Feeling overwhelmed? Do this.

Do you ever feel like your head might explode when considering all of the options you have for improving your fertility?

IUI? IVF? ICSI? Acupuncture? Supplements? Yoga? Meditation? Herbs? Abdominal massage? Reiki? No dairy? No sugar? No fun!

The considerations are seemingly endless, sometimes contradictory, and can leave you feeling like if you don’t do EVERYTHING, you are going to miss the baby boat.

It’s like fertility FOMO!

Even if you are a badass lady-boss in every other aspect of your life, dealing with this madness can leave you stuck in analysis paralysis–wishing you could just curl up into a ball and cry…and at times, that’s exactly what you do.

To make things worse, having a plethora of options can be an emotional tinderbox, because it only fans the flames of perfectionism.

Be honest…how many times have you tortured yourself thinking that if you just followed some recommendation or regimen perfectly, it would be the proverbial “silver bullet?”

I totally got caught up in that mess on my own journey and drove myself bat-shit crazy.

So what’s a smart, driven, professional, lovably Type A, “planner,” like you to do in order to escape the trap of overwhelm on this journey?

Get out of your head and into your heart.

This journey is seldom logical or linear, nor is there a perfect secret recipe.

Expecting otherwise will leave you at best exhausted…at worst, heartbroken.

So let me say it again: get out of your head and into your heart.

Your heart always tells the truth.

You know how dirty and gross you feel when you ignore what’s in your heart and act out of fear and desperation. Stop it!

Trust YOU.

You don’t have to do everything–you just have to “do” YOU.

My ladies don’t “do” overwhelm.

They drop the overwhelm drama and as a result become Mamas!

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.



Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Step out of overwhelm drama.

Take an honest inventory of all the things you are “doing” on your journey.

Do you really need to be taking every supplement under the sun?

Has your hardcore diet left you feeling hungry for some freakin’ joy?

Are you sick of driving all over the planet chasing every possible lotion and potion?

Get out of your head and into your heart. What things do you actually feel good about doing on this journey?

What if you stopped doing everything and just did what felt right?

Are you so stuck in your head that you have no idea HOW to make that happen? I’m a master at helping women committed to success get what they desire on this journey, so let’s talk: Apply here.

No matter what, don’t let overwhelm drama stand in your way of being a Mama.

Transformation happens in your ACTION. Quit wishing and waiting.

Stretch yourself. Remember, it’s about progress, NOT perfection.