Fearlessly Fertile

Half-Day Intensive

Are your beliefs, thoughts, and actions supporting your fertility?

What if the power of mindset gave you the advantage to finally have your baby?

What if in 3 hours you could start living your fertility journey in a way that made your success not only possible, but inevitable?

You, me, and your journey make 3.

Let’s be honest. There’s nothing you dream of more than holding your baby.

To that end you’ve spent thousands on fertility treatments.

You’ve tried Chinese herbs, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, healers, and even a few things that made you feel a tad bit silly…

You’ve gone gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and fun-free!

You are scouring Dr. Google for answers…and the proverbial “silver bullet.”

All of this and still no baby.

By now you are smart enough to realize that if it just came down to having the perfect treatment, you’d be “one and done.”

If it was just about diet, reading the right book, or being in the perfect yoga pose, you’d do those things, then have a Sound of Music moment in the baby aisle of your favorite store.

So, “what’s the missing piece?”

Change your thoughts. Have your baby.

Having educated and coached women across the globe, I can tell you without hesitation what sets women apart who become Moms–in the face of dreadful statistics, poor prognoses, and repeated “failures” is mindset.

So much emphasis is put on medicine, treatment, and what you put into your body that the stress and emotional toll of this journey gets virtually ignored—like it’s just the price of doing business.

Tragic mistake…because it may be impacting your results.

As a professional, hard-working, woman who is used to achieving her goals, the incredible uncertainty and fear of failure is eating you alive.

Pregnancy announcements in your social media send you spiraling and every time you see a pregnant woman, you can’t help but ask, “I am a good person, why not me?!”

You’ve managed to get by like this for a while, but living this way is toxic and you can feel it.

That’s why you’ve tried meditations, thinking “positive,” therapy, and distracting yourself–but nothing seems to stick. (Don’t worry, you aren’t alone!)

You know you’ve got to figure this out. You’ve heard the stories about or personally known women who “relaxed,” and finally got pregnant.

As frustrating as those stories may be, there is a reason why their TRUTH is repeated over and over around the world:

Your thoughts and beliefs impact your hormones, diet, sleep patterns, stress-level, overall health and well being, in addition to your decision making, choices, and actions.

Logically, therefore, your thoughts and beliefs can influence your outcomes.

Results don’t lie.

It makes zero sense to invest thousands of dollars more and precious emotional capital if you are just going to approach your next cycle with the same old negative mindset working against you.

Master your mindset. Bring home your baby.

I will teach you how.

My clients and I beat the odds. So can you.

Let me start by saying I am so glad you are here, love.

It means you are listening to the voice inside you that knows she’s got to do something about the stress, fear, doubt, overwhelm, and negativity that seem to be clawing away at her joy and excitement about becoming a Mom.

I know exactly how that feels.

I struggled with my fertility for YEARS during my career as a State Prosecutor.

I was a stressed out mess. I had never known so much failure and despair in my life.

I compared myself to every pregnant woman I set eyes on, asking “why not me???”

I dreaded pregnancy announcements, baby showers, and my social media feed.

I beat myself up with every “what if,” and negative thought my imagination could spit in my direction.

Does this sound at all familiar?

Well, I lived that way for years…and there’s no question it kept me from getting pregnant.

How do I know? Because, I was doing everything I possibly could physically to get pregnant!

State of the art fertility treatments, hyper-clean restrictive diets, acupuncture, herbs, supplements, lotions, potions, and every kind of healing approach you can imagine. If there was something that promised to help me get pregnant, I went after it like my hair was on fire, but…

Nothing. Worked.

All the while, I felt utterly helpless against the negativity, fear, and stress that were increasingly eating away at me.

I found myself waking up each morning with a pit in my stomach, spiraling in anxiety, and miserable.

And then it finally hit me like a ton of bricks! I could not possibly expect to get different results by believing, thinking, and acting as I always had:

If I wanted different results, I had to be different!

When I began believing, thinking, and acting like a woman who achieves success on this journey, I finally got pregnant for the first time, after years of struggle.

I later used the power of mindset to beat the odds again, and conceived my son naturally at 42.

What I learned changed my life to such a degree that I began coaching extraordinary women all over the world to do the same.

The results were undeniable.

Unexplained Infertility? PCOS? Low Ovarian Reserve? Endometriosis? Gorgeously over 40?

If being a Mom is a non-negotiable for you, it’s time your mindset started working FOR you, not against you. Are you ready?

Fearlessly Fertile

Half-Day Intensive

Mindset Technology for Women Ready to BEAT THE ODDS

What is The FEARLESSLY FERTILE™ Half-Day Intensive?

It is a private, invitation-only, 3-hour coaching intensive, conducted via phone or Skype, in which you and I will zero in on the exact mindset shifts that will support your fertility by reducing your stress, improving your peace of mind, and giving you the confidence that comes from knowing you are truly bringing your A-Game to one of the most important chapters of your life.

