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GGS is real. Is it affecting you? - Rosanne Austin

GGS is real. Is it affecting you?

I’m going to love you enough this week to raise a topic bound to ruffle some feathers.

It’s GGS.

Good. Girl. Syndrome.

It’s a creeping, silent, killer of dreams on this journey.

What it does to otherwise vibrant, smart AF, ambitious women, makes me want to puke.

Fueled by fear, GGS causes us to live under a litany of autocratic “rules” we are seduced into thinking will create certainty on this journey.

Our independent and critical thinking skills are tossed out the window, along with sugar, gluten, dairy, fun, and insanely good sex.

We stop asking smart questions.

We dim our light and lower our voices.

We hand over our power.

We comply.

We play so insanely small we become minuscule.

We stop enforcing our boundaries.

We let statistics confine us.

We let someone else’s notions about age gut our confidence.

We relegate ourselves to asking for permission.

We enslave ourselves to the past.

We let people smear their fear on us.

We “hold it together” for good optics, while we quietly wither inside.

We let our truth get trampled by, “BE REALISTIC.”

Do you have GGS?

Good girl syndrome is conditioned disempowerment.

Good girls surrender to “realistic.”

Fuck “realistic.”

No one who has ever beaten the odds was realistic.

They couldn’t afford to be.

Tammy Duckworth. Oprah. Malala. Taraji. Shonda.

When I started listening to the wise rebel within me and stopped buying into the bullshit of “realistic,” my boy showed up.

Unleash the gorgeous rebel within you.

Make your own fucking rules.

You position yourself for the truest measure of success when you do.

My ladies roll their eyes at “realistic.”

They are too busy beating the odds and becoming Mamas to waste their precious time with GGS–11 pregnancies in 118 days. (Think they might be onto something?)

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.



Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Beat GGS.

If you feel bored and trapped AF on your journey, you’ve probably got GGS.

Is it time you rediscovered your joy? Is it time you stopped living your life as if EVERYTHING has to be considered within the framework of TTC? Is it time you went ape-shit-punk-rock on the beat down you are taking from your fear?

Where do you long to unleash the wise rebel within you???

Love and trust yourself enough to make your own rules.

JOURNAL this week about what YOUR rules are going to be.

Stretch yourself! It’s about progress, not perfection.

If you are ready break free of GGS and beat the odds, let’s talk.