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Overcome Fertility Failures - Hana's Inspiring Journey

Feeling like a failure? Don’t miss this.

Love, if there is any part of you telling you to give up, because you’ve “failed” too many times, you’ve got to give it the finger and listen up:


(Yes, that is a picture of my boy on Valentine’s Day!)

In this week’s 40 minute episode of The Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, you are going to meet my beloved Hana.

With back to back treatment failures, years without a single positive pregnancy test, and a failed attempt with donor eggs, Hana would have had every excuse in the book to give up.

Did you catch the part about her even “failing” with donor eggs???

Hana just couldn’t seem to catch a break and yet, as you will hear, there was something in her that told her to keep going…and find the “missing piece.”

Hana had to look beyond her training as a physician, the hideous statistics, and her past failures. She dared to believe…and found HER way to beat the odds.

If you could use some proverbial “wind beneath your wings,” you’ve got to listen to this episode.

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Here’s to letting failure FUEL you.

Change your mindset, change your results.

Lots of love,



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