reacting? So I kind of began to ask a different question, which was, what is my body trying to show me? What does my body need in order to rebalance? Because I knew it could be healthy and rebalanced. I’d always been really healthy and running and exercising.

And so, you know, having had that background where I. Been studying mind, body medicine and psycho neuroimmunology, and I’d read like every scientific study back to like the seventies because I was so passionate about how your mind and your body are connected, how your subconscious actually creates hormonal signals that affect the brain.

Thank you. Endocrine system, the immune system unbeknownst to us, right, we’re not even aware we’re having these thoughts and that that can create all of this inflammation and disease and certainly fertility or problems with fertility. So I learned all of that, but until this happened. I really didn’t understand how to apply it, you know, so I was like trying really hard, mind over matter, heal myself, be positive, ignore the pain, like everything actually wrong because that just made everything worse.

I was trying so hard. I was like, white knuckling my way to self healing, which It’s like the opposite way you want to go. And things did worsen before I finally realized what’s right about this. I’m not getting, okay, body, what are you here to show me? And that was really when everything changed and the whole illness reversed within a very, very short time.

I no longer had pain. I no longer had inflammation. My joints got better. The viral illness kind of flu like syndrome that went away and my labs returned to normal. My white count returned to normal. You know, all of the immune markers and inflammation markers, everything returned to normal. And so what was that?

What happened? You know, we think, Oh, is that just in my head? Well, no, there was degeneration and pain and there was inflammation and the, you know, the allergist tested up and down to like, Every antigen. And I was reacting against like almost all of them. So there was a physiologic response, but that actually was resolved completely when I entered a different, a different state, a different consciousness and relationship with my body.

That is so good because we hear about this so often. Anecdotally, right? And, and then, but people poo poo that stuff. They say, oh, well, that’s just anecdotal evidence. It’s an outlier. Yeah. And it’s like, what more powerful evidence is there than the story of other actual human beings who have been through it?

Sometimes we need to be at our end. Like I probably wouldn’t have stopped looking until I got sure, sure that like, that was not my solution. I was going to be on medications for life. I wouldn’t be able to run anymore. I was going to have to Uber control my living environment. Like everything in my system was like, no way that that can’t be my solution.

It was so. Discordant. It really didn’t like, you know, everything is vibration. So people will say like, yeah, that doesn’t resonate with me. What you’re saying is like, you have an awareness of what’s your truth and what’s not your truth. What is, you know, my path and what is someone else’s path. And so I realized that one day it was like, you know what?

Stop barking up that tree. That is not my path. That’s not where I need to look. And I just had to get open and curious because I still didn’t know, well, what is my path? But that openness and curiosity is really what changed everything first by shifting that inflammatory condition, right? Because as soon as you get curious, And you open like no more white knuckling.

You let go of the wheel. You’re no longer in that same level of fight or flight. You’re no longer generating those same inflammatory markers. So already your health has shifted, but it also is what allowed me over a short period to begin to see so much that was obvious that I just hadn’t seen before.

You know, our, our stories are, are different, but they have a lot of similarities because when I was struggling with fertility, You know, I was sparing no expense. I was going to every doctor who would listen. I was doing all this stuff, but I was not asking a critical question. I wasn’t asking, Hey, what’s not clean here.

Cause my diet was immaculate. But I too was white knuckling my way through my fertility journey. I didn’t realize I had all this self loathing, this anger, this, you know, just so much negativity bottled up inside of me. And at the time, I was prosecuting sex crimes. And I had no idea how much of that I was taking on.

You know, because these were, these were horrific adult and child sexual assaults. And I thought I could out medicate, I could out diet, I could out exercise what was really going on within me. And the point that you made about the truth is so critical. Because when I sat in a fertility specialist’s office and was told that I needed a donor egg, there was something in my heart that just screamed, No, that’s not true for me.

I didn’t have any, you know, anything against it. Like, I didn’t have any judgment on it. I just knew that was not true for me. That must be what you’re talking about. Same exact thing, same exact thing. We don’t realize that in this journey to like out overcome it, I would exercise it. Like you said, how much easier it is to transmute it.

