Infertility and Holidays: The Smart Chick’s Guide Part 2

Infertility and Holidays: Gratitude As The Great Equalizer

When you are knee-deep in dread about the holidays, the idea of being in a place of gratitude may seem like a sickeningly goody-two shoes approach. Fertility + Adoption journey-fatigue might have you thinking to yourself, “what the hell do I have to be grateful for? I don’t have my baby yet and my bank account is looking pretty freakin’ scary!” It may also be hard to conjure up feelings of gratitude when people around you unwittingly do or say things that get your infertile hackles up.

While gratitude may feel like a leap when you are hurting or when your stress levels are at Everest proportions, there is nothing like it to powerfully lead you out of the circular negativity that will rob you of any chance for blissful joy this holiday season. Nothing. Gratitude empowers you to stay grounded in the one thing you can control: YOU.


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Getting To Gratitude

No elaborate ceremonies or grand gestures needed. It can be as simple as saying, “I am grateful for_____________.” How does this play out from a practical standpoint? Well, here are some examples:

  • You Receive A Holiday Card With A Baby Photo On It: ” I am grateful for the family I have right now.”
  • Someone Asks “So When Are You Guys Having Kids?”: “I am grateful that I know how to answer that question.”
  • You Just Don’t Want To Go To Another Holiday Party: “I am grateful that I was invited, but I am also grateful that I have the power to politely say No.”
  • You Get Stuck In Negativity About Not Having Your Baby Yet: “I am grateful for every step I am able to take in the direction of having a family.”
  • Someone Says Or Does Something Insensitive: “I am grateful that I can get up and walk away at any time.”

These are just some ideas, but you get the point. When things start getting intense, just take a moment to find something, anything for which you can be grateful. The more stressed you are, the simpler your gratitude should be. Feel like you want to kick someone in the shin? Think of how warm and cozy your bed was that morning!

You already know how terrible negativity makes you feel. Make the choice to take action in the direction of gratitude. Your Vision for the holidays this year + Gratitude = Magic.

With Love + Respect,


© 2014 Rosanne Austin