This isn’t feel good fluff. This is about getting to the core of the mindset blocks standing between you and your baby.

Together we will explore 5 strategic areas of mindset that are critical for women on the fertility journey.

No more confusion and feeling helpless when fear and doubt sneak up to try and pull the rug out from under you.

You will identify the thought patterns sabotaging you with toxic stress and—most importantly—aren’t doing a damn thing for your fertility.

We will work together to create an actionable plan you can implement immediately.

How unstoppable would you feel knowing your mind and body were working in sync to support your dream of being a Mom?

All of this is possible for you. You’ve got to take the first step.

Who is the FEARLESSLY FERTILE™ Half-Day Intensive for?

NOW is your time.

These women transformed their mindset and beat the odds. The results are undeniable.

I was lost and deep in the throws of dealing with infertility. I had just experienced another IVF failure and I was heartbroken. I knew I needed help. Having worked with Rosanne, I can honestly say she is the BEST decision I have ever made during my infertility journey! Rosanne is the ‘real deal’. She has been in the thick of infertility just like the women she coaches. She understands and relates. It was so comforting to know that someone else has experienced the EXACT same thoughts and emotions that I did and knows how to address them so I could rise above them and see the light. My heart needed healing and Rosanne guided me to a place of peace and purpose. She is a straight talker and pushed me to dig deeper. I am so incredibly happy and grateful to report that my miracle will be arriving in June 2017. I will surely let my little one know that he has a fairy godmother named Rosanne, who always believed in him. Give yourself a gift and work with Rosanne…you are truly worth the investment and more importantly your little one to be is too 🙂
Annmarie C.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
I felt that I had an immediate connection with Rosanne listening to a webinar on a Saturday morning when she opened up with the song “We Are Family”. The connection was validated and made real after our first call and life hasn’t been the same since! Working with Rosanne requires you to look in the mirror and to truly look at yourself asking tough questions. She’s a no bull-s woman who will not let you stand for or take it for yourself either. Did I tell you she will call you out on your bull-s as well?! Rosanne works on the facets of your life that is blocking the “mommy” path. She helped me to realize I CAN HAVE IT ALL. She helped me get out of my own way so I could experience what was truly meant for me. My journey started in June 2016 and by October, I had not only the promotion she helped me to work on getting, but most importantly I was able to yell out and speak the words I so longed to stay, ”I’M PREGNANT!” I have nothing but the utmost respect, admiration and love for Rosanne. She is truly a blessing and an exceptional woman, but also an angel in disguise to me!
Tracy M.
Virginia, USA
Rosanne is compassionate, fierce, and a pillar of strength, who was able to guide me through a particularly challenging fertility journey. She showed me what bullet proof belief meant when I had doubt, what healing felt like when we went through multiple failures, and together we celebrated our positive pregnancy test when it finally happened. She truly is my fertility fairy godmother!!
Nita M.
Ontario, Canada
I first heard Rosanne speak several months before beginning our second IVF cycle. At the time, I was still reeling from our first IVF cycle (which had not been successful.) I was looking for a coach to help me approach our next cycle with belief and confidence. In listening to Rosanne speak, one thing that really resonated with me was when she said that “faith and fear both require us to believe in things we cannot see” and we that we all have the ability to choose. That was a light bulb moment for me as fear had dictated practically every decision I had made about my fertility until that point. I knew that I wanted to turn things around and that Rosanne was the coach that could help me do just that! Rosanne gave me the direction and confidence to face not-so-pretty aspects of my life. She shared specific tools and strategies to change the way I was reacting to situations and people. I gradually gained a greater sense of self and began to manifest some absolutely beautiful things in my life. The most incredible blessing of all is our little girl who is due in June of 2017! I am truly thankful to Rosanne and her thoughtful approach. Having her support and guidance truly made the difference for me this time around. I strongly recommend her program to all women who are in the midst of their fertility journey – invest in yourself, you will be so happy that you did!
Jessica S.
Sarasota, Florida, USA
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Your Fearlessly Fertile™ 90 Day Program Includes:

After I review your Welcome Packet, you and I are going to kick your program off with a killer tete-a-tete where we zero in on the key focus areas for our time together, get crystal clear on your goals, and create an impactful, incredibly effective, custom approach to cultivating the mindset to support you in achieving the success that is oh-so-meant for you!

A Beautifully Designed Welcome Packet

After you say a big HELL YES to getting intense, you will receive a comprehensive set of creative, fun, and thought provoking materials that will help us zero in on your unique needs, so we can hit the ground running. My Fearlessly Fertile™ coaching program is a powerful structure, but there is nothing cookie-cutter about it! You will complete and return your Welcome Packet 72 hours prior to your intensive, so we can be certain to use our time to its best advantage.

