EP29: Is Your Past Blocking Your Baby?

Is there something hiding in your past or family lineage that is blocking your baby? In this special XL episode, you will meet Hemla Makan-Dullabh, founder of the 7 Rays Holistic Center. One of Hemla’s areas of mastery is looking at Family Constellations, to help energetically resolve the negative effects and potentially destructive patterns we carry from family traumas. Understanding inherited family trauma can give increased awareness of and freedom from repeating the same old negative patterns that may have plagued us for generations. Your thoughts and beliefs are powerful baby! Time to take your understanding of them to a whole new level. Learn more about Hemla and her work at: https://www.7raysholisticcenter.com

Hey gorgeous, if you want success on your fertility journey, you’ve got to have the mindset for it. It’s time to kick fear, negativity, doubt, shame, jealousy, and the whole clown car of low vibe fertility journey BS to the curb. I’m your host, Roseanne Austin, fertility mindset master, former prosecutor and recovering type A control freak perfectionist.

I use the power of mindset to get pregnant naturally and have my baby boy at 43. Despite years of fertility treatment failure, I help women across the globe beat the odds on their fertility journey. Just like I did get ready for a quick hit of confidence, joy, feminine, badassery, and loads of hell. Yes.

For your fertility journey. It’s time to get fearless, baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile podcast episode 29. Is your past holding you back on this journey? My darlings, I am so excited to be with you this week because we’re gonna be talking about, well, a subject that can get a little out there.

At least that’s one way to put it. When we are on this journey and we are faced with so many obstacles and some of the things that come into our life just leave us scratching our heads and thinking, what the fuck? One of the things that we end up doing is asking ourselves the unanswerable question of why me?

And it’s a way of looking for certainty, we’re trying to figure all this out, but some of this isn’t entirely figureoutable, at least on our own. Which is why we bring experts, coaches, mentors, and anyone else that can help. into this journey and when we’re looking at the power of what you think and believe and how it can support you in creating success on your journey, one of the necessary things we have to look at is your patterns of behavior.

The source of those patterns of behavior, thoughts, or beliefs might be readily identifiable, but some indeed will leave you thinking, where the heck did this come from? Now, when I first met our guest this week, the amazing Hemla Makhondulub, I was blown away. And what Hemla’s discipline is, she looks at family constellations, because more often than not, the patterns, beliefs, and the thoughts that we have were formed sometimes generations before we even got here.

Now, I know you’re thinking, oh, Roseanne, there you are, going all woo woo on me. But I think when you hear my conversation with Hema, you’ll see how this actually doesn’t just make sense, incredible sense, it can give you really powerful insight into who you are, the stories that you tell, and what to do about them.

So, I am super excited to be bringing this subject to you because I’m all about helping you break down the blocks between you and your baby, and if you got something that’s blocking you from your family constellation, let’s handle that shit, baby. I know that what Hemla has to offer can absolutely empower you on your journey.

I hope that you’re going to take some inspiration and some insight from my interview with the amazing Hemla Makandula. I’ve got to tell you that when I first met Hemla, I was blown away. I, you know me from listening to my podcast, like, I’m not afraid of the woo woo, but I am certainly more doo than woo.

And when one of my friends facilitated the situation where I met Hemla, I was just, I immediately thought, Wow. This woman is so tuned in, tapped in, and turned on to this aspect of my own awareness that I just was immediately drawn to her. And I am so excited for you to get to know Hemla and the work she does.

So welcome to the podcast, Hemla. We’re so happy to have you. Thanks so much. I appreciate that. And I’m looking forward to it. Yes. And so let’s talk a little bit about what Inherited family trauma and what family constellations are. I know those are two different things and I’m probably jumbling them wrong, but I know that you, you know your subject at an expert level and you can probably unmangle that.

So, well, both of what you said is correct. Um, no, what you said is correct. So family constellation is the official name given by the founder, Bert Hellinger, who lives in Germany. And began this therapy, um, I would say almost like 40 years back. And the healing, or the, what it works with, is our inherited family trauma or pain, uh, from our past, from our ancestry.

So, both of what you said is correct there. Oh, that’s great. That’s great. I’m glad I wasn’t too far off. So, tell us a little bit about What essentially a family constellation is, like why would anybody be interested in looking at this? Okay, so Family Constellations really looks at our ancestry and we know that we inherit our genes biologically, uh, through our family lineage, both on our mother and father side.

