Be grateful for misery? Here’s why.

A question I ask myself almost daily is: “What nugget of wisdom would I share with a woman who was struggling on her journey and wanted to do something about it?”

I’ve answered that question a thousand different ways, but today’s answer was screamingly LOUD.

Be grateful for misery.

Misery is a messenger.

Misery is a teacher.

Misery is a magnifying glass.

Misery is an opportunity.

Movements, innovation, solutions, and freedom have been born of misery.

In moments of misery, you have the distinct benefit of stark contrast, to see what’s right in your life and where your shit’s off in a ditch.

It’s a brick to the head of ovaries-out CLARITY.

Leverage the clarity misery hands you on a silver platter.

The shit that’s right? Nurture it.

The shit that’s not? FUCKING CHANGE IT.

Uplevel your belief system.

Expect more from your relationships.

Load your fertility team with people who BELIEVE IN YOU.

Quit being cheap with yourself.

Refuse to be infantilized.

Take the lessons misery has to offer, then bounce!

Misery is a pitstop. Not a permanent residence.

My ladies turn misery into victory.

They use misery to propel themselves toward their dreams, with clarity and feminine ferocity, NOT as an excuse to stay stuck.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.




Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

What CLARITY can you reap from your misery?

Misery is a chance to be brutally honest with ourselves about what’s working and what needs a massive upgrade.

I’m willing to bet that you’ve become aware of some shit through your own misery. I invite you to do 2 things with your awareness:

  1. Get crystal clear about the upgrades you desire, and
  2. DECIDE what you are going to DO about it.

All the clarity in the world won’t mean anything, unless you decide to do something with it. Challenge yourself! Take a stand. You and your dreams are far too precious to leave wallowing in misery. Learn to use misery wisely! xoxo

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