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I failed 84 times. Here's what it taught me about uncertainty - Rosanne Austin

I failed 84 times. Here’s what it taught me about uncertainty

Happy Tuesday!

Let’s keep it real, I “failed” more times than I was successful on this journey.

It sucked.

I had never experienced such a ridiculous level of failure in my life and it leveled me.

I was elected to the student council in the first grade.

I won foot races in middle school.

I rocked my Advanced Placement classes in high school.

I aced college.

I distinguished myself in law school.

I was crushing it in my career as a prosecutor.

I married my soulmate.

I’m not sharing this to be a conceited asshole.

This is simply the set of facts upon which I had built a belief that, if I worked hard enough, was “good” enough, and played by the rules, things would work out for me on this journey.

If only things were that seemingly logical, linear, or CERTAIN when it comes to fertility.

There was no apparent correlation between how “hard” I worked or how “perfect” I was and my results.

I was doing everything I knew to do, yet I continued to “fail.”

I could deal with the endless poking and prodding.

I could deal with shoveling money out the window at what felt like 90 miles an hour.

I could deal with the individual disappointments.

It was not knowing WHEN or HOW my journey would end that threatened to destroy me.

I made the uncertainty mean pain.

I made the uncertainty mean doom.

I made the uncertainty mean lack.

YIKES! Is there any wonder I was so miserable?

What I believed about uncertainty was polluting my life and quietly sabotaging my efforts.

I realized that if I was going to have any chance of changing my results, I had to change ME–the one inescapable constant in this whole insane equation.

I had to change what I believed about uncertainty–because no one, not even we Type A, make-it-happen, over-achieving types, can outrun it!

We have to learn how to make it work FOR us.

Let’s save you from another day of unnecessary misery with the simple lesson I learned.


If the outcome is uncertain, that means anything is possible.

Uncertainty means that even if you’ve failed 84 times before, you still have a fucking chance, as long as you stay in the game and keep saying YES.

Focusing on the gift of possibility that uncertainty brings is why, in spite of my history of “failure,” I am snuggling my precious boy today.

Is it time for you to change what you believe about uncertainty?

My ladies turn uncertainty into extraordinary possibility.

They create their own certainty based on what they believe, taking bold, inspired action, and letting an unwavering HELL YES lead the way to their inevitable success…as it always does.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.



Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Change what you believe about uncertainty.

Bust out your journal.

What are your beliefs about uncertainty? Are they serving you? What do you desire them to be? Is it time for an upgrade?

Take an honest look at your journey and your life–where has uncertainty been a saving grace? If you look close enough, you will find it!

Stretch yourself! It’s about progress, not perfection.