But we also then inherit, uh, traumas or issues or difficulties or situations that might have happened in the past. So, for example, if, uh, let’s say great great grandfather left the country of origin to move, in those days people moved because there was poverty, or war, or famine, or some kind of trauma that then let, made them leave their country of origin to move to somewhere else.

So that’s part of what we also carry with us. And let’s say that trauma was indeed that the village was wiped out, or Uh, the town or the people, uh, that belong to your family that if you, if you think about it, even now, if something had to happen to our children or our partners or our brothers and sisters, our parents, that has a huge wound for us.

And with family constellations, we looking way back in history to heal or to bring peace and understanding to that wound. So that all the generations after that don’t carry it because what happens is we, um, inherit that trauma through the generations, unknowingly, of course, and they can show up in things like, let’s say, schizophrenia or heart problems or Issues in a relationship or difficulty, uh, falling pregnant, uh, you know, these are all different ways that they can show up and many, many more.

Wow. Okay. So then that’s where the term inherited family trauma would kind of come into play then. Exactly. Exactly. Got it. Got it. You know, and it was just so incredible to me when we met and I didn’t even know that this kind of exploration existed. And so, you know, tell us a little bit about how maybe somebody who is not familiar with this kind of exploration, like, how do they begin to wrap their mind around it?

Because I know that so many of my women, lovably type A, control freaky, professional, perfectionist, you know, we don’t really. Take a lot of time to think about this other aspect of ourselves. And sometimes we can look at it with a level of suspicion or, you know, like, Ooh, that sounds a little woo woo. You know, what would you say to somebody that, you know, maybe is interested in exploration, but doesn’t quite.

Understand the value. Right. Well, we can start with Bert Hellinger, who was a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, and he, um, observed, he had come to South Africa and observed in his days as a missionary how the Zulu people looked at their ancestry for answers. And he took that and he combined what he observed from that with psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, and then added a few other therapies along to create this whole system.

And the, it is, of course, sounding, uh, woo woo sounding because it is, um, so out there when you hear what, what is said, but when you think about it. It’s really not any different from looking at ourselves and noticing what happens, uh, in our own bodies that we don’t only carry what’s going on in our own bodies, but what’s happened before us.

So let’s say someone has had difficulty, uh, falling pregnant and they’ve tried multiple IVFs and nothing’s working. So then we would say, well, let’s look at what could have happened in the past that might have had an impact on us. And that looking at the past would mean, and we don’t even have to know details of what happened in our family history or lineage.

Cause some people get really worried about that. What if I don’t know this? And I say, well, you don’t need to know that. And it is, as you know, Roseanne, cause you’ve experienced it yourself now, that it is fascinating how, what is needed in that moment can show up and it can be from what we might feel in our bodies.

It might be words that pop into our heads and you go, well, why am I thinking that? Uh, thoughts, uh, feelings. And, um, those kind of give us an indication of what might be carried or inherited through our families that is impacting us. Yes, yes, and, and having done this work myself, I mean, I just, oh my gosh, we had a great time doing this, like, and it was so, you know, anyone listening to this, I mean, I just really want to underscore, like, with the background that I have that is naturally fairly skeptical as a prosecutor, you know, I kind of went into it thinking, what is this?

But what was incredible is together, Hema, I really felt like we were able to tap into my intuition. Yes. And tap into that knowing, and very quickly, that skepticism kind of fell away. And I began to make the connections, which I think is so incredible. Right, right. And the thing is that it’s really looking at our act, what we, what we do, our action, our patterning, our reactions.

And then it comes back to the fundamental basis of all human beings. We want to belong. We want to, uh, have some kind of balance or equilibrium in our lives. Uh, we want to have predictability and safety and when any part of our life is not feeling like that, it can be, uh, it can feel like it’s, uh, we feeling uprooted or, um, unsettled and that’s where the constellations also, uh, come in to help us to understand what that might be and bring, and I’m going to say the word healing, uh, because it’s our own piece Full state that comes out of it or own like, oh, that’s what that might be that can occur and You know that is something that we all need Absolutely.

