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Sisterhood equals success on this journey. Here's why. - Rosanne Austin

Sisterhood equals success on this journey. Here’s why.

The isolation we feel on this journey sucks, doesn’t it?

There were moments on my own journey I would have given my right arm to be seen, heard, and held by another woman who really GOT my pain.

Not someone who pretended to understand.

Not someone who pitied me. (FUCK THAT.)

And, definitely not “Babydust678910” from some random fertility message board that sanctimoniously hands out advice, then Ghosts you when her pregnancy ship comes in. (I made that name up. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.)

I longed to have a circle of high-vibe, fertility ride or die bitches, that loved me enough to not tolerate wallowing, but knew when to let me blubber for a minute, and most importantly, would never leave a sister behind.

Of course I had my girlfriends, BUT…I desired deeper understanding.

Of course I had my amazing husband…but he’s a GUY, and trying to get from your partner the kind of support you can only get from other chicks is damn silly.

I used to think the kind of women I longed to surround myself with were unicorns…rare, mystical creatures existing only in the mist of my imagination.

Sick of my own BS, I asked the Universe to toss me a bone.

Soon after, I met a unicorn. And another. And, another.

Before long, I found myself running in a small herd of rainbow-sparkly-Alpha-Female unicorns who really GOT IT.

Life and my journey got real freakin’ good.

Mindset + Legit Sisterhood = The magic that helped me beat the odds.

Seek Sisterhood.

If you like my brand of sisterhood–see below for a unique chance to be part of it!

My ladies are damn sparkly unicorns.

They know that when high-vibe, zero-competition, strong women come together, Mama-makin’ magic happens.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.




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