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It's Monday. Need a kick in the butt? - Rosanne Austin

It’s Monday. Need a kick in the butt?

Has your Monday started off with more of fertility journey’s Greatest Hits?

Future-tripping about this cycle, or the next?

Dread about which fertility-freakout landmine you might step in this week?

Worry about who will be next amongst your friends, family, or co-workers to announce they are pregnant?

Wanting to scream, because you are trying to manage the raging, negative playlist stuck on repeat in your head (that’s got you scared shitless), but you just don’t know HOW?

I spent way too many Mondays like that myself.

I remember walking into the Hall of Justice with NO IDEA how I was going to make it through the day without crying my eyes out. (Sucky place to be as a trial lawyer!)

I was so jealous and judgmental of every pregnant woman in sight–especially the ones I judged as “not deserving it” as much as me. (Pretty gross, right?)

I felt like a zombie extra from The Walking Dead–lifeless and hollow.

Love, if you can identify with even a tiny bit of that, I’m going to level with you right now–toxic stress can cost you your goal.

Deep down you know that’s true.

MIND + BODY = the dynamic duo on your fertility journey.

How different would your day be TODAY if you not only felt amazing, but knew exactly how to slay your fertility fear and freak out instantly?

How different would your BODY feel without that negativity-knot in your stomach?

What if you finally found some peace and well-earned confidence between now and when your baby gets here?

With your fertility treatments, diet, supplements, lotions, and potions–you got the BODY stuff down.

Let’s supercharge all of that goodness by adding the power of MINDSET to the mix.

Time for a loving, but fierce kick in the butt!

Let’s get intense about that mindset of yours in my:

Manifest Motherhood Half-Day Intensive

No more letting your mindset be the weak link.

When I finally got the mindset coaching I needed–it set me on a path to my boy–and to tell you the truth, it changed my fucking life.

Make your mind work FOR YOU.

I will show you how.

Click here to learn more!

Lots of love,




P.S. The investment for this coaching intensive will going up SOON–get in at this level while you can!