Like I had no idea what was really in my system that was in that fight or even later on getting pregnant. Right. Cause I. All of a sudden out of nowhere got pregnant when I stopped trying, which I know is so many people’s story, but what was in there that I was fighting against, you don’t realize how quickly it can dissolve, like it’s not going to take 10 years of therapy because you’re not just analyzing, you’re actually transmuting it and your body already knows how to heal it, how to open the fallopian tubes.

Whatever it is, that’s the blockage, how to allow that, you know, egg to pop out and ovulate. It knows how to do that, but we’re usually so unaware of what we’re doing. That’s preventing that thing from happening. That’s suppressing our health, that’s suppressing our ovulation, that’s suppressing our receptivity.

And for me, you know, that was the big change was, and I had learned about all this for years and years and years read everything I could get my hands on. And it really was in that personal experience that I learned. You know, head on how to be that would allow my body to heal itself. Allow my body to receive pregnancy.

Right. Instead of like, I got to make myself get pregnant. Like that’s not going to work, but what are, how can I set up the conditions? under which my body could easily heal or easily become pregnant. That’s really the question that we need to be asking. Yeah. You know, and I love that you say that because one of the things that I’m always shouting at my ladies is conceiving is all about receiving.

And when I look back on my own journey. And when I look at the journeys of the thousands of women that my work has touched, it’s insane how we have, we’re just not taught to be receiving, we’re taught to fight, we’re taught to be more perfect, we’re taught to, you know, It’s we don’t realize that we can lean back and we can receive the thing and we are often the block to the thing that we want the most.

That’s the masculine and feminine energies. And in this society, we celebrate so much of the masculine energies of outer action, doing, overcoming. And then we not only don’t celebrate the feminine aspect, but we like avidly resist it. You know, it’s shameful. It’s wrong to like have an emotion, let alone express that emotion, have a desire, let alone express that desire, but no other area of our lives.

Is more feminine than becoming pregnant and carrying a pregnancy. And so you can like achieve, you get your career going, maybe you like force your way to make that relationship work. Although it actually does it without this aspect, but then when it comes time for creation and manifestation or self healing or pregnancy, we absolutely can not opt out of the feminine energy.

It’s not going to happen. And so how do we find our way into the balance of honoring the masculine? And the feminine one major place is where am I in the wounded masculine, right? Where I’m like trying to achieve because I’m so scared of failure, trying to overcome because I’m so convinced of my inadequacy.

So then all my energy goes into something that’s not even organic, or it’s not like, Oh, it’s out of pure joy that I’m going to work 10 hours a day. Like I love my work maybe five hours a day is. What is really fluid for me, maybe four hours. And I have two children right now. So it’s a different time of life.

Three or four hours a day is awesome. I freaking love it. It would be inorganic for me to do it 10 hours a day and say, Oh yeah, this is so great that it’s really out of love. That would actually be out of the achiever compensating for my fear of failure versus remember I said, it can shift so quickly. If I meet that fear and bring it into the body and offer some breath, which is the feminine aspect feeling and sensing your breath is going to clear it.

You literally can release trauma that happened when you were three years old, you know, downloads that for 20 years of your upbringing got instilled in the nervous system. It can be released. It can be dissolved, but you’ve got to be in an embodiment and in a sensation and sensuality to be able to let that breath come in.

It will clear you. It will heal you, but get out of resistance. That’s how quickly the body can open and let all that resistance in. And I got pregnant like out of nowhere, both times, both pregnancies. The second one, I was almost 45 when I delivered our second child. And it was magical because I thought, Oh, I guess this, I guess this just isn’t going to happen.

And I was told I had like a 13 percent chance of ever conceiving naturally. But in fact, that’s exactly what happened. Yeah. I mean, the same thing happened for me, like seven years of struggle going from doctor to doctor, trying every treatment, diet, lotion, potion, spray, faith healer, you know, all kinds of stuff, but.

