This question can help you find your missing link💗

Love, this week I have an important question to ask. I am asking it, because having the guts to dig deep and answer it, can support your success in ways no treatment, diet, lotion, or potion ever will.

But, asking it is bound to push a few buttons.

That’s the point though. The best coaches in the world are loving provocateurs. I’m grateful to my own mentors, who loved me enough to pose a similar question.

I have to admit though, at first I was defensive. The notion I could possibly be doing “this” was unfathomable, in light of my myriad efforts to get pregnant.

However, this question shined a light on what proved to be the missing link for me…which is why I am sharing it with you.

This question is NOT an accusation. It IS about awareness.

This question is NOT blame. It IS about empowerment.

Please read those previous two sentences three more times, BEFORE reading the question, with the love in which I am asking it.

Are you blocking your success?

We ALL have blindspots. When we become aware of them, we EMPOWER ourselves to seek solutions that can finally put us on the right path.

This powerful question gave me the chance to see a gaping hole in my strategy.

I was putting all of my attention on my BODY, and utterly neglecting my MIND.

I could finally see how illogical it was to treat my body like a temple, while my mindset was a dumpster fire of fear, negativity, doubt, and jealousy.

This awareness was super empowering, because my mindset was actually something I could control, unlike so many things on this journey. So, I got to work!

Knowing I was finally doing everything in my power, MIND and BODY, to support my success, gave me the peace of mind I craved. I want the same for you.

I invite you to ask yourself this question, with love, patience, kindness, and an open heart. The answer could be your missing link.

My ladies embrace powerful questions.

They understand powerful questions, yield priceless answers, that can light the way to their success.

Decide you will be one of them.

Change your mindset, change your results.

Lots of love,