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Guarantee your success with these 3 truths - Rosanne Austin

Guarantee your success with these 3 truths

Today is the eve of my 44th birthday.

As I look back on 43, I can’t help by shake my head. It was one of the most epic years of my life.

So many of the things I had visualized were made manifest.

My miracle boy, insane successes for my clients, and touching the lives of thousands of women across the globe.

The best way I know how to properly honor these gifts is to pay the blessings forward, by sharing the pivotal truths that helped me make my desires on this journey a reality.

My decision to live by these 3 truths is what finally empowered me to make my success on this journey, not just probable, but inevitable:

1) Put more faith in your desires than your fears. We give far too much credence to our fears. Indeed, bad things happen, but the truth is they aren’t all that happens. Decisions made from a place of fear suck and what’s worse is they have a tragic way of ensuring more of the same results. This is why smart women treat statistics and other people’s opinions (regardless of the letters after their names) as merely information–not verdicts. When you have more faith in your desire to be a Mom, than in your fear it won’t happen, you become intensely resourceful and resilient–both keep you saying YES, which means you will find a way.

2) Stop approaching your journey like a man. Becoming a Mom is the most intensely feminine thing you will ever do! Therefore, you must infuse your journey with loads of feminine energy. The pushing, forcing, ruthless adherence to timelines, and beating yourself up is masculine energy. Self-care, intuition, creativity, spirituality, and the desire for support is feminine. I’m not suggesting you turn into some kind of June Cleaver, 1950’s throwback notion of femininity. What I am inviting you to consider is, learning to marshal these two energies will help you live your journey with the kind of harmony and balance that will dramatically reduce your stress and make you a magnet for your desires.

3) Life is happening for you, not to you. This simple notion is a one-way, first class ticket out of victimhood. Every woman who was able to beat even the most ridiculous odds, did so because she took responsibility for how she interpreted events and circumstances on her journey. Does this mean she never felt sad or angry? Of course not. Mindset mastery and personal responsibility are not a lobotomy! They simply demonstrate your conscious awareness of the meaning you attach to what happens. It’s the difference between making a cancelled IVF cycle mean your baby will NEVER get here, and seeing it as simply a disappointing, but resolvable situation. Can you see how that shift can change everything?

The only guarantees we have in this life are the ones we give ourselves.

Take a stand for what’s in your heart my love and give these truths a chance to transform your journey. All of this is possible for you too!

Celebrate 44 with me, by giving yourself the gift of HELL YES.

My ladies create their own guarantees.

They know their babies come not as the result of some diet, treatment, supplement, lotion, or potion, but because they kept saying HELL YES to the truth they know in their hearts: they were meant to be a Mom.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.



Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Decide how you will apply these truths on your journey TODAY.

Bust our your journal and review each of the truths I shared. What inspires you about each? Note what makes you uncomfortable or nervous. Come up with specific examples of how you can take action on each. Write, write, write!! Notice what comes up…

Stretch yourself! It’s about progress, not perfection!