I was circling the one thing that wasn’t clean. And that was me and what was going on for me. And then we, you know, I finally let go of that. I stopped resisting it. I changed the way that I was thinking and I got pregnant twice. The first time I did not carry that baby to term, but it was three weeks after basically doing what you were talking about releasing.

Totally letting the breath, like take this, you know, compensation that I was doing and I’m not enough. And, and all of a sudden I opened up to receive that first pregnancy, but what was exciting about that, it was like heartbreaking and exciting at the same time was I said, I had more control than I thought.

And then we ended up getting pregnant right 43 naturally. When they told me it was not even possible. And I had my son at almost 44. So you and I are the same in that way that like, you don’t have to be a statistic unless you choose to be. Yeah. And it’s not this idea of like, well, when all else fails, I guess, finally I’ll let go.

It is scientific. Like, there’s a lot of science to show how your body can reverse disease, can reverse those closed fallopian tubes, can rebalance your hormones, regenerate your thyroid, like fill in the blank. It’s been shown. And what I’ve dedicated my medical practice to is Um, exploring how do we reliably recreate that rather than like, well, that’s an outlier.

I mean, that girl was 44 and she did that yet, but you know, here’s what’s probably going to happen for me. And then we got a white knuckle it. No, wait, how do I, how do I create that? How do I have what she’s having? How do I, in a reliable, solid understood way, you know, recreate that in myself? Why would I study anything else?

Why would I study the medicine of pathology when I know the medicine of self healing? So this is scientific. It is reliable. It is reproducible. It’s just, it will take you letting go of what you think is the truth. Oh, you’re dropping bombs, Dr. Kim, you know, and, and what I love also would be if you would explain this whole energy and frequency thing, because you said something really powerful in a talk that I listened to.

Of yours and loved. You said that ourselves are listening. And 99. 999 percent of our healing is mental. One of the things we need to understand about that mental and the signals being sent, you know, neurologically, so I, I’ve studied psychoneuroimmunology, how our beliefs, thoughts, you know, transmissions, conscious and unconscious are creating The brain patterning and the neurologic patterning that then transmits all the signals to the immune system to the endocrine system to every part of your body is that those are not conscious thoughts.

So when people will say, Oh, you’re saying it’s all in my head. I created my chronic fatigue and they might even be upset. That’s actually not what we’re saying. It’s created by the programming. You’re in a program, whether it was like your religion, your parenting, your upbringing, the societal stuff, your system is a sponge in those early years.

And it literally downloads those programs of, Oh, I should suppress my emotions. Oh, I should be seen and not heard. Oh, I’ve got to make sure I’m super smarter. I won’t be valued. Oh, I’ve got to like achieve and push through things. Then I’ll be loved it. You don’t even have to have been told that verbatim yourselves have received that message.

Like any society that you’re in that basically puts your power outside of you or makes being loved conditioned on like your success and your achievements is going to send a traumatic message. Cellularly, you don’t know your innate value. And so you’re on this program, it’s already messaging, like how quickly you’re going to age, how much money you’re going to make, how smart you’re going to be.

It can literally suppress your brain function and memory. And yes, of course it can suppress your ovarian function, your reproductive cycle and what it’s able to do. And so when we then see, Oh, I’m not getting pregnant, this. This nature isn’t just flowing or, Oh, I’ve got this disease. I’m in pain all the time.

We can then look at like, Oh, what would I have to believe for me to have that vibrant health? What would I have to, who would I have to be that this could be easy? And that’s when we come out of that programming. So the programming we’ve seen not only affects your brain states and your brain wiring, like you can do a pet scan and directly see this changes.

It also affects You know, your nervous system, your hormone levels, how, you know, can you process vitamin D or do you need a ton of supplementation, even something as subtle as that, but it’s also your electromagnetics. So we can detect eight to 10 feet away from the physical body. What is your emotional state?

