Lead with your heart on this journey. Here’s why.

“Stay in your head, you’re dead.”–Tony Robbins

I was in a stadium with 10,000 other people, including my beloved husband, after walking over 1200 degree coals, when Tony bellowed those six words at us.

Those words took me back to the years I spent on my fertility journey absolutely trapped in my head:

  • Agonizing over statistics (that were fairly shitty for me),
  • Scouring Dr. Google for a “silver bullet,”
  • Tormenting myself over even the tiniest deviation from dietary perfection,
  • Replaying every “suspect” decision I had ever made in my life that could have possibly saddled me with the cross of my lame fertility,
  • Worrying that other people where quietly judging and pitying me,
  • Obsessing over the money I was spending,
  • AND, haplessly feeding the grinding fear that dominated my thoughts.

While I had all of this going on in my head, there was a completely different storyline playing in my heart.

I knew in my heart I would be a Mom.

I didn’t know HOW and I didn’t know WHEN, but I believed I would be.

I bet there’s part of you that believes YOU will be too.

So, ask yourself this:

What if you got out of your head and into your heart on this journey?

Would you stop being so afraid?

Would you be less stressed?

Would you finally get to hold your baby?!

I’m NOT asking you to quit using your head. That’s silly.

I am asking you to see that what’s lurking in there is NOT the whole story.

There is wisdom in your heart-based truth–it will free you from negativity, doubt, comparison, and will give you the tenacity to pursue Mom-dom in the face of naysayers and set backs.

In fact, it’s leading from the heart that has helped me and my clients around the world manifest pregnancies and other miracles in spite of hair-raising odds.

My ladies don’t let their heads kill their dreams.

They listen to their hearts to make them come true.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.

Lots of love,



Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Get out of your head and into your heart.

What do you actually believe in your heart about becoming a Mom?

Not what your doctor says.

Not what your Mom says.

Not what your friends say.

And definitely NOT what your fear says.

What does your HEART tell you?

Write it down. Own it. Put more faith in this than what your 5 INCREDIBLY LIMITED SENSES would have you believe.

Decide that you will spend the next 24 hours living from that truth. If you slip up, who cares? Start the clock again. JUST GET BACK TO DOING IT.

Resolve that you will live 24 hours on your journey this way–honestly. Notice how it feels.

Transformation happens in your ACTION. Quit wishing and waiting.

Stretch yourself. Remember, it’s about progress, NOT perfection.

If this exercise has made a difference in your day, reply to this email and tell me about it. xoxoxo