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Starving for joy? Set this intention - Rosanne Austin

Starving for joy? Set this intention

Happy Sunday!

Waiting to be happy is a fool’s game.

Your life is NOW.

Time is a non-renewable resource; you can’t afford to live in dress-rehearsal mode.

Feel that Mom joy NOW.

Who cares if your baby isn’t here yet?

If joy deprivation hasn’t worked for you, change it up.


Have a Sound of Music moment in the baby aisle at Target.

Belief precedes the manifestation.

Your joy will be like a fucking magnet.

Set this intention: I am a Mother NOW.

“You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.”–Paulo Coelho

Change your mindset, change your results.