The Negativity Cure: Finding Your Mantra For Fertility

A Mantra For Fertility?

Merriam-Webster defines the word mantra as:

  • a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating
  • a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs

When it comes to living with infertility, more often than not, the words or phrases repeated in our heads are rooted in fear and uncertainty.

The are mantras we are repeating that are not exactly joyous or loving.

While indeed we have positive thoughts, whether about conception or getting and staying pregnant, getting those positive affirmations going on heavy rotation can take a little more work.

With that in mind, my gift to you this week is a quick and easy formula for getting on the right track fast.

Want to get pregnant?
Want to have an easier time being prepared to conceive?

Part of it starts with the words you say to yourself.

Here, I have done most of the work for you.

So all you have to do is let your imagination run wild (in a good way) and fill in the blank with something intensely appreciative of no one else but YOU.

Capture the best of who you are.

Express your inner strength and wisdom.

Here we go:

I am like a___________________.

Be bold. Be brave. Be generous!

This is you that we are talking about.

When things get dark and maybe even a little crazy, and you’re not getting pregnant, you will need this little gem to pull you out.

At first you may not believe what you are saying and you might even roll your eyes in my direction.

But I did this myself, so I know it works.

Ask yourself, “who’s driving this bus? Me or negativity?”

(If anyone dares use “hopeless blob,” I will hunt you down… 🙂

Hard up for ideas, here are a few that I love:

  • I am like a slice of Beatty’s Chocolate Cake
  • I am like a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade
  • I am like a peacock
  • I am like an oak
  • I am like a matador
  • I am like a river
  • I am like a shooting star
  • I am like a summer breeze
  • I am like a Spartan warrior

Go foodie. Get Hallmark. It doesn’t matter, just get on it!

Write your mantra on a little Post It and put it in places where you will be reminded.

Say it and let yourself experience in that moment what your “I am like” is like.

If you are like a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade, refreshing and sweet, with a touch of zing, GO THERE.

Experience it. Savor it. Scoop your mind out of negativity and go straight to your mantra.

More than negativity, it speaks to all that is gorgeous about who you are.

Repeat it often and make it one of your basic beliefs!


Practical Application Of Your Mantra For Fertility

Tough diagnostic testing day? Say your fertility mantra.

Nervous about a procedure? Say your fertility mantra.

Feeling like tonight could be the night you could conceive? Use that mantra.

Freaked out that your eggs or sperm are working against you? Say your fertility mantra.

Someone says something insensitive and stupid? Say your fertility mantra.

Hard day on the two week wait? You know what to do…

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© Rosanne Austin, From Maybe To Baby