Absolutely. And I think you know because I serve women on the fertility journey and I’ve lived this myself and ultimately You know Found a way to beat the odds. I know that a lot of the work that I had to do to get to this place and, you know, in coaching women all over the world, I see the same thing that so much of our focus tends to be just on the medical, the, the tangible.

That we leave this whole subject of our thoughts, our beliefs, and the things that we’re carrying, we kind of cast that aside and sort of treat it as a, you know, a nice to have, rather than giving it the full level of, of discussion and exploration that it deserves. Because I can tell you, when I was trying to conceive, You know, all I was focused on was just get me this baby, just, you know, just do everything that I need to, to do physically to bring this boy in.

But there were so many behaviors and so many negative thoughts, negative beliefs that were literally blocking me. Right. Exactly. And that’s the thing is our emotional state. There’s three parts to us, right? Our bodies, our minds, and our emotions. What we needing to do is access all three at the same time, which of course is not always easy, but that’s when therapies like Family Constellation come in to help us to bring some semblance of understanding and peace is what it is, because when we’re not feeling that, I mean, you know, from your own experience that you probably felt all over the place and uncomfortable and worried and anxious and All these other emotions that come up with it, and that’s all part of the constellation too.

Mm hmm. Yeah, yeah, and it’s incredible because sometimes we don’t even see the patterns. Exactly. It’s crazy. I mean, through the work that you and I have done, it’s just been incredible to me, like how Systemic some of the negative beliefs that we can carry or the the limiting beliefs like that might be an even better way of putting it this this notion that we have limits are get passed down through the generations and it’s not even ours.

Right. As you know, like, when, when we did some of the work, I’m like, wait a second, that’s not even mine. You know, that, that I don’t actually believe that. And it’s such a power, the work that you do is so powerful because it positions us to think completely differently. So can you give us, you know, maybe an example of, of women that you’ve worked with that are struggling?

with fertility that have found this work to be helpful. Sure, um, so I, I can give you a brief overview of a session I did with someone who, uh, had had multiple IVFs and, uh, I should respond. age that she had had. And she was at the end of being years that she’d been trying to have a child. And, um, when we did the constellation, it was really interesting because the institution of the hospital also plays a part because it is a, uh, if you think about human beings work there and they bring their stuff to that.

environment. So that plus then all the rules and regulations around hospitals and expectations affect us. And what was fascinating was during her constellation, the hospital came into it as well. And the Um, you know, the fact that she had lost so many, um, fetuses at this particular hospital. And, uh, we actually brought some kind of understanding there, but then her, uh, coming back to her own family, uh, lineage, there were two parts.

So that was one part. And the other part was, uh, looking back, um, about seven generations, uh, before, right about there was, uh, her ancestry had come from Poland and they were, uh, There was a famine at the time. And basically the few people that had survived were, they were, uh, the image that she got was of them walking along this really muddy road.

And, um, that famine meant they had to conserve everything and kind of self preserve. And. The thought of having babies or bringing any children into it was just not acceptable in that time because there was not enough food. And who would have thought that a famine seven generations back would have affected then what she carried in her body?

And what she did find was that her mother had had miscarriages, her grandmother had had miscarriages, and um, she didn’t know all of this ahead of time. Well, she knew that her mother had, but she didn’t know her grandmother had. And she actually went back and asked her mother about that. And her mother said, yep, you know, the grandmother had had three miscarriages in between.

And I mean, it was further back than that too, that the miscarriages that happened and all of these miscarriages are all. Uh, souls that are needing recognition. Wow. So, we, we brought that into the constellation and suddenly the whole energy shifted, changed for her. And, um, it was this recognition of all these children who had been lost and they were brought back.

So, in constellation, as you said, it’s systemic and it’s needing to acknowledge, uh, all that were lost before, all who belong. I know earlier I said belonging is really important. But even in miscarriages or abortions or, um, uh, stillbirths, those all, uh, often, and you know, constellations vary from person to person.

So I’m giving you a general example here, but all of those need to be brought into the constellation to be acknowledged because they hold a place in it. And the minute someone is left out of a constellation. Like if there was a child, uh, born in secret or kept away from the family, uh, and that’s often a situation that used to happen for it seems many families that, um, you know, children were had out of wedlock or there was a love between someone and, uh, the partner.

And then the child was kind of kept away from the family. And all of this then impacts this family because there’s someone who belongs. Who hasn’t been acknowledged. And so when that is, when that person is brought in, suddenly the family is complete or full and that healing can begin. Wow. Yeah. And I kind of told you three different stories in there.