You’re like repressed frustration of like, I’m going to hold it together. I’m going to show everyone I’m the best, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. The imprint will tell us. And it’s a frequency and it’s an electromagnetic vibration. When we’re in a state of joy, like maybe you’re with your loved one, or you’re thinking about like your child or your potential child and there’s joy, it opens your energy.

So there is more heart rate variability, which is a marker of resilience. There is a higher vibrational frequency if we measure the actual electromagnetic field of your body. It is more in coherence, which is a state of alignment of flow, you know, like the flow state, you’re going to have better brain functioning, better immune functioning, and better endocrine and reproductive functioning.

Yeah, you know, it’s everything that you’re saying, like when I think about my own story and then the stories of, of the women in my community, it’s like clockwork, you know, my husband and I, the year that we conceived our son after so much trauma, we had never said bigger yeses to our joy, to our zest for life.

I mean, we literally had just come back from this incredible European vacation and boom. Boom. My son just whoop. All right, mom, you know, you’re, you haven’t been happy in seven years. You know, I’m ready for you. Like the more that I leaned in to my natural state of joy and excitement and all of this stuff, it just opened up.

I actually coached a, uh, sports medicine physician and she had been suppressing her love of skiing. Cause she’s like, Oh, I can’t ski because if I have an embryo transfer the embryo, you know, like, you know, all this stuff that we tell her so well, and, and she’ll love this. And she, two days after her transfer, she went and she said, fuck it.

I’m going skiing. I love skiing. And so she went, skied, had a beer, did all the things they tell you not to do. Her son’s going to be 18 months old after repeated miscarriage. So everything that you’re saying bears out. In reality, this is not woo woo nonsense, and it’s also like choosing our joy is a huge part of it.

And as we do that, it’s going to show us what needs to be released. That’s keeping that suppression in place. All right. Yeah. We’re going to take this trip. Oh no, no, no, we can’t. I can’t take off work. Oh, no, no, we can’t. We can’t spend the money. You’re going to have those trauma, drama, belief systems immediately come up and show themselves to you.

And then it’s a matter of like, will I choose my joy and freedom anyway? And so how do we clear those things? Which is all of the work I’ve designed was like, Okay. Your body heals itself. Your subconscious is creating this repression. So what do I do with that? How do I unwind that? So in the mind body toolkit, I shared in my book tools you can use anytime, anywhere that will literally like, you know, you’re in this cluster physiologically unwind that pattern.

So there’s resistance and resilience and your body can heal. And then there are online programs I’ve designed to like. Walk you through that because it’s not random and you don’t have to figure it out on your own like well I don’t really love skiing. So what would be my thing? Let me find my passion That’s a simplistic way of putting it because the inner system is so complex.

It will hold so much Restriction that you won’t even know what you feel. You won’t even know what’s joyful. So you’ve got to like Drop in, feel and sense the body, make a new relationship with your body in order to allow that rewiring to happen at the deepest level. Yeah, and you know, and it’s funny because this doesn’t just apply to healing or getting pregnant.

It’s all about the abundance you create in your life. I mean, when you’re trying to achieve to assuage your lack and scarcity. You know, that’s, you just create more lack and scarcity. The more tightly you hold on to your money, the more you block the flow of more coming in. And even our relationships with our partner is a huge place where this will show up.

Like I was battling my partner. I didn’t realize how much I was in my masculine and not in my own feminine power, which is where like 99 percent of my energy released and like so much manifested. That was hard. I didn’t know how to do it. Like, no one ever teaches that because there’s so much training that has you lock that out completely.

And you’re like, Nope, Nope. I’m good. I’m over here. Yeah. Well, I was leaving a lot on the table because it was also suppressing him. Like here’s a man who deeply wants to please me. And I was in this like self sufficient closure. Okay. I’m good. I’m good. Why do you want to put more pressure on me? I didn’t know how to receive.

So it showed up, especially in my partnership. And that’s one of the ways, like when I work with people live. People will say, Oh my God, I never knew how much my relationship could offer me. I never realized how much repression was in that relationship. And it was like one more thing to manage. Yeah. And we just get into these patterns.

