EP226 26 Fearlessly Fertile Mamas In My House: Reflections On A Dream Come True

Due to the nature of my work and my global audience, I rarely ever get to meet my ladies in person, BUT when I do, it’s pure magic. I’m going to share some insights gained from having 26 of my ladies come to my home, spend two days with me living, learning, laughing, AND what it was like to see some miracle babies playing in my backyard and pool. Trust me, you will want to play this one on repeat.

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Hey Gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, Fertility Mindset Master. Former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43, despite years of fertility treatment failure. I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey just like I did. Get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine badassery, and loads of hell yes for your fertility journey.

It’s time to get fearless baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile podcast, episode 226. 26 Fearlessly Fertile Mamas in my house. Reflections on a dream come true. Ah, gorgeous, gorgeous woman. Hey, I gotta tell ya. As we get this conversation started today, I’m going to be honest, you may see a shockingly softer and possibly sentimental side of me today, because you know what, I can’t help it, because the subject matter that we’re going to be getting into today really does speak directly to my heart, and the heart Of why I do what I do.

A couple weeks ago, I got to spend two powerful days with some of the most incredible women I’ve had the good fortune of working with in person. In person. In my fucking home. Surrounded by so much joy, gorgeous weather in the woodlands, and a sisterhood like you would not believe. This all started because I had a pull on my heart and it’s been there for some time to create a Retreat where my ladies could come and be at home with me It’s it’s very different than the typical Thing you might do on this journey where maybe you go to a hotel for an event or whatever It was really on my heart to make this homey in a sense not homely But, homie, I wanted to give my ladies a chance to see what it’s like to live the principles that I teach, to embody it, and for them to see that not only is making their dreams come true possible, but that it is an extremely attainable reality.

I also had it in mind to yank my ladies out of the doldrums of their daily routines and do something that was. 100 percent for them and them alone. You see, if you’ve been listening to this podcast for long enough, you know that my ladies are not only incredibly accomplished pros in their everyday lives, but they are givers.

I wanted to give them a chance to truly receive at another level, not only from me, but the kind of receiving you can only get from sharing space and intention. With like minded women committed to being better, doing wisely, having more. And giving from love, not obligation. This is a very different kind of woman.

Think about how many women you know who would make excuses because it’s during the work week. They can’t find childcare. They’d have to get on a plane or drive a few hours. Or they’d have to reschedule patients, move meetings. yada. So many excuses. So many excuses. And I knew to the core of my being that the women who showed up would be in a place where they were ready for the next level, just by the sheer number of excuses they’d have to overcome in just getting here, okay?

Yeah, I mean, Houston’s a fairly easy place to get to, but everything from the design of the way that I did the program to You know, kind of how I arranged everything. I wanted to encourage women to get beyond their excuses. Okay, to, to rearrange their schedule, to maybe be slightly inconvenienced, to make a fucking decision so that they could see that beyond their excuses and beyond their routine was a completely different reality where they could be, do, have, and give something different.

Okay, it was a There was so much thought that went into this, and I got to tell you, the women were amazeballs, and some came from as far away as Paris and Sofia, Bulgaria. It was truly a fascinating thing to experience. I mean, I could see their excitement, their commitment and their openness. I got to hug some women that I care so deeply about and have gotten to know over the years that I’ve been doing this work.

And that’s such a, I mean, that’s kind of a rare thing for me. I mean, just due to the nature of the work that I do. I mean, I’m, this work is, is touching lives from Canada to Zambia. Okay. And, and everywhere in between. So it was a really unique experience to be able to spend this time With those women. So I really knew that in my soul that not only were were my team and I going to just show up at the highest level, but we also wanted to create an intensely gorgeous environment, which is why I made it my home and and also it gave us a level of intimacy just by being together in this place that I think is really hard to attain in other ways.

So it was truly unique. And so the In addition to giving to my ladies at the next level, I wanted to teach them principles of mapping out their miracles. They are, you know, the miracles that they’re calling into their lives. Yes, of course, babies, but in other critical aspects of their lives, because whether you believe me or not, there is life beyond baby.

And there must be if you actually intend to be a great mom, it requires having all of your pistons firing and it’s not just, you know, that’s not perfectionism, it’s truly about living a full and complete life. Now, think carefully about what I just said. There has to be life beyond this baby. That doesn’t mean you won’t dote on, absolutely spoil.

And win your own version of the mom olympics, but if you don’t have a solid life of your own, you will grow to resent motherhood and your child will grow to resent you because your life is so unfulfilled and you’re miserable to be around. Okay? Yeah, I said it. You may as well hear it now so you can plan on doing something smarter.

Oh, and I want to share a quote just on the same topic by Ed Milet that only serves to drive this point home in the most poignant way. And here it is one of the most insidious forms of child neglect is a parent who doesn’t chase their dreams and potential. Let me say that again. One of the most insidious forms of child neglect is a parent who doesn’t chase.

