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Embrace NO to Find Your YES - Fertility Mindset Shift

This mindset shift will rock your world. Try it.

Love, I’ve got to tell you that I am absolutely giddy with delight right now–the reason is my ladiesthey are on FIRE.

3 more pregnancy announcements last week AND my Best Year Ever Planning Workshop Class of 2019 crushed it on Saturday.

I’m sharing this, because it’s awesome AF, AND there’s something in it for YOU.

It’s a simple, yet powerful mindset shift that came up during the workshop, and a principle the 3 ladies who announced their pregnancies last week EMBODY.

In the pursuit of that which you desire, expect to hear more NOs than YESes.

Expecting to hear NOs isn’t negative. It’s an affirmation of your power.

When you expect NOs from a place of commitment to your YES, NOs along the way have zero power over you.

They are simply part of the deal, that’s all.

Instead of letting NO crush you, cause you to doubt your dreams, or make you wear a dunce cap for the rest of your life, EMBRACE THAT BITCH!

Here’s why: Each NO brings you one step closer to YES.

When NO shows up at your door, say, “Hello NO. I was expecting you! YES is on her way. Would you like a glass of champagne while we wait?”

My ladies who announced their pregnancies last week heard many devastating NOs.

They faced repeated, “failures,” “advanced maternal age,” and the dubious label of “unexplained infertility.”

Courage in the face of NO, brought them to YES.

My ladies aren’t afraid of NO.

They understand NO is simply part of getting to revel in YES…make that HELL YES.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.




Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Take your power back from NO.

Expect NOs. They suck. They are painful. But, they are not final–unless you make them so. Hearing NO is just part of the deal when you commit to living a great life. Expecting to move through life only getting green lights or never having pain is lunacy–and a recipe for mediocrity.

Improve your relationship with NO. It’s positive AF and takes the pressure off. Think about it, when you have enough NOs, you can bet your ass YES is right around the corner. No one’s life is all NO.

Bust out your journal and write a letter to NO. Tell NO that you want to have a better relationship…watch how that conversation begins to unfold…

Want to think like a woman who achieves success on her fertility journey? Get my private support and/or be part of one of my elite coaching groups, I’m here. xoxo