I mean, it goes back to the ability to receive, like here you have this loving, willing partner that just wants to be there. But I think we’ve gotten this twisted message as women in order to achieve you have to be hard and and that self sufficiency is somehow this paragon. Oh, goodness. For when it’s like the opposite, we’re, we’re totally negating the inherent feminine.

And as soon as we do soften, you, you probably know really well, like what comes up, it’s all your fear and all your pain and all your like shame or disappointment or heartbreak or fill in the blank. And then you don’t even know what to do with it. So you’re like, no wonder I walled this off and like, You know, put all my energy into suppressing it.

So using the breath, using the tools, your body will transmute that. You don’t have to carry your heart rate from 20 years ago. Like you can, you can literally let that go. And now your whole physiology changes. Yeah, it’s, I mean, it’s incredible. And you know, there’s the other part of it too, is that I remember you in a previous talk had talked about how we are transmitters, you know, yes, we’re putting out, you know, this energy, but it’s like, when things aren’t working out for you, one of the most powerful questions to ask is like, how am I contributing to this?

And is there something that I’m not seeing? And what am I putting out in the world? What do you think about that? One thing I see almost every day is where people will say, my kid is having this problem. The kid has severe anxiety. They won’t even let me help them. They’re so close. And almost always. The point where the energy can move is with the mom and she don’t love that kid to death, but not realize how much closer closure and repression her body is in what we’ve seen electromagnetically the most powerful influence on your kid’s nervous system, immune system and physiology, as well as their life.

Wellbeing is your electromagnetic system, your emotions, your energy, your thoughts, subconsciously. So what are you carrying in there that you don’t even realize it could show up in your kid. It could show up in your labs. It could show up in your body, could show up in your marriage. It will show up in your kids.

And then if you’re trying to like therapize your kids or medicate your kid, like as the solution, you’re missing the whole point. And it will usually get to be a real cluster where it’s like, There’s nothing we can do where our wits end. We can’t figure this out. And that’s when I know someone’s really ready to.

Go into a deeper level of healing, like, all right, are you ready to move this where it really can move and all it will take for usually that person is to have a whole lot of compassion for themselves and the energy releases. And I’ve literally seen kids not only get off anti anxiety medication and no longer need therapy.

I’ve seen kids with severe. The abdominal pain, like um, bowel disorder, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, like inflammatory bowel disease, dissolve, like my kid isn’t sick anymore. I’ve seen kids with severe neurologic problems and behavioral problems resolve a lot of organic. autoimmune stuff resolve like stuff.

You’re like, this is crazy. How could that resolve? But if they’re in a repressive environment, energetically, because kids are even more energy sensitive, their system feels it and they will register it physiologically. So it might just be like, Oh, my stomach hurts. Oh, I have pain. They’re not going to say like, wow, I really feel a lot of emotional repression in our environment because you’ve subconsciously learned that in your own upbringing.

And it’s getting transferred onto me. I really want to be more expressed, but it’s actually holding me back. That is not a conscious process. It’s usually so unconscious. They’ll just say, Oh my God, I am so much pain in my body, or I’m so sick. I in fact had. One of the women who’s worked in my business, I know very well, her daughter had this crazy severe pain syndrome, was out of school for two months, was on the couch, saw every neurologic and pediatric orthopedic specialist, nothing, nothing, nothing.

And they just told her like, use the crutches. She was in a wheelchair. It was, it was a nightmare. And we worked with her and did one session. And that kid resolved that night, got up the stairs and slept in her own bed for the first time in two months. The next day, like took a bath, said, mom, I want to get outside.

And now she’s playing volleyball again. And so, you know, we can understand these principles, but until we really surrender, it just won’t resolve. And how many crazy, like mystery, weird medical illnesses are there floating around out there that don’t even have a solution. And you’re like, don’t even have an understanding of what caused it that if we realize, wait, we are energy, we are electromagnetic, we are vibration, our consciousness effects are physical.

