Journaling… and Your Relationship

In case you need a rebuttal argument in favor of the value of journaling, here it is.

Your partner.

The person you love dearly and with whom you wish to build a family.

Don’t make your partner your journal.


Not because they are incapable of handling what you’ve got to say.

Not because you are supposed to be “perfect” and hide your sh*t, so they don’t see the ugly-cry-face, mascara-smeared, agony-anguished side of you.

Not because your truth is inconvenient.

Understand they are going “through it” too.

Understand they have limits on their bandwidth.

Indeed, be yourself and share what you need to share AND be mindful.

You know the landscape of your relationship best, therefore decide where the line of demarcation lies and honor it.

Save the rest for your journal.

Your girlfriends.

Or, even better, your coach.

Lots of love,
Rosanne 350 x 90

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