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Success requires this quality. Do you have it? - Rosanne Austin

Success requires this quality. Do you have it?

I get asked a lot about what makes my ladies so damned successful.

The reasons are myriad, yet there is one easily overlooked, often taken for granted, mindset somethin’-somethin’ that gives them a decided advantage.

This particular quality comes under relentless attack on this journey, because the temptation to slip into analysis paralysis is ubiquitous.

Fear mongering. Competing opinions. Statistics. Fertility folklore. Shame.

With this being an undeniable reality, what quality sets successful women apart?


The wildly sexy, under celebrated, ability to make a fucking decision.

The successful woman knows her own mind.

Indeed, she will intelligently collaborate with her fertility team and lovingly share her intentions with her partner, but she doesn’t hand her power to either.

You won’t find her pawning-off decision making to her doctor.

Nor will she make her partner her parent, by using the epically lame excuse, “I have to ask my husband/partner first to make sure it’s OK.” (It’s 2018.)

She couldn’t fathom putting that kind of unfair, resentment inducing, pressure on anyone, much less allow herself to be infantilized.

She is trustworthy, takes responsibility for her choices, and gives HERSELF permission.

Is she perfect? Nope. She knows she doesn’t have to be.

She’ll choose imperfect action over the agony of indecision any day.

My ladies are decisive AF.

They heed the call of the HELL YES in their heart, knowing the path to Mama-makin’ success favors progress over paralysis.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.