EP96 Adieu 2020: Ending Your Year Wisely = Success In 2021

Learn a simple, but powerful 2-step process for closing out your year wisely…so you can set yourself up for crazy-good success in 2021. No matter what happened on your fertility journey this year, what I’m teaching you here, will help you use even the darkest sh*t to your advantage.

Hey gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, Fertility Mindset Master. Former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43, despite years of fertility treatment failure, I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey. Just like I did get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine badassery, and loads of hell. Yes.

For your fertility journey, it’s time to get fearless, baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile podcast, episode 96. Adieu, 2020. Let’s close out the year wisely. Hey loves, I am so excited to be here with you this week as we are in the final days of 2020. Wow, I mean, it seems like just yesterday.

We were doing the very first podcast of the year. And, and it’s funny because as I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you this week, I, you know, I kind of rewinded in my head and I was like, Whoa, you know, what was I doing the first week in, in 2020 or what was I thinking in the days before New Year’s?

Like, What did I want for myself? What did I think was going to happen? Like, did I have any idea like even half this crazy shit would happen that has been the hallmark of 2020, right? Like just so much insanity, so much fear, so much uncertainty. And you know, this year’s just turned out to be this very unusual period of time in a lot of people’s lives.

So I was asking myself, okay, what do I want these ladies to know? How, what, you know, what’s the gift that I want to give this week? What’s the teaching? And, and it came to me very loud and clear, and it was just quite simple. I want to teach you to do something that will utterly change the way you will look at any crazy shit that comes into your life.

And here’s the thing. There’s going to be the masses, the groupthink. Out there. That’s just going to usher you into this idea that 2020 was this anus horribilis. It was just this terrible year that, you know, everyone just wants to forget. And everyone wants to just slide into home and be in 2021 as if, you know, 2021 is really going to be any different.

But the reality is, is until you change the way you think, or until you, you take a new level of responsibility in your life. Each year, regardless of what’s going to come up, can be a shitty year, right? You may find yourself every single year on December 31st, 20, you know, whatever, is saying, Oh, wow, that was, you know, I just, I’m so glad that year’s over rather than having the tool set and really the skill to do something wiser than just say, you know, fuck off 20 whatever.

Like, I’m so glad you’re over. You know, looking at your life and looking at time in that way, it’s just not you and your power. So I want to teach you to do something different. So while everyone else is bitching and complaining about 2020, I want you to do a master stroke move. And that is I want you to close out this year wisely.

I want you to get very familiar with how awesome this year was. What are some of the nuggets Of hard one intelligence and hard one wisdom that you can walk away with from 2020. So, I mean, if it’s not obvious, if you’ve been listening to this podcast enough, you know, you, you understand that when everyone else is going left, I go right.

And there’s a reason for that, because groupthink is a dangerous thing. If you just join the bandwagon and agree with everyone that this year sucked, you’re never doing any independent thinking for yourself. What if 2020 was actually an incredible year for you? What if 2020 is the year that everything changes for you in a really positive way?

Not just because of any given circumstances that occurred, you know, maybe you had a breakthrough on this journey when it came to your health or maybe you had a breakthrough on this journey, especially if you’re one of my ladies who’s been through my Fearlessly Fertile Method program who has utterly changed the way she thinks and is therefore changing her results and the trajectory of her journey.

But you know, maybe things have changed for you in a really positive way that if you just buy into the idea that 2020, it was a fucking dumpster fire and is. You know, irreparable, and there’s nothing good that came out of it. You know, you could be completely ignoring a host of real gifts that came this year.

Here’s what I want you to do, and I’m going to keep it really simple. I just want you to get out a piece of paper, And really be an honest historian for what 2020 was about for you. And instead of, again, and I’m saying it because I really want to drive this point home, is that instead of just joining the bandwagon of people who are going to poo poo 2020, I want you to really think about what, how 2020 was actually an amazing messenger for you.

I know it was for me. Like on so many different fronts, not only in my work, but in my writing and, and all of the different projects that my team and I have set up, like this has been a really powerful year. And you know, if there’s a part of you that says, well, I can’t possibly find, you know, anything good because all these people are dying.

Well, two things can be true at the same time. There can be legitimate tragedy going on around you. And it can also be true that there are some real gifts around you. And, and once you really get good at telling the whole truth and that’s really the master stroke here is being able to harvest the good in any given situation, you have the power to change your life.

And that’s ultimately my prayer and my wish for you in 2021 is you get really good at this. Because this isn’t just great for you on this journey. This is great for you in your entire life. In your work, in your relationships, the way that you will go for your dreams even outside of having your baby.

Because that’s a reality. Is that you’re not just here to be a mom. That’s like a critical aspect of your calling. But there is so much more to you. Like, how are you going to show up in your family? How are you going to show up as a mom at school, you know, when, when your children are, you know, in school or whatever the case may be.

Like, this is an important existential and intellectual question for you to be asking. What’s the gift in this for me? So as I was saying, get out a piece of paper and I really want you to write all of the things that were awesome. About 2020 and I really want you to do this work. Don’t just be lazy about this.

Don’t say oh, that’s super cute ideas And I’ll get to that later Woman, you are well advised to do this right now right now Like right now, and the reason for that is, is because you’re going to the longer you put this off and the longer you take to get real about what’s actually true in your life, the longer your mind is going to have to fuck with you, right?

