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Safeguard your journey from this. It sucks. - Rosanne Austin

Safeguard your journey from this. It sucks.

A few weeks ago, during an intensive with one of my beloved clients, we stumbled across an idea I had to share with you.

I’m sharing it because it speaks to an insidious pandemic affecting women on this journey–even women whom you would never suspect as being susceptible!

I know this because I coach some of the most extraordinary women in the world.

Women who have accomplished some seriously impressive shit.

Women who are making an impact.

Women who don’t make a habit of “second best.”

Yet, without the safeguard of a bullet proof mindset on this journey, even the most badass lady-bosses are at risk for this type of ridiculous BS.


Here’s the idea I invite you to consider: SETTLING = SUCKING.

When my client and I shouted “settling = sucking” in virtual unison, we knew we hit pay dirt.

Think about it.

In what other aspect of your life would you settle for being sidelined as “OLD?”

When would you ever settle for being spoken to in a condescending manner, just because someone had a string of letters after their name?

When would you ever settle for being pitied?

When would you ever settle for “maybe it’s not meant for me?”

Love, you are a woman who knows motherhood is in her bones–I hope you are shouting, “FUCK THAT NOISE. Settle? Nev-er!”

Settling sucks and you know EXACTLY when you are doing it.

Settling presupposes you are powerless.

Settling is a betrayal of everything you are–so why do we tolerate it on this journey, when we wouldn’t accept it in any other aspect of our lives?

The reasons are myriad.

What’s your reason?

For years I settled, because I didn’t love and trust myself enough to demand better.

When I stopped settling, I manifested a miracle.

You don’t suck. What’s in your heart doesn’t suck.

The Mama-joy you desire was meant for you.

Take a relentless stand for it.

My ladies don’t settle.

They know being a Mom was meant for them, so they refuse to play small, go cheap, self-abandon, be silenced, or turn their back on this TRUTH, which is why they never cease to make their dreams their reality.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.


Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Settling sucks. Stop it.

Get real about where you are settling.

  • Are you still with a clinic that doesn’t believe in you?
  • Are you still doing the DIY thing with your mindset, yet repeating the same old negativity you promised you’d tame at the beginning of the year?
  • Are you still settling for your needs taking a backseat, while you run yourself ragged for everyone else?
  • Is it time you upgraded the members of your fertility support team?
  • Are you being cheap AF, even though you could CHOOSE to afford better?

Call yourself out. Settling = sucking and can create blocks that will only DELAY the results you desire. Can you really afford to do that?

You don’t suck. Your dreams don’t suck. Stop settling for things that suck!

Stretch yourself! It’s about progress, not perfection.

If you are ready join other extraordinary women around the world who refuse to settle on their journey, let’s talk.