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Conquer Haters with Grace: 3 Steps to Peace

🦀 Got Haters? Here’s 3 steps to PEACE

First things first! I have a big announcement–enrollment for my Fearlessly Fertile Breakthrough Retreat is OPEN. I’m so excited!

The retreat takes place in McCall, Idaho, at the famous Shore Lodge, April 8-10th.

If you want to spend 3 transformational days with me LIVE, this is your chance.

This time together is all about BREAKTHROUGHS.

The kind of breakthroughs that can change the trajectory of your fertility journey–once and for all.

This is what’s possible when you are surrounded by loving, like-minded, HELL YES women, committed to success.

Like all of my programs, this retreat is by application&interview only–if you are interested, get yours in ASAP. It is going to be epic.

Next, in this week’s 19 minute episode of The Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, we are taking on the thorny subject of haters. Eek!

When you are committed to the vision you have for your fertility journey–you are bound to run into people that just don’t “get” you, think you are crazy, or who stand in judgment of your drive and commitment.

What does a smart AF, lion-hearted woman, who refuses to look back on this life with an ounce of regret do when haters show up?

I will share 3 specific steps for dealing with haters…

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Be the “rebel crab.”

Change your mindset, change your results.

Lots of love,