They’re dreams and potential. Now, the point that I am making here is critically important because it’s something that we lose sight of on this journey. This is why we don’t go to retreats or we don’t connect with other people. You know, we, we think that, Oh, you know what? My sole focus in this life right now in this chapter has to be this baby.

And while, Hey, I’m all about urgency and I’m all about being focused. But there is a point when that does become destructive, it becomes myopic, alright, and it, and it serves to make your life smaller rather than enriching it and enhancing it and making it a place where you want this baby to land, okay?

So, Keep this in the back of your mind as I begin to share the rest of what I intended to share in this episode, because it all ties together. Turning our attention back to the retreat. I got to lead and be in the presence of women working on their dreams, digging deep, ferreting out what’s stopping them, and daring them to execute.

And at the end of our time together, they all had a literal map of their most incredible lives. The energy was off the charts. Even the film director that was there documenting the process was blown away at the energy and the connections that these women were making. Now, while these incredible women were in the process of mapping their dreams, I gotta share that one of mine came true.

You see, years ago, I dreamt of creating my own dream life, a life where I could serve women who wanted to succeed on this journey like I did, where I had the creative and personal freedom that is excruciatingly important to me, and to one day look into my backyard and see my ladies and their babies playing with my miracle boy.

Asher. And that’s exactly what happened at this retreat. You see, on the last day of the retreat, Dr. Lucy, Mel, Mama Tran, you’ve seen all of them on the podcast or on the YouTube videos. They brought their boys to meet and visit with me. And I gotta tell you, oh man. It was truly 10, 000 times better than I even imagined to see Asher in the pool and around the house with these precious boys and to see their moms so happy.

This connected me even more deeply to my own why. Why I do the work that I do. It’s to see that kind of amazing shit. I have to tell you. It’s seeing these. And other women who actually didn’t bring their babies this time come full circle was amazing. Hearing those boys laugh, some cry, seeing Mama Tran’s boy taking wobbly steps around my backyard, Dr.

Lucy’s boy squealing with joy while playing with Asher in the pool, and getting to see Mel’s precious baby boy who’s not walking yet but he’s so stinkin cute. Left me feeling a level of gratitude that was truly remarkable. It was bigger than my own personal gratitude. It was gratitude for my life and the lives of the women who came.

Seriously, I pray that one day you will know what that’s like. Because even the ladies who are still calling in their babies were blown away. It was insane to see this full circle. Like, it was just extraordinary. This retreat was about miracles. In those women’s lives. And those yet to come, there’s something truly transformational about this kind of human connection, not only unified as women in various stages of this journey, but at a deeper level, we are women in the process of becoming everything we desire to be.

I know that that may sound a bit airy fairy, but having spent two days with these women, I’m telling you, it’s more real than the fear that holds you back. The dream is more real than the fear that is currently holding you back. Now, this isn’t just me waxing rhapsodical about two super amazing days for me and the women I invited into my inner circle.

It is about my sincere hope that you will see the creative power that comes from bringing yourself into the presence of high vibe women truly committed to a dream, not just talkers. Those are a dime a dozen. I’m talking about real doers. It’s easy to be a doer at work. I’m talking about being a doer in your life.

A doer when it comes to your desires. The ones that make or break this life. The ones that bring about the difference between a life well lived and one in which you have left way too much undone. It’s deep shit. Seriously. Can you imagine having women in your proverbial Rolodex of this caliber? Ones that don’t talk shit, they do shit.

That is real community that I am so honored to have called in. I believe God Universe Source, aka Gus, sent these women my way because I was willing to be more and have honored the commitment to my own growth. And this excites me so much. Because not only will I be doing more events like these for the women I believe are ready, but I’m so excited about the growth it will bring about in me as I dig deeper and reach higher.

I want so much for these women, and it’s just incredible because the more I want for them, the more I want for myself. I mean, this is It’s inherent abundance. It’s an abundance mindset. And that’s the most awesome thing about growth as a woman and mother. It never stops. There’s always a next level.

There’s no destination other than becoming that which is meant for each of us. Some listening to this will feel what I’m saying. Because it’s a neck down proposition. You will feel it and know it’s true. Others won’t get it and that’s fine. My prayer is that you will in time. And in the meantime, I have a serious question for you.

What’s the state of your conscious community today? Are you surrounding yourself with women that are truly reaching higher? No judgment, but if you want more, you have to be more. The being always precedes the doing and having. That’s something my ladies and I worked on mucho while we worked together.

Being always precedes the physical manifestation of your dream. It’s natural law. You can’t get around it. This is why who you surround yourself with. With matters so much. So back to my serious question. What’s the state of your conscious community when I say conscious? I mean women who are awake in their lives women who are not just sleepwalking through their lives Just hoping a baby will make them happier women who are alive in And exploring their faith.

Women who crave wholeness in their lives and are willing to go out and get it. Women who are consciously creating in their lives, not just doing what everyone else is doing who’s dead inside. That might be harsh, but sometimes the best way to describe something is by demonstrating its contrast. This is what I mean by conscious community.