You know, I started off telling you about one person, but really when I was telling you a little bit about what I told you at the end, that that’s another constellation that I had done. And, um, that acknowledgement is very, very big. Wow, you know what I love about this and I mean, I even see this in the coaching that I do It’s really about you know, there’s so much fear.

There’s so much doubt There’s so not so much negativity and so much of it comes from not owning who we are you know the good the bad the sometimes ugly that that messiness of who we are as people and There’s something about the fertility journey that really pushes us to the limit when it comes to that because I really feel like this journey calls into question so many things about ourselves that wouldn’t be yeah And when we take the time to do work like this to really look, you know, what you know What are the things that could be impacting the way that I see myself?

Like it just gives us another level of understanding and all that Is, is just another way for our, our, for us to cover our bases on this journey. Right. And I could give you an example around that for, uh, again, a consolation I did for someone, um, who had had multiple abortions and, uh, before she got married, you know, with other relationships that she had, but in her 45 years, uh, I was the first person that she shared it with.

So she said. This is so embarrassing for me. I don’t even want to tell you that this is what I did. And I said, well, you know, there’s no judgment because we all have things in our family and that we have done that, um, you know, that we might not be proud of, but we human, and this is part of being human and everything is welcome.

Every part of you is welcome. And, um, she then proceeded to tell me that she had multiple abortions, which then affected the fact that she couldn’t have children later. And, um, in her case, you know, and that secret that she had held herself, that was so difficult. And then she told me that her mother had had to have an abortion because they, her mother was a generation that moved here to the States.

And her mother was about to get on to, uh, a boat to, uh, bring her. To the United States and she couldn’t possibly be pregnant starting a new life. And so her mother had an abortion, uh, that was before she was born. So those things all affected her and her ability to conceive, you know, when she was ready to conceive and be a mom.

And, uh, those factors. Really impact us and you know, the thing about family constellation is there is no blame there isn’t because we all again human and we all, uh, um, you know, make errors and do things that we might not be proud of or have regret around, but family constellation kind of holds all of that.

And the one thing that is emphasized over and over is that no matter how terrible your story. There is this acceptance of it to be born of rape and have generations born of rape is something else that I’ve worked with where they were in a multiple generations of where, um, she’d been raped, the mother had been raped and those things can impact us too.

And, you know, those are all perpetrations done on us and those are, we acknowledge both the perpetrator. Of the crime, as well as, uh, the person who’s receiving that, because, uh, they are also products of what happened before them, as much as it’s difficult. Mm. Mm. So, what would you say, like, if a woman is saying to herself, gosh, I wonder if there’s something in my past, like, that is, that is It’s blocking me and, and I’m not even aware of it.

Right. You know, what is, what is a way for somebody that, you know, is trying to wrap their head around this? Like what would be a first step? Like as they’re, you know, as they’re hearing us talk about this, like what would be like a first step as somebody’s beginning to explore this subject? Right. For me, the first step would be sitting down and having a, a conversation with them.

to ask, well, obviously they’re trying to fall pregnant. I’m assuming that would be the prerequisite. Is that right? For my audience? Yes. Yes. So, so in that case, you know, we, we would look at it and say, you know, we don’t know anything about your history. Let’s say they have no knowledge of it. Uh, or they were adopted because in that case, they might not have, if it’s a closed adoption.

So we start from where we are, which is with that person. So if it’s, let’s say this person wanting a constellation, we would start with, with me and speaking to this person and saying, let’s represent you first. And then if there’s a partner, then we would bring that partner in and we would begin from there and work back in time.

And, um, they don’t need to know any details of anything before them. It’s as you know, oftentimes sensations, feelings, thoughts that just pop into our heads or, you know, I’ve had people where their hands swell up and their bodies start shaking or they can’t stand up straight. These are all indications. Of things that are happening, and even if we doing it via, uh, distance by Zoom or, um, FaceTime or Skype, these things are still felt over distance because energy is energy.

And so we would then work with that and see what that was that stood in the path and continue to work back until we come to understanding of where it would have began and then bring healing at that point. And so then all the generations after can move on from where it was. Wow. Well, I love that you brought up the, the subject of energy because even for the biggest skeptics in the world, you cannot deny that when two people are talking, there is an energetic bond.

