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I spent $100k. Here's the biggest lesson I learned. - Rosanne Austin

I spent $100k. Here’s the biggest lesson I learned.

Actually, I invested more than that, I just stopped counting after $100k.

You might think that’s an insane amount of money. Or, you might think, “so what?”

At the time, I beat myself up with ignorant, short-sighted, down-right stupid statements like, “I’m spending all this money and I have ‘nothing’ to show for it.”

Nothing to show for it?

I was talking about conceiving and having my baby like it was a bad real estate investment.

Investing money to avail yourself of the miracle of life and living your soul’s purpose, isn’t the same thing as losing your damn mind in a frenzy of retail therapy.

It’s not.

The faster you disabuse yourself of that notion, the happier you will be.

The hilarious irony, and why I know The Universe is always conspiring in all our favor, is that we ended up conceiving our son naturally–of course, while doing just about everything “they” tell you not to do… like drinking champagne in Paris and walking on fire with Tony Robbins… but I digress.

People who have never lived this journey, and therefore don’t know any better, have said, “think of all that money you could have saved!”

Save a couple hundred grand and live with the searing misery of regret? No thanks, I’ll roll the dice.

I don’t regret spending a dime.

In fact, there is no question in my mind that I would have invested 10 times that.

The lesson I learned was priceless.

It gave me my life back.

Relentlessly adhering to it is why Asher is in my arms today… at 44.


Money is the lamest excuse of all.

If you let it stand between you and your desires, you’ve got to ask yourself if you really want what you say you want.

People risk their lives everyday in the name of living their dreams.

By contrast, money is simple.

If you have it, invest it.

If you don’t, find it… you always will.

What I’m saying may rub you the wrong way, but I’ll take the risk.

I don’t pander to excuses that threaten to rob my ladies of their dreams.

Pandering is for people who don’t care about your success.

I long for the day YOU send me an email about how YOU made your dreams come true… by blowing past the stories that used to hold you back.

I get those a lot.

My ladies bet on themselves.

They don’t let lame excuses stand in the way of what they desire most, which is why they are CERTAIN to get it.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.


Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Make your own rules about money.

Are you torturing yourself with tired, short-sighted, penny-wise pound foolish stories about money?

Think about the money you will make during your lifetime–what you spend on this journey is a mere drop in the bucket.

If you are going to invest money in anything, let it be in things that will bring you closer to your dreams AND change your life–not in shit you won’t remember a year from now.


The returns are priceless.

Journal about the stories you tell yourself about money. Are they yours? Are they your parents’? Which ones are actually serving you on your journey?

Stretch yourself! It’s about progress, not perfection.