All of those things together are women in conscious community lifting each other up truly instead of bitching, moaning, complaining, and belly aching. And this is why having conscious community is so important. I see the benefit of it in my own professional life. But I also see it amongst the ladies I serve.

So we’re bringing this back to you. What is the state of your conscious community today? This is why I shared what I am sharing today, not only just to share how incredible this event was, but also for you to see that in creating conscious community, you have a bigger vision. Okay? Yes, of course you’re calling in this baby, but you are also thinking in terms of a bigger, full, complete.

Life, so to help you with this, of course, yes, you have come to appreciate the team and I have created a really powerful Worksheet to help you start cultivating this conscious community. So I’m gonna walk you through all of that goodness right now So if you have not already downloaded it Click the link that’s in the show notes here or click the link that was included in the email announcing this episode and get yourself the conscious community worksheet.

So step one, I want you to identify what is the current state of your conscious community now and on a scale of one to 10, 10 being I’m surrounded by a maze balls community. I love it. Okay, just be honest. No judgment here. What is the state of your conscious community now? Now remember what I said about what conscious means.

It’s in this context We’re talking about women who are awake in their lives, women who are not just sleepwalking through their lives, hoping that a baby will make them happier. Women who are alive in and exploring their faith, women who crave wholeness in their lives and are willing to go out and getting it.

Women who are consciously creating their lives, not just doing what everyone else is who’s dead inside, okay. That are, are saying, this is what I want. This is why I want it, and this is what I’m willing to go do and to get it right. Okay. So on a scale of one to 10, what’s the state of your conscious community now to what are some of the qualities you want in your conscious fertility community?

Like what kind of qualities do you want these women to have? And just, you know, there’s no right or wrong answer. Like, maybe you want to be with women who can laugh. Maybe you want to be with women who invest in themselves. Maybe you want to be with women that are super high vibe. Where, yes, they can have their emotions, and they expect more.

They’re focused on what comes next, as opposed to constantly focusing on what’s wrong, right? Women that are not victims in their lives, right? So they are not victim and they are not victims in their lives. So really think about that. What are some of the qualities that you want in your conscious fertility community?

What do you want them to have as far as qualities? And then the third step is ask yourself what needs to be done now to bring me closer to that. Think about all the qualities that you listed in step number two. What could you do today? That’s going to bring you closer to having that the thing that you say you want.

Don’t overcomplicate this. Don’t be overwhelmed by it. Just stay focused on what needs to happen in order for you to have that. Now. I hope that you too will know this kind of community, not only on your journey, but in your life. This is largely why I’ve structured my programs in the way that I have. What I teach is not airy fairy, just feel good for 15 minutes bullshit.

What I am teaching and sharing with women all over the world is the sustainable, get you through 40 weeks of pregnancy and whatever nonsense your journey has to send your way kind of fucking steel trap mindset. Okay? That only comes from having three things, structure, consistency, and community when you are making those massive mindset leaps.

Cause look, most people don’t think this way. The vast majority, I would say 95 percent of people are not thinking, believing, and taking action in a way that’s truly going to yield the kind of success they truly want. Now, it might get to some like medium success, you know, like what, what everybody else is doing.

If you want to consider that successful and that’s awesome too. But when you’re really going for a dream, when you are really looking to beat the fucking odds. When the chips are down, that is 5 percent shit, okay? You cannot afford to think like the 95 percent when you’re going against the statistics.

When you’re saying, you know what, I am 45 and I am ready to have my fucking baby. Just remember a couple weeks ago, back to Carolyn’s story and just about every woman’s story you have heard this year. Okay, they were not focused on being like everybody else. They were focused on being the woman that made a dream come true.

And that is exactly what they do. So here’s the deal. My programs are designed to give you built in the kind of community it takes, the consistency, the structure and the community it takes. To shift your mindset long term, because you better be thinking long term, baby. Alright, if you’re only thinking about the next cycle, you are missing out.

Okay? Structure, consistency, community. That’s what you need to make long term mindset shifts. And that’s what we are all about. Because it’s not just about you getting pregnant, baby. It’s about you staying pregnant. And the smartest thing you can do when you’re not getting the results you want on this journey from your treatments, diets, lotions, and potions is to get help with your mindset.

Your success on this journey starts there. Be part of the magic that women from around the world are bringing to each and every one of their cycles by being part of my live coaching programs. In fact, the doors to my fearlessly fertile, full throttle 90 day program will be closing in just a few days.

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In 2023. Okay. So you want to turn things around on your journey. Now’s the time to be doing a baby. Check us out for fearlessly fertile, full throttle, and let’s have you use the second half of 2023 wisely. And for those of you ready to go to the next level with my signature eight week program, my fearlessly fertile method program is for women who intend to get pregnant in the next 12 months and say, hell yes.

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Their results? Speak for themselves, baby. And if you don’t have a mindset for success in this journey, you’ve got a gaping hole in your strategy. Let’s fix that shit and set you up for success. Till next time, change your mindset, change your results. Love this episode of the Fearlessly Fertile podcast?

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