Those saboteurs that are lurking inside of you right now. If you say to yourself, Oh yeah, that sounds like a great idea. And like, Oh, I’ll put that down. Like between now and when you actually do it, your saboteurs. Have loads of time to convince you about why this year sucks or why this year was unfair or why you’re a victim of this year.

The quicker that you go from that’s a great idea to doing the work, the less opportunity your saboteurs have to get you off track. And that’s the thing. Is not only are you learning here about how to control your perspective, how to really mine for the whole truth, not just the bullshit that your saboteurs are trying to sell, but you’re also learning to take very quick action.

One of the ways that we just completely fuck ourselves over on this journey is we overthink we’ll sit there and we’ll spin for hours, maybe even days. Over a decision that you already know the answer to, right? Like, there may be part of you that doesn’t want to own the fact that this was a great year for you, you know?

Or maybe there’s part of you that is so sold on the idea that this year sucked massive ass for you, that you’re not even willing to consider how it was great. So, Take action here. Discipline yourself to go do this exercise right now so that you have some tangible evidence in front of you that when other people are, you know, maybe you’re going to be seeing family for New Year’s Eve, or maybe you’re going to see close friends or whomever you’re interacting with right now, or maybe you’re watching a movie at home curled up on the couch.

I don’t know. But when, when you reflect, which you undoubtedly will on 2020, 2020. You’re going to have tangible written evidence of the whole truth about it. So that when you’re thinking about what you want to create for yourself in 2021, that that’s not tainted with nonsense. I really want you to highlight the fact that, I mean, chances are you’ve had to learn to be way more resourceful than you’ve ever been in your life because of what 2020 presented you with.

That’s the value in, in seeing the whole truth where you can see the challenges, but you can also see the way that you grew into those challenges. How did you respond? What are the ways in which you became resourceful? What might you do differently? And that’s what a smart woman does on this journey. She doesn’t just get knocked down and never get up.

Unless, of course, she’s not committed to the dream. And that’s cool too. But you have to own it. As a grown up. As an adult. You have to own your choices. And it’s funny because, and this is going to sound kind of harsh, but, it’s true nonetheless. A mentor of mine was, uh, telling me the other day, the only true failures, are quitters.

And it was interesting because I never really thought about it that way. But, you know, think about how gangster you’ve been this year. All of the yeses that you had to say to keep putting one foot in front of the other. None of that shit’s failure. You don’t fail until you quit. Right? Because quitting means, yeah, I’m done.

I’m done. That’s the only time when you actually have a failure. Everything else is moving in the direction of what you want. So celebrate what’s awesome about 2020. Now let’s talk about the second step. We’re going to keep this really simple because actually it doesn’t need to be any more complicated than this.

For everything that you have identified as awesome or a really cool nugget that you want to glean from 2020, You are going to state how you intend to use that lesson, use that blessing, or use that level of increased awareness, whatever it was that you put down on your list for each one of those things that you’ve identified, you are also going to identify a corresponding way That you are going to use that awesome thing or use that awesome lesson or leverage that amazing blessing in 2021 because it’s one thing to make a list of things that are awesome, but it takes it to another level.

Like this is next level shit for you to be able to identify these amazing things that you are going to reap and harvest from 2020. And the next step is to say, okay, well, how am I actually going to use this? How am I going to use this to propel me forward? Let’s say one of the things that you found super awesome about 2020 is many, maybe you realized just how abundant you are.

Maybe you, you know, despite some of the craziness going on in the world, you had an exceptional year. So one way that you can decide to use that is to say, Hey, in 2021, when I start to freak out about money or resources or opportunities, I’m going to remember the fact that, Hey, 2020, in spite of all of the insanity, I created abundance in my life.

So that’s how you take something you’ve identified as a great thing about 2020 and how you use it to propel you forward in 2021. Maybe another awesome thing about 2020 is you finally got your wish to work from home. You know, you probably never thought it would be under these circumstances, but shit, your dream came true.

And, and maybe the way that you use this to propel you forward in 2021 is if you’re in a situation where you might actually be going back to a physical location, maybe you’re like, I actually love the way my life is right now. I love working from home that you will use this reality and all of the proof that comes along with it to show your employer, Hey, I’m just as productive here at home as I am in the office.

So let’s just agree that I’m going to continue to work from home, you know, whatever it may be. Find the blessing, use it to propel you forward. That’s what really smart women do. And here’s the massive payoff to all of this. When you have a list of great things that you can harvest from even one of the darkest years, perhaps in your memory, and you have a list of ways that you’re going to use each and every one of those Awesome things to your advantage to propel you forward in 2021 you firmly place both of your feet in one of the most powerful positions you can ever be in any aspect of your life.

And that’s grateful. Gratitude will slay fear, negativity and doubt every single time. This is how smart women do it, baby. We do not live our lives by ear. We are conscious and we live our lives on purpose. We take the lesson. We make the commitment to exactly how we’re going to use that lesson and we always fall back on gratitude.

You have the opportunity right here and now, my loves, to change the trajectory of your journey in 2021. So go do it. And if you love this podcast and the free content I provide every single week, rain or shine, one of the best ways to show your appreciation is to take a moment right now while you are listening and give this podcast a five star review.

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