Like you can feel tired, you can feel frightened, you can feel all different kinds of energies as you’re communicating. Yes. And I remember when we were doing one of the two constellations that you and I have done together. That there, I started to feel sensations in my body when we got onto certain topics that I was really surprised by.

And if you remember, it was almost like right before any, any, you know, we had a session that there would be something that was like, that would come up in my life that would threaten to, for, to cancel the session, but we always found a way to get past it and you and I laugh because we’re like, what is it that we’re trying, you know, what is it that.

You know, is trying to avoid being uncovered here, you know, and right. And, you know, because I was open to that and you’re open to that, obviously, like, you know, we were able to get curious, but it doesn’t surprise me that things like that happen and why this work is so powerful. Yes. And, you know, uh, just the other day I was doing a session for someone.

And, uh, she said to me just before, she says, I had to go to the bathroom so many times before our session started. And I don’t know what’s wrong with me. And I said to her, well, there’s nothing wrong with you. This is part of what happens sometimes for people. I mean, doesn’t always, but it can be, people can get headaches.

And as you know, there’s all kinds of drama that can occur beforehand because sometimes certain things that have been hidden for such a long time in the system, it doesn’t want to be brought to the surface yet it does. So it’s like both feelings. It does and it doesn’t and it is important, but somewhere in it, there is an an opening, uh, available for that to happen.

’cause if it wasn’t then nothing would happen, you know? Right. We wouldn’t even have this discussion. They wouldn’t beat this therapy and the system of working. Yes. And um, there is some opening somewhere that is allowing for that to happen. And, um, you know, once we stop working, as you know, it just flows and that’s the same thing that happened for her.

And she said, I feel so much better, all the pain in my body is gone and it feels like I feel so calm now and that can happen too. And I’m not saying this happens every single time. Again, it varies differently from person to person and in my experience of having constellations done for myself. The sensations vary from, uh, all of what I’ve mentioned before to the sense of just Like, oh, you know, acceptance, peace, surrender, I, that’s kind of emotions that I have felt myself both standing in, in for other people’s constellations, because you can do it in a group situation, uh, and of course doing it when I’ve had one on one constellations done or doing it for other people too.

Yes. Yes. And I, you know, and for anyone listening that, you know, maybe some of this seems a little out there, you know, we all know when we’re carrying tension and that’s just another way of saying it where, you know, you know that you’re like, man, I’ve got this pain in my shoulder. What is that about? You know?

Right. And you know, when you do further exploration, when it, you know, when you know it’s not from working out, you know, or, you know, you, or it’s not from some physical exertion. It’s not unreasonable to look inside of ourselves for the source of our pain, because I honestly have come to believe that our bodies tell the truth when we can’t.

Oh, yes. And there’s two great books I can recommend that people can, uh, perhaps look at to understand more of this, both written by really, uh, amazing doctors. Uh, the one is by Dr. Gabo Marte, and it’s called When the Body Says No. And he makes lots of references to family constellations and the importance of it when our bodies say no.

And, uh, the other is Bessel van der Kolk, and it’s when the body keeps the score. And both of those are really powerful reads. And, you know, I, I love what they talk about. And in each of their books, they talk about how our bodies hold things. Even if we’re not aware that we even feel them, or think them, or believe them.

Because some of it, let’s face it, we don’t believe. Like, I mean, really? That’s not true. That’s the kind of belief we might have. But our bodies, if we learn to tune into them, tell us a different story. Thing is, most of us as human beings are not tuned into our bodies. We tuned into the world, what is expected of us, and we go.

And, uh, this, you know, when I’m in, in this situation that, you know, where, where people cannot fall pregnant or have difficulty conceiving, our bodies are trying to tell us something. And if we stop and learn to listen in, and that’s not just for people, all human beings. Even my own journey is about how can I listen into my own body more clearly and more carefully because I, I miss the cues.

Right, right. And I, the journey back is back to myself and the same thing for each of us as human beings. The journey is back to ourselves. How can we listen in more intuitively with more compassion and kindness because we all have very Uh, strong in the critics that take us away from what it is that we really needing to hear.

Yeah. And, you know, even from a logical and linear perspective, you know, even scientific, and this blew my mind when I, when I thought about this and, and heard it discussed was that when my grandmother was pregnant with my mother, the egg that turned into me was there. So it’s like you have these three generations all there at the same time.

