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Fretting about what's possible? Set this intention. Inbox x - Rosanne Austin

Fretting about what’s possible? Set this intention. Inbox x

Happy Sunday!

We waste so much time trying to predict the future.

We worship history and past experience as soothsayers.

They aren’t.

They are simply information.

Let the past go.

Harvest the lessons and the sweetness.

But, for the love of all things holy, don’t let the past be the only arbiter of your future.

Allow yourself to embrace the unknown.

It presents you with an entirely new set of possibilities–which may be long overdue.

Set this intention: I am open to having my socks knocked off by possibility!

Notice what happens.

The quote I share below came courtesy of one of my most beloved ladies–she’s working on baby #2–she beat insane odds.

So can you.

“If you could see even a fraction of what’s possible for you, you’d fall to your knees and cry.” –Laura McKowen

Change your mindset, change your results.