Where does the answer lie? And we can find it like that. Yeah. I mean, it’s so, I mean, I believe it because I’ve seen things like that and we make it out to be so crazy. And as we said before, this outlier scenario, but it’s in us. That innate ability. And like, I tell women all the time, I’m like thoughts, beliefs, actions, results, you know, you’re, you’re thinking, you know, what’s going on for you at a very foundational level is influencing so many things.

We’re not just these compartmentalized parts, right. And the healing that you do of yourself is so critical to all of the different systems. We’re not aware of it going on. We’re not aware of those thoughts. We’re not aware of those beliefs. When we see in hypnosis, you know, once you get induced and really relaxed and they’ll make a suggestion, like your left arm is being lifted by the balloons.

And now there’s double as many balloons. Now there’s triple as many balloons. And all of a sudden the arm floats up and you’re like, I’m not lifting my arm. What’s going on? You’re bypassing the part of your brain that consciously Controls the motor, but you’re accessing the part of your brain that controls the motor.

So like those muscles are being innervated, even though I’m completely unaware of it. So you’ve got to realize most of your physiologic function, what’s governing it, you are not aware of. So it’s not your fault. You are not to blame, but you can be responsible for making a massive change. And all of that neurologic conduction, all of that reproductive endocrine conduction, all of your immune conduction so that your body can come more into balance and resilience.

Oh man, Dr. Kim, that’s so good. And I just, I appreciate what you’re doing in the world. And you know, this, these nuggets of wisdom, I think are going to really inspire women to now have the kind of consciousness to begin to start to ask. These questions, because it all begins with awareness and they’re going to hear this and be like, Hmm, okay, I can have more of an influence that my diagnosis is not my identity, that I’m not limited.

You know, I think it’s just so powerful what you’re doing. So why don’t you tell the ladies listening a little bit about, we’re going to link all of your, uh, all of your stuff in the show notes here, but what’s the best way for, for women to start consuming your content. So drkimd. com is my site and I do a weekly live broadcast on my YouTube channel, drkimdoramo.

It’s Wednesdays, 11 AM mountain, and they’re all recorded. And then if you’re in Facebook, the mind body community is our group. We do a year long integration, which is really one of the most powerful things anyone can choose who’s ready to master this governing system instead of. Leave it unconscious. And like, I’m bewildered.

Like, I don’t get it. I don’t know. I’m trying everything to actually drop in. So you can be in that connection, not control, which is about like fear, but actually mastery, which is about, um, allowing. And so the embracing health program is where we work with you live over the course of the year to make massive changes.

In your brain and nervous system in your endocrine system and your hormones, your energy level in your immune system, your digestion to let all of that robust health come through. So for those who are ready and would like that assistance to come through that program guided, that is the most powerful thing that we’ve created.

And we’ve seen unbelievable results, including women getting pregnant who’ve been trying to get pregnant. I did also write the mind body toolkit, so that’s a good starter place. Oh yeah, that’s right. That it’s great. It’s great. Ladies go out and get it right now. This is a, an Amazon, so you can go to drkimd.

com forward slash book. And there’s a digital version as well, but it’s basically like 10 tools you can use anytime, anywhere to immediately shift that physiologic state. It’s really just about. Not like instead of empowering that programming, you just asking, like, what if Wait a minute. What if my body could spontaneously become pregnant and all of this could be easy.

You’ve immediately entered a different physiology and a different electromagnetic vibration just by asking that question. And so when I learned mind, body medicine, there’s a lot of science on this and there’s tons of studies, you know, it’s not the conventionally funded stuff because there’s no pharmaceutical company involved.

There’s nobody like patenting all of this. It’s really like gets you out of that system. But it is very solidly founded in very strong science. And so I learned about that, but it was like, well, so what do I do with that? How do I activate that? And so when I put my book together, it’s 10 tools you can use anytime, anywhere to activate that power.

Um, and then there’s, uh, online courses we have to, you know, assist people who want to DIY it. So there’s, there’s different ways, but the live course actually starts once a year and it is starting in June. So for those of you who feel so inspired and are really ready to devote yourself to this, that is a great path.