A Fearlessly Fertile™ Half-Day Intensive Session

This luxurious, deep-dive, 3-hour coaching session will be conducted via phone or Skype. During our time, we will get laser-focused on the key mindset shifts that will support you to feel more ease, confidence, certainty, and joy, so you can start believing and thinking like a woman destined for success on her fertility journey. You will discover your unique path to removing mindset blocks and limiting beliefs, and have a new arsenal of killer tools and strategies for making fear and doubt a thing of the past. Different thoughts = different results! We will also design your success plan for implementing what you learned and making it stick.

Fearlessly fertile™ “Homework”

To solidify progress and deepen your learning, your intensive session will conclude with custom tailored homework. The magic of transforming your mindset is found in it’s application. Therefore, you must take action! Whether you are given a reading assignment or a challenge to take some exciting, personalized, goal-oriented leap(s), it is given out of love, respect, and sincere desire to empower you. This will be as fun as it is meaningful!

BONUS: 14 Days of Unlimited Access Via Email

Breaking free from the grip of old patterns requires consistent support. I am committed to your success (and know how sneaky old habits can be), so in addition to our intensive, I take it one step further by including unlimited access to me via email (my clients LOVE this) for 14 days after your intensive. You can get the words of support, additional accountability, answers to questions on your homework, or an Emoji string to make you smile, which can give you the exact nudge you need. You are welcome to reach out Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM-6:00PM Pacific Time.

BONUS: A 15-Minute Celebration & Calibration Call

14 days after your intensive, we will have a 15-minute call to specifically celebrate your wins and calibrate your action plan. My clients get results, because they are as committed as I am to their success. In working with me, my clients finally find the support, mentorship, and coaching excellence that turns breakthroughs that could have taken years, into hours!

When asked what I would tell the other women about what it was like to work with Rosanne, I have been thinking and rethinking, writing and rewriting. Why? Like love, happiness, joy and freedom cannot be explained, they can only be experienced. When I met Rosanne, I had been through 6 failed IVF cycles. She taught me a new way to think so that I could embrace a new way to be. Together we changed positive thinking into positive action and wishful thinking into thinking of life as a series of endless exciting possibilities. Rosanne has helped me to reach the realisation that letting go is not giving up. I am ecstatic to finally say, that I am going to love my life no matter what – a place I never ever thought I would get to! My husband is so stunned at my transformation after all the years of wasted therapy!
Bianca S.
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Rosanne is an awesome coach! She was fully present, accepting, warm, focused and articulate in our work together. For me results were immediate. That’s what I loved most about her coaching method and it really works! She did more for me in a few short weeks than the years of therapy I’ve had. I did the necessary work with the guidance of Rosanne and I was surprised to learn I had that drive and determination in me. I was very stuck for a while but it didn’t take long for me to start my transformation once Rosanne came into my life. She showed me how to make decisions and have confidence in myself. She not only coached me on my fertility journey but life in general as well. For me that was KEY. It was so important to work on “me” and not just my fertility issues. She made me realize I have the strength and courage to make the necessary changes for a happier and healthier life by illuminating a clearer path. It’s amazing to have someone 100% in my corner no matter what. I am happy to say I am now 22 weeks pregnant after many years of infertility. 🙂 Thank you Rosanne, I’m forever grateful!
Disa K.
Port Washington, New York, USA
I came to Rosanne trying to figure out how to navigate a lengthy fertility journey. What was amazing was that those questions were only the start: Our work far exceeded that realm. Her wisdom, her razor sharp listening and ability to cut through the ‘fog’, her questions, her enthusiasm, and her insistence on accountability enabled me to move forward in various other arenas in my life. She challenged me to take steps in a way that traditional therapy never has, and I wrapped up our sessions not just with some personal successes but with a new appreciation of my own capability and leadership. I am indebted. My only regret is that I did not start working with her earlier.
Shoshanna K.
San Francisco, California, USA
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Before you go...

During the years I spent struggling on my fertility journey, I told myself I didn’t need any help. I figured I was smart and used to doing things on my own…No problem!

That short-sighted approach cost me years of heartache. Worst of all, it stood in the way of the confidence, certainty, and joy I craved on this journey.

When I finally got out of my own way and supplemented the work I had done on myself with the high-level coaching support I desired, we turned what could have taken me years to figure out into hours.

The question I kept asking myself was, “why the hell didn’t I do this sooner?”

I have first-hand experience successfully transforming negativity, fear, and stress on my own journey, and using mindset to make the seemingly “impossible,” possible.

I have helped women all over the world do the same.

I can help YOU get there too. Your mindset matters.

Give yourself the chance to show up to your journey as your very best self. Now is when you need her most.

With Love + Respect,