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❤ Stuck in negativity? Read this. - Rosanne Austin

❤ Stuck in negativity? Read this.

What I am sharing with you this week was inspired by a call I had this past weekend with my Unicorn Brigade–my elite, by invitation-only coaching group.

Not only are these women at the top of their professional game, they are having babies, and creating lives they fucking love in the process.

During our call, I opened the conversation with the subject of FOCUS.

WHERE is your focus?

Are you focused on your baby?

OR, are you focusing on the lack of that baby?

This is a nuanced, but important distinction.

We confuse these things for being one in the same. They aren’t.

I bet you feel warm, fuzzy, and overwhelmed with joy when you are focused on your baby.

But, when you shift your focus to how your baby isn’t here yet, the treatments that have “failed,” and the money you have spent, you go right into the shit pit.

Where you focus becomes the entire constellation of what you see.

Focus determines whether your choices are made from a place of empowerment or fear.

It determines whether you live by statistics or the FUCK YEAH in your heart. (Women across the globe beat the statistics every frickin’ day. Bet on you!)

It determines whether you stay on YOUR path, despite the haters, doubters, and boring-ass-wish-they-had-the-guts naysayers.

It will determine whether you see the opportunities hiding in plain sight on your journey.

Your focus can keep you stuck.

OR, your focus can transform your results.

My ladies know focus is everything.

They use it like a laser beam pointed straight at baby-making success…they are soooo good at it!

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.

Lots of love,




Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…


Love, it’s time to come clean. Which are you focusing on? Your baby or the LACK of your baby? They are related, but they are absolutely, positively NOT the same.

One will make your success certain. The other will keep you wallowing in misery, missing opportunities, and wondering why you want this baby at all! YUCK.

Take out your journal and tell the truth about where your focus has been. Notice patterns that have shown up on your journey because of it–fascinating shit! Decide to change your focus!

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