I’ve been labeled many things, but not this

A couple weeks ago I had lunch with a few of my old colleagues from my days at the District Attorney’s office and during that lunch, they started calling me a name that I never, ever thought I would be called:

Fertile Myrtle.

Raucous, ribald, and at times obnoxious, I know these amazing women were lovingly teasing me and I laughed with them–BUT at the same time, this name struck a powerful chord with me.

The darkest days of my fertility journey were years ago, while I was practicing law along side them.

Back then, I could not fathom being labeled anything close to “Fertile Myrtle.”

The labels I gave myself were dramatically different:










What I quietly labeled myself was indicative of THE MINDSET I had in the context of my fertility journey.

When I look back on this now, it is no surprise to me that my baby boy wasn’t showing up back then!

Why would he?

Do the labels I gave myself sound like a woman ready to be a mother to a miracle? HELL NO!

The labels we give ourselves can create emotional barriers that have the power to BLOCK what we desire most in our lives.

If you are doing everything you know to do to get and stay pregnant, BUT are not getting the results you desire, you must consider this…carefully.

If you want to triumph on this journey, you must think, believe, and label yourself as a woman who triumphs.

My ladies love labels.

They wear labels like: Fertile, Successful, Gorgeous, Worthy, Loved, Abundant, Confident, Intuitive, Visible, Triumphant, and yes, every possible version of MOM.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.



Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

List your labels.

Drag out those low-down dirty names you have for yourself. Make a list.

What is it doing to you to THINK and BELIEVE these things about yourself?

Would you ever dare to call someone’s mother those things? I didn’t think so.

Get your mindset right and you WILL be someone’s mother, so knock it off!

Respect yourself.

Want a new set of labels that not only stick, but include “Mom?” Then let’s talk about working together–my clients are women who take a stand for their desires and get what they want. Apply here.

Transformation happens in your ACTION. Quit wishing and waiting.

Stretch yourself. Remember, it’s about progress, NOT perfection.