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Mastering Receiving: Unlock Your Fertility Success

🎁 Get good at receiving. Here’s why.

Love, here’s a picture of Asher in what we call, “full cheese” mode.

I’m sharing this pic because it’s fairly hilarious AND it helps me introduce an important lesson this week on the podcast.

Manifesting the miracle of seeing this boy’s smile required that I get really good at what I want to share this week: the skill of receiving.

Receiving is a skill that most of us take for granted…if we even recognize it at all.

Tune in to this week’s podcast to get the straight dope on how conceiving is all about receiving and WHY any woman serious about success on this journey has got to get damned good at it:

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Open your heart and mind to the idea of receiving…amazing shit happens when you do!

Change your mindset, change your results.

Lots of love,




Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Get good at receiving.

Be honest, how good are you at receiving? Are you blocking the support, opportunities, or help you desire, because you think receiving makes you weak?

Have you told yourself second chances, certain treatments, or investing big money in your dreams is for “other people?”

Are you stuck in DIY mode when that shit isn’t panning out?

If so love, it may be time to work that receiving muscle…after all, there’s no denying it, conceiving is all about receiving. Give yourself permission to have it all! xoxo

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