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Release Your Fertility Past: Embrace a Brighter Future

🔥 Haunted by your fertility past? Do this.

As I write this, there are movers unloading the contents of my life into our new home in Idaho. (Yes, that’s me in my new tub.)

The process of moving is unlike anything else–a bittersweet cocktail of excited anticipation of a new chapter in your life and seemingly endless reminders of the past.

Case in point: I found what I used to refer to as my “Box of Tears.”

It was a box where the obsessive, highly organized, lovably Type A, control freaky part of me cataloged and curated every last document gathered on my fertility journey. (I’m sure it would put collections at the Smithsonian to shame.)

Every last receipt from the $100K+ investment we made, countless legal pads full of notes from calls and meetings, random estrogen patches, and other medical memorabilia from that period of my life were entombed in the Box of Tears.

While the Box of Tears was a powerful reminder of a critical time in my life, I knew exactly what I had to do next.


I tossed every last item from that box into our raging, hell-fire of a wood burning fireplace. There was no way it was following us to Idaho! FUCK THAT.

I didn’t do this to forget the past.

I didn’t do it to gloat over beating the odds at 43.

I did this because my journey taught me to be smart about the past.

  • Gratefully harvest the bits that serve you…leave the rest behind, way behind.
  • Respect the past…don’t worship it.
  • Forgive yourself…AND everyone else.

Don’t let the burden of your past, block your blessings.

My ladies are smart about the past.

They treat it like a gorgeous buffet, at an exquisite hotel–they savor the most delicious parts and leave the rest.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.




Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Perform an exorcism (of sorts) on the past.

Are you hanging onto reminders of the past–replaying your pain over and over? Are you keeping old shit, that makes you feel like shit? BOR-ING! TOSS IT. BURN IT. GET RID OF IT. Your baby is in the NOW.

The only one keeping the past alive is YOU. Choose where you will focus your attention…wisely. Declutter your mind and focus only on the elements of the past that serve you. Demand that your fertility team focus on the HERE and NOW. The past is simply information–NOT A VERDICT. Onward and upward baby! 2019 has your name written all over it!

If you are READY to set yourself up for success in 2019, I’m here. xoxo

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