The Nitty Gritty About Negative Thinking on the Fertility Journey

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The Nitty Gritty About Negative Thinking on the Fertility Journey

Do you find yourself hoping positive, but in the back of your mind, thinking negatively?

It’s when you say, “Oh yeah, this cycle’s going to be great and I feel so much better about this one,” but, deep down you are thinking, “I’m fooling myself, the truth is, I am going to fail…again.”

If you have any version of this floating around for you, rest assured, you aren’t alone.

Now this does not mean that everything has to be bubble gum, fluffy kittens, and unicorns, but that’s not what this is about. If you think this is goody-two shoes nonsense, that’s probably your inner critic talking (and she’s nervous about losing her job…)

How about things like, sustainable joy, confidence, and freedom?

Taking a stand for yourself against the havoc negativity can leave in it’s wake requires an interesting mix of science and grit…

TODAY, September 29th, on The Love Your Journey Podcast, the charming and all around kick-ass Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BD will be joining us to get down to the nitty-gritty about negativity and how we can finally overcome it.

Helen and I will be talking about:

  • Exactly how negativity works…we can thank the cavemen (and women),
  • The truth why it can be so hard to break the habit of negativity,
  • How to use that supercomputer in your head to bring negativity to it’s knees,
  • The key ingredient to conquering negativity once and for all,
  • What can happen when you do,
  • And you will hear about something special Helen and I have for you!

Tuning into the show is easy-peasey! Just click on the audio player below and listen on demand.

Feel free to leave a comment below!

With Love + Respect,


P.S. If you want to be part of the powerful and FUN teleclass Helen and I mention, you can reserve your spot by clicking here.

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