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Could a onesie be the key to your success? - Rosanne Austin

Could a onesie be the key to your success?

By now you know I did a lot of crazy shit on my journey.

I bet you’ve done some of the same. (Admit it–you are as nuts as I am!)

Things got real interesting however, when I made the conscious choice to subvert the shame-based, “you can’t” conditioning we typically get on this journey.

Prepare yourself–it’s pretty radical.

I bought a onesie.

It was blue, with tiny monkeys on it.

I bought it because I was so fucking tired of living in doubt.

I was weary of the constant reminders of my “failure.”

Boxes of unused syringes, OPKs, leftover meds, stacks of pages printed from my late night dates with Dr. Google, and obsessively curated treatment documents.

Amongst that mess, I had nothing that singularly represented my faith in Asher’s inevitable arrival.

I wanted a baby, yet I wouldn’t let myself have baby-related shit!

For years I denied myself admittance to the baby section of any store.

I treated it like an exclusive club, meant only for women obviously superior and less fertility flawed than me.

When I traipsed too close to the line of demarcation, my inner mean girl would wail: “What are YOU looking at? There’s nothing there for you! You missed your chance! You’ll never be part of the Mommy Club.”

If that didn’t cut deep enough, I went with the tried and true, “Don’t get too ahead of yourself, you’ll jinx it.”

Buying the onesie was my big “FUCK YOU,” to the devil called doubt.

I stashed its blue cuteness toward the back of my closet.

For the first few days, I felt uneasy, like the FBI would raid my house, find it, and I’d be exposed as a fucking lunatic.

I slowly relaxed into letting it remind me of the FACT Asher was coming.

When I got brave, I put my hand on it, closed my eyes, and let Asher know I would never give up on him.

With a onesie, I gave myself permission to believe.

If you desire the radical transformation that will position you to beat the odds, you’ve got to love and trust yourself enough to take scary-ass leaps of faith.

Buy the onesie.

Buy the stuffed elephant.

Buy the maternity dress of your dreams.

My ladies do radical shit.

They know statistics have nothing on faith, so they take brave, bold action inspired by it–why do you think they are so damn successful?

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.





Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…


Instead of restricting yourself to endless reminders of failure, get your beautiful ass a symbol of the good headed your way.

Let your onesie, stuffed animal, or whatever, keep you grounded in your truth–not BS from naysayers and posers. Do it–even if you are scared AF.

Stretch yourself! It’s about progress, not perfection.

Ready for radical success? let’s talk.