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Staying Focused On What Matters with Infertility Prayer

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of perusing Lesli Westfall’s fantastic site called Dancing Upon Barren Land. Full of grace, love, and hope, Lesli’s site offers “Spiritual Nourishment for the Infertility Road.” Not only does Lesli offer gorgeous, heartfelt infertility prayer, she shares excellent resources such as wonderfully crafted section on Infertility Etiquette. (Who on this journey wouldn’t benefit from that?!)

One of the most trying aspects of the fertility journey is navigating the relationships we have with our partner, family, and friends. As much as the people around us want to support and love us, it isn’t always easy for them to “get” where we are coming from. This makes for poorly chosen words, uncomfortable silences, and hurt feelings.

In Lesli’s “Morning Prayer–Difficult Relationships,” she offers a prayer for patience, understanding, and love. This is for ourselves and the people we love most. Regardless of your particular religious faith, or spirituality, this simple and powerful infertility prayer will keep you focused on what matters.

Prayer and spirituality on this journey isn’t just about asking to be graced with a baby in your arms. It’s about being at peace with who you are, who you are becoming, and being appreciative of your life as it is now. Give yourself permission to explore this!

With Lesli’s kind permission, I am delighted to share this prayer!

Monday Morning Prayer – Difficult Relationships



The Prayer:
“Heavenly Father, this fertility journey is not easy on my relationship with others. Help me to be silent or to watch what I say, and that no unwholesome word will come out of my mouth, but help me to speak with wisdom, with kindness and compassion. For my husband/wife, the one you gave as my partner in life, I ask for Your help to respect him/her and their desires for a family. Help me with my mother, father and other family members, to love and honor them, even though they may not understand our decisions on this fertility journey. For my friends, help me not to take an offense at their silence of my fertility issues or to be hurt by their way of helping me. I praise You that I am free to love those around me because of Your great love for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Scripture Reflection:

Exodus 20:2, Proverbs 17:17, Proverbs 31:26, Matthew 7:12, Matthew 11;25, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, Ephesians 4:29-32, Ephesians 5:33

*If you’d like to check out Lesli’s other prayers and scripture for the infertility road, check out her book Dancing Upon Barren Land–Prayer, Scripture, Reflection, and Hope For Infertility.

How Are You Incorporating Prayer & Spirituality Into Your Fertility Journey?

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