Oh, that’s awesome. Dr. Kim. Well, we so appreciate you being on. We’ll put all your social handles on here. Uh, get links to those programs and the show notes, but thank you so much for your kindness and your generosity and sharing this. Like introduction to a completely different way of thinking about one’s health and it’s, it’s just a delight what you’re doing out in the world.

So thank you so much. Thank you. You’re so beautiful. I’m so glad we met. It’s great work that you’re doing. Wasn’t that conversation with Dr. Kim Doramo just Just extraordinary. I mean, at points, it’s freaking mind blowing when you think about how much influence your thoughts have on your well being, your health, your endocrine system.

I mean, dude, you cannot, after listening to this podcast, still think that the mind body connection is freaking woo woo, okay? Your mind, your thoughts, your subconscious thoughts, the negative, fear, doubt, all the stuff that’s going on in your head that is absolutely toxic creates toxicity in your body. It can literally block you from receiving what you desire.

In addition to that, you heard Dr. Kim talk about how a mother’s energy is, is one of the biggest influences on her children, born and unborn. It’s just extraordinary. So I hope that you will give Dr. Kim a follow. She’s on Instagram, Dr. Kim Doramo. We’re going to link all of her social handles in. The show notes here, give her a follow, check out her work.

Her book is fantastic. And look, we are right on the precipice of the midpoint of this year. Okay. You have got to get it together, mama. This is such a powerful time. And I say that with love, because if you haven’t gotten the result that you wanted to get up to this point, right, you’ve gotten six months deep, basically into this year.

If you want to turn things around, now is the time. Now is the time for you to pivot. And in order to support you in that, the team and I have come up with some really awesome resources for you. In the coming weeks, we are going to be doing a brand spanking new four day challenge. All new material, all new tools, strategies.

Awesomeness that we are going to be sharing with you over the course of four days. I’m calling it the fearlessly fertile halftime huddle because it is halftime, baby. Right? Think about it. Think about it in major sports events. Halftime is where we’re like, okay, first half not going so well, or even if it is going pretty well, you’re like, how can we be better?

How can we go in for the win? That is what we are going to be focusing in on right now. Okay, so over the course of the next couple weeks, you’re going to be getting invitations from us for the Fearlessly Fertile Halftime Huddle. It’s a brand new, as I said, free four day challenge. I really want to help you zero in to start thinking like a woman in halftime.

On her journey. Okay. What are we going to do to really leverage the lessons that you’ve learned up to this point on this journey and use them to position you for success? Look, there’s still time in this year for you to get and stay pregnant. Okay, you’ll be given birth early next year All right Like there are so many possibilities and you can’t let what has happened up to this point dictate what you believe is possible So we are going to be tuning And tooling that shit up in the fearlessly fertile halftime huddle.

So be on the lookout for that invitation to that free four day challenge. And even more excitingly, the doors to fearlessly fertile full throttle will be opening shortly after that. So a lot of really fun, exciting things. It’s never too late mamas. It’s never too late. And you got to know that this desire in your heart to be a mom, it’s there because it was meant for you.

And in the meantime, if you want to check out the Fearlessly Fertile Method, my Fearlessly Fertile Method program is for women who intend to get pregnant in the next 12 months and say hell yes to covering their bases, mind and body. Because if you don’t have a mindset for success on this journey, babe, you got a gaping hole in your strategy.

You know, I work with women who are committed to success. So to get an application in to be considered for this program, go to www.FromMaybeToBaby.com and apply for an interview there. My methodologies help women around the world make their mom dreams come true. Their results speak for themselves. And as I said, if you don’t have a mindset for successless baby, you have got a gaping hole in your strategy.

Let’s fix that shit and set you up for success. Till next time, change your mindset, change your results. Love this episode of the Fearlessly Fertile podcast? Subscribe now and leave an awesome review. Remember, the desire in your heart to be a mom is there because it was meant for you. When it comes to your dreams, keep saying hell yes.

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