The key to creating certainty

Women around the world share with me how exhausted they feel from being pulled in a thousand different directions on this journey.

They feel lost in a cacophony of voices telling them to do “this” or “that,” while their own voices are lost in the mix.

They end up chasing every shiny object that comes into view, but don’t get discernibly closer to the baby they long for.

I know how stressful and disheartening this can be, because I was caught up in that craziness myself. I believed that doing “everything I could” and listening to other people’s opinions would give me certainty– rookie mistake.

Here’s a truth bomb that turned everything around for me:

Trust in yourself is the key to certainty.

When you look to things outside of yourself for certainty, you will always be at their mercy.

This is exactly why things like test results, your social media feed, stupid comments from the people around you, or negative thinking will knock you off your game.

You must be willing to dig deeper and forge the kind of unshakable trust in yourself that will keep you moving in the direction of your dreams despite your current results or circumstances.

Women who trust themselves deeply have certainty.

Their certainty has an interesting way of making them a Mom.

Yes, Rosanne, this week I am asking you to cultivate trust in yourself.

How do you achieve deep trust in yourself? MINDSET.

Mindset = trust in yourself = certainty = BABY.

The math is simple. You just have to be willing to do it.

Change your mindset, call in your baby.

Lots of love,

Intrigued? Here’s how to take it to the next level…

Get real about trusting yourself.

  1. Take an honest inventory of your beliefs and actions. Do your actions look like those of someone who deeply trusts herself? Embrace the good, bad, and the ugly!
  2. If you don’t like what you see, it’s a good indicator that your MINDSET could use a tune up . Ask yourself: What do I actually need to believe about myself to feel certain?
  3. Mindset is key to your success on this journey. Ready to cultivate a Fertility Miracle Mindset? A pply for a consultation here.
  4. Be part of my Facebook group, ask to join here–I talk about killer mindset tools and strategies, answer your questions, and will help keep you on track to making your Mom dreams come true. (It’s a closed group–you must request to be added!)

Transformation happens with your ACTION. Take even a small step TODAY!

Stretch yourself. Remember, it’s about progress, NOT perfection.

If this has made a difference in your day, leave a comment and tell me about it. xoxoxo