And when we understand epigenetics, like how, how is it possible that grandmother’s stress would not be transferred to mother and ultimately to me? Exactly. And epigenetics is exactly that. So it plays a huge role because it’s all those generations that are right there together in one space. Weird, but it is true, right?

Yeah, no, it’s, it’s absolutely fascinating and, you know, I read Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, and, you know, when I started, when I was on my own journey and really studying how important my own thoughts and beliefs, uh, you know, could be. In, in creating blocks to my son, like, I just became obsessed with that and, you know, to be able to take it even further with your work, it’s just incredible how we really do have the power within us to affect our own healing.

Yes, we do. It’s incredible. So, wow, Hemla, this has been really exciting and so, you know, such a delight to even begin to explore this, and my hope is that every woman listening to this, you know, even if you’re, you gotta listen to it a couple times to wrap your head around it, but the idea is simple, is that we all carry stories, and Through doing the work of family constellations, you can begin to understand those stories and heal them.

Is that fair to say? Absolutely. That’s exactly it. I couldn’t put it any better than what you just said right now. And, um, you know, uh, looking back at our, um, inherited family lineage and the epigenetics of everything and the systemic ness of the whole Uh, well, all the generations before and bringing some kind of peace and understanding to ourselves so we can move forward is such a important part of, um, our life’s journey.

Yes. Yes. Well, thank you so much for being with us, Hemla. And please tell the ladies that are listening, how can they get in contact with you and what kind of things do you have coming up that, you know, they might have a great opportunity to meet with you and work with you? Sure. Thank you. So the best way to contact me is, uh, through my website.

It’s www dot seven, the number seven raise holistic center. com. Or you can contact me, uh, at Hemla at seven rays, holistic center. com. And, um, just drop me an email or have a look at my website. I have a blog that I’ve written there on what is family constellations, because that is a question people ask a lot.

Because it is, like you’re saying, a little bit out there and really hard to wrap your head around. And, um, I’ve put, uh, a blog together with a few links to, you know, some of the books and stuff that people have written that kind of feed into it so that you can have a look at that. Um, I have a group workshop for those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay area and would like to do a live workshop.

I have one coming up on Saturday, September 21st, and it’s from 10 to 5. And, um, I also work remotely with people, uh, so if you wanted to work online, I do, uh, Family Constellations as a group work, uh, via Skype or Zoom or FaceTime. And probably Zoom would be the best if we’re doing it for a group. And if you want to do your own one on one session, then, um, Skype, Zoom, or, um, FaceTime would work.

And, uh, the best way to contact me again is through my, uh, email address that I sent. And then through my website, Seven Rays Holistic Center. Yes. And I’ll put, I’ll put a link to your website in the show notes for this. And Hemla is spelled H E M L A. So when people are putting that out there, so this Hemla.

And I really I’m so happy that we’re talking about this and, and so excited for the women to begin exploring this because I know my ladies very well. They are doing everything they can to get pregnant. They want to cover their bases and they’re committed to being successful. And I honestly believe that if your heart is open and there’s a part of you that suspects that maybe you’re carrying something that isn’t your own, You’ve got to do the investigation because nobody wants to look back on their journey with regret.

So even if this is a little out there, give yourself a chance to explore it. So thank you for being with us, Hemla. I’m so glad that you were able to meet with us in this way. There you are, my loves. Isn’t the subject of Family Constellation just absolutely fascinating? When we are committed to doing everything we can to get pregnant, covering our bases, and setting ourselves up, not only for success, but for zero regret, sometimes we have to look outside of more traditional ways of looking at our lives.

And in the process of that, we find our freedom. We find the things that are blocking us. And then we combine that with powerful coaching to truly make. massive change, huge strides, and clear the way for the babies that we know are headed our way. And remember, love, if you are doing everything you can to get pregnant and nothing is working and you want to be 100 percent sure you’re covering your bases, You simply can’t ignore the power of your thoughts and beliefs.

As you learned in this episode, they are strong. Women who beat the odds on this journey show up to it mind and body. My ladies learn how to think like women who succeed so they can be women who succeed. Enrollment in my Fearlessly Fertile Method program is open. This program is for women who intend to get pregnant in the next 12 months.

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