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The most important love letter you will ever write - Rosanne Austin

The most important love letter you will ever write

It’s Valentine’s Day and whether this is a day that you get super excited about or you roll your eyes at the shameless, kitsch of it, I’m willing to bet that you’ve at least taken a few moments to think about the love you have for that certain someone special.

Despite the fact that I am definitely in the “eye roller” camp, I am a hopeless romantic, who still gets butterflies when she thinks of her husband– even though his penchant making messes in our house makes me want to scream bloody murder. (How’s that for keeping it real?)

Rock your Valentine’s Day in any way you wish–but I am going to challenge you to do one thing today without fail.

Write the most important love letter you will ever write.

Write it with unabashed passion, love, generosity, and sincerity.

Write what you so dearly know in your heart you must say.

Write the things that can make all the difference in the world.

Write the words that can finally heal old wounds.

Write words of forgiveness and compassion.

Write words of devotion and undying loyalty.

Write words celebrating the perfectly imperfect.

Write it like your life depends on it, because it many ways it does.

Write a love letter to yourself.

If you think this is silly or conceited, think again.

Starving yourself of the love, compassion, undying loyalty, support, and acceptance that only YOU can give YOU, comes at a terrifyingly high price.

Don’t do that to yourself, or the people you love.

What we crave from others is so often what we dearly need to give ourselves.

Time and I again, I have seen the transformation in the insanely brilliant women I coach across the globe, when they do this work.

They shift their mindset, they break the cycle of counterproductive patterns, they celebrate insane breakthroughs, AND they manifest miracles.

Give yourself a chance to fall deeply in love with you and step into your fertility journey like the woman, the mother, and the partner you were always meant to be.

Write the letter.

Lots of love,

P.S. If you are struggling with this and you know in your heart the way you’ve been living your journey hasn’t gotten you the results you desire, isn’t it time you moved past the blocks standing in your way? Don’t miss out on your chance at a private intensive with me.

Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Write the letter.

Find a quiet place where you can be alone and uninterrupted for at least 20 minutes.

I don’t care if that means going out to your car on your lunch break–please just do it–grabbing a pad of paper and a pen on your way out.

Take a deep breath and just write.

Write the words that might make Peter Gabriel weep. (Yes, I am an old “In Your Eyes” sap–but write this to yourself.)

Write what you need to hear–give yourself this gift. NO ONE ELSE CAN GIVE IT TO YOU.

Who cares if it is messy! Who cares if the grammar sucks! Who cares if it is rambling!

Exhale and feel what washes over you.

If you allow yourself to deeply engage in this, you avail yourself to a miracle. As it is stated in A Course In Miracles, “Miracles are seen in light.”

Stretch yourself. Remember, it’s about progress, NOT perfection.

If this exercise has made a difference in your day, comment